Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: November 2, 2022
Ch. 3War

Michael Richard continues to call her hard-to-hear names. To awaken her awareness. But completely helpless. Michael Richard grabbed a long wooden stick. Michael Richard threw it behind her to stop her body from falling off the cliff. Fortunately, the river section is not too wide and there is a large horizontal rock in front. Suddenly, a large rock was swept out into the air, and Michael Richard had no choice but to tie the rope in a circle. Try to throw towards the rock, but miss ten times. Next time, when the rock approached Laura Julia. It was just a distance close enough for her to face death, a distance that could be measured by an adult's hand.
Michael Richard used his powers to stop it from attacking her. Admittedly, the riverside rocks were rated not as bad as Michael Richard. This is a competitor that is appreciated by Michael Richard. Michael Richard has been dubbed invincible, as a god of war, not only hitting close but also hitting from afar, as long as he joins the fight he will win. Michael Richard only gave in to one person. That person is also a woman. So Michael Richard is constantly trying. Laura Julia is now starting to regain consciousness. Unable to shape, Laura Julia felt dizzy. But in less than 10 minutes, Laura Julia made up her mind, she must face death. Her face, constantly changing. Looking up, Laura Julia saw Michael Richard trying to pull the rock, not letting the rock kill her.
"My friend. Try your best. Don't lose a strong opponent like me."
"Quickly find ways to save a life." Michael Richard replied, annoyed.
"Aren't you going to save me?"
Michael Richard still said nothing, he noticed in Laura Julia's tone a little teasing him. Reason cannot be against the heart. Michael Richard almost wanted to let go, wanted to kill her. But in him is the man of the job. Michael Richard won't make a mistake. Laura Julia noticed that Michael Richard couldn't take it for too long. Laura Julia noticed that there was a wooden block behind her back. Laura Julia tried to climb the stick. Laura Julia moved little by little towards the mainland. It was not that she wanted now, but now Laura Julia had no more strength to resist.
Michael Richard held out his hand, and the rock crashed into the wooden stick, crushing it. Laura Julia quickly grabbed something on the mainland. Her body is playing with the flow. Laura Julia clung to her life unconditionally. Because her hands are too wet, the water is too tight. The water attacked her unconditionally. Her hands are slowly slipping out. Michael Richard ran over and held a hand for Laura Julia to take. Finally, the two of them managed to pass through this gate. Laura Julia sat on the grass, gasping for breath.
"Unexpected. At times I was seduced by Mother Nature.”
Michael Richard turned his back on Laura Julia, he was hiding something. The light from his phone's screen lit for a moment and then went out. Michael Richard turned his back and looked at her.
“Don't talk nonsense. Something needs your ability. Get up quickly.”
Laura Julia stood up, brushing off the dust that was clinging to her belongings. Laura Julia continued to sigh another sigh.
“As if receiving an execution order. That's what I hate the most.”
At this point, Michael Richard took the weapon in his body. Michael Richard had a long stance. Laura Julia took off the mask she was disguising now, in fact, the two sisters were quite similar except for a few differences in eye color - Laura Julia was sad, a little enchanted, and serene the most distinguishable point is the voices of the two. The reason she did that was also because of her younger sister. She was deceived by a bad man, Laura Julia could not help but admire such results. So disguised as her sister in revenge. Her aim now is to disgrace the hoodlum, after people learn of his filthy face, she will kill him.
“This beautiful face is for work. I forced myself to hide it. In short, this face is not bad. Very pretty.” Laura Julia also took off the fake voice machine she was wearing on her neck.
“Do you find it troublesome when there are many electronic devices in your quest body? It will slow down your movement.”
Michael Richard seemed to hear a familiar voice. He hurried back. He was very surprised, his eyes widened, wide. Unconsciously, he knelt, submissive.
“Your mission has failed. Organizationally, I will punish.”
Michael Richard is a powerful arm of Laura Julia, important things will usually be assigned to Michael Richard. Even so, Laura Julia still doesn't take him seriously, Laura Julia has a close servant. To put it bluntly, Laura Julia sees the person as an essential friend or mentor in every fun. Every time she engaged another ruler, Laura Julia, that person would cooperate and act alone.
And Michael Richard will be acting with Laura Julia's juniors. That is most clearly shown when Laura Julia's real name is only known to that person and only that person is eligible to call. Michael Richard can only know the alias name - a name that everyone in the organization can know and can also use when responding to Laura Julia.
And this time, Michael Richard is assigned to protect Laura Julia's sister. And who Michael Richard wants to beat is also Laura Julia. Michael Richard looked down at the ground, the hunks of iron were spread on the ground, they were wet and damaged. Michael Richard didn't say a word, he just tightened his arms, and bowed his head. Laura Julia touched Michael Richard's chin with her finger. Laura Julia smiled happily.
“Don't kneel. Get up. Looking at your expression, I am very happy. Looks like my disguise is still great. I should enjoy this feeling of satisfaction.”
A pack of wolves smelled blood on Laura Julia and was approaching Laura Julia. Michael Richard stood up front, he wanted to protect his master. Laura Julia was very annoyed.
"Do I need your guard?"
"This is my test." Michael Richard spoke calmly.

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