Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: January 9, 2023
Ch. 30Fate

The blood of the dogs covered the boy's face and body.

Everyone around witnessed this violent and cruel situation. The boy wearily walked out of the battlefield. The dog's leg was stuck in the beam and bit the boy's leg. The boy coldly stabbed the dog to death.

Go some distance. The kids, the owners of those dogs saw their pets being murdered. They burst into tears. Their parents are outraged at the current image. They cried even louder. They stir their parents' hands. they quickly asked those who witnessed the killer killed. There was one person who narrated all of them, and the other only left traces of the killer. All the parents came to the boy and saw the image of the boy eating garbage. They looked at the boy with contempt, and disgust. The boy saw them and immediately changed his gaze, cold, cruel eyes appeared. The boy walked past where the parents were standing, knocking them aside. When they saw this offensive image, they forgot for a moment that they were going to claim justice for their children. The children shook their parents' hands. Crying out asking parents to solve. One of them quickly grabbed the boy's hair when he bit his hand painfully.

“The other boy. Release." He waved his hand, trying to get the boy's teeth to come out.

A series of people standing around all rushed to beat the boy without mercy. They put a lot of force into the boy's body. In addition, he also used his foot to kick the boy's whole body.

“The boy has no father and no mother. Do not know what. Dare to hit an adult. Having caused harm to others, they do not even know how to compensate. Otherwise, it causes harm to others. It is unkind.”

The children also beat him with us. Although the force was not strong enough to cause a deep wound, it also contributed to the serious injury of the boy. The boy could only lie with his head in his hands, waiting to die. But the others were so exhausted, that part of them was used for cursing. One vial had to try to keep a distance so that their cubs wouldn't get hurt. Taking advantage of the loophole, the boy decided to run away. He was wandering in the deep forest, there was too little cloth on his body, but at this moment, the wind and snow blew strongly. Everything in front of the boy's eyes was blurry and uncertain. The deeper you go into the forest, the weaker you will find yourself.

“I need to get through this mess. I must live and prove that I am the strongest. I need to let everyone who bullies me know the taste of bullying.”

The snow was blowing stronger and stronger. The road ahead is white. The ice is as white as a faint fragrance. The white layer of snow has washed or covered all the stains, covered the dirt and evil of the world, making the air, as well as everything, become pure and beautiful. When the suspended white snowflakes fell to the ground, there was no thunderclap of thunder, no sound of the wind howling, but quietly from the quiet sky, floating in the nothingness sky, seemingly carrying a signal of heavy rain clouds. The vast sky and earth seemed to merge into one and put on a white fur coat; looked up at the sky, the white snowflakes were like tiny white pearls, when the cold wind blew, they swirled straight up into the air. The little snowflakes are as white as flour dust as if an old man tore a cloth bag containing flour, or like an old woman who broke a glass jar containing white sugar?

"I can't fall." The boy had completely lost his mind as soon as he finished his last sentence.

Snow covered the boy's body. Not long after, the boy opened his eyes and woke up. On reflex, the boy jumped up. Remove the blanket on the body to prepare for an escape. Suddenly a young man, twice as tall as a boy, held a glass of hot milk in his hand. The mouth always blows for the heat to spread throughout the space, and enter. Looked up at the boy who was hastily running away. He just smiled happily.

“Did living in a prison create a reflex?” He took a sip of milk.

The boy looked at the glass of milk in his hand without taking his eyes off him. His throat trembled slightly, but because the boy didn't want to be discovered, he covered his neck with his hand.

“Want to drink? Then go to the bathroom to clean. Then there will be a reward.”

The boy still didn't respond to his needs right away, looking at him with suspicious eyes. The boy prepares to take a stance.

"If you don't believe. I'm not at a disadvantage either. On the contrary, you, will not be able to live through tomorrow. On the way, I carried him back. My ears have heard a story imbued with humanity. Very sad, very sad. I appreciate those who know the value of life, so I let you safely set foot in my bed. If you know what, go take a shower. And take the blankets and pillows to wash.”

The boy quickly jumped off the bed. Hugging more blankets and pillows, ready to take a bath with it.

“My clothes are in the bathroom. Just take it easy.”

The boy got his hands on the clear spring water for the first time and felt the comfort of having a rest, not having to worry about fighting anyone.

“I didn't expect it to be so comfortable. Is this what it feels like to have someone to take care of you? That's why the kids in that neighborhood laugh so happily." The boy closed his eyes and felt the water rush through his body.

He sat outside in the living room, casually watching the snowflakes fall slowly.

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