Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: January 7, 2023
Ch. 28Start up

Laura Julia observed for a while, continued to use her brain, and analyzed the surrounding situation, but Laura Julia implicitly understood that everything she went through could not be followed by inertia, and must be careful.

“Ready already? Can be watched the match. Looks like our friends have to be more careful. Did he choose to start the deadly battle?"

"Don't act so pleased."


"That would give me a feeling, you're not paying attention to me." James Henry looked pitiful.

"Do not worry. My heart is always with you.” Tom Jane proudly, boldly, shouted the words in his heart.

James Henry seemed very satisfied with Tom Jane's answer, content to show Tom Jane the next game.

The leader walked over to where Laura Julia was standing, Laura Julia was squinting her eyes at the distant horizon. The light was gradually extinguished. The rude, straightforward leader replied to Laura Julia with an aggressive tone. Using his thumb, he traced a line in the middle of his neck.

“Accept the approaching death.”

Laura Julia gasped, Laura Julia almost laughed out loud because the leader's menacing face was too stupid, but because Laura Julia tried to shut her mouth, the leader noticed. Following Laura Julia's will, she crushed Laura Julia's mouth. He waved his hand to knock Laura Julia, intentionally using strong force to hurt Laura Julia's body but was stopped by Laura Julia. Laura Julia's hand clung to the leader's arm, he tried to knock Laura Julia away, but Laura Julia's nails were so tight on the leader's muscle that it hurt so much that he raised his hand. Laura Julia obeyed the magistrate and lifted her feet off the ground. The quick-witted leader lowered his hand into the air, his hand near his thigh, he kept lifting it up and down several times. Laura Julia is consistent with her actions.

Decided not to let the leader's name expensive. In the end, he couldn't have the strength to let Laura Julia float in the air, so he decided to smash Laura Julia's body on the ground, the leader carefully observed the position where he smashed Laura Julia's body for a part. climbing, the whole body has thorns. Laura Julia's back hit those thorns so hard that Laura Julia hurt so much that tears came out of her eyes. Laura Julia tightened her grip on the leader's hand. Laura Julia's legs also hung on the leader's shoulders at the same time to avoid damage to herself. The leader was in a passive position, if he raised his neck at the same time Laura Julia could escape, but if he kept this position, it would not be convenient for his strength to attack Laura Julia.

Laura Julia sacrificed her own back, trying to hold back the pain, Laura Julia's hands pulled him into the thorny mud beside her. But his leg strength was too strong, even Laura Julia pulled him so much that his teeth made a squeaking sound, his lips tightened, and his eyes closed to focus the force on his hands.

“I will see you off together. We suffer together.”

The leader just smiled softly. He punched Laura Julia's neck with force. Laura Julia coughed intermittently, less suddenly Laura Julia spewed blood. Blood on Laura Julia's teeth and lips. Laura Julia conveniently spat it on his hand and sprayed it on his face. Laura Julia conveniently laughed at his exasperated mood. The leader was annoyed, repeatedly punching Laura Julia in the stomach. The thorns stuck to Laura Julia's back grew deeper and deeper. Laura Julia wanted to say it out loud, but because of the circumstances, Laura Julia was unable to humbly or show meekness in front of her opponents. Laura Julia made use of her legs that were clinging to the leader's shoulders, she dragged her legs closer and closer to his chest. The sensitive part touched him completely.

Tom Jane observed, extremely interested in the current situation. Until now, the leader standing in front of the screen that Tom Jane watched didn't like the kind of girl who was too much, specialized in putting dirty things on him. Tom Jane rested her chin on her lap, smiling happily. Tom Jane leaned her head back, her hair touching James Henry's chest. James Henry stroked Tom Jane's head, and James Henry's hand covered Tom Jane's eyes.

“Don't watch this scene. Sensitive over the age you should know. I forbid you to see that much. Also, she's overdressed, you can't even look."

“Don't worry he'll deal with this soon. In less than five minutes this was gone. I also forbid you to see this.” Tom Jane pulled down James Henry's hand.

“My eyes are only on you. There will be no exceptions.”

"Good. Let me follow the next details.” Tom Jane gently patted James Henry's head.

Laura Julia suddenly realized something was wrong, but for the most part, Laura Julia accepted to sacrifice everything, including her life. But before she wants Laura Julia to sacrifice her life, Laura Julia has to clear the grudge in her heart. The leader stood, straightened, grasped Laura Julia's leg, and jerked it once, Laura Julia's leg rested on the leader's hand. He simply grabbed Laura Julia's leg and lifted it, turning Laura Julia's body like a pinwheel.

That was convenient for Laura Julia to act, Laura Julia quickly raised her body into an arc, and grabbed the leader's head, his head had no hair, but Laura Julia still conveniently used her nails and treasured her head. him. Laura Julia moved slowly down his neck, but where Laura Julia passed were the trophies left by Laura Julia. In the end, Laura Julia grabbed the leader by the neck. Squeezing his neck, his breath exerted force to rotate Laura Julia, who had used too much, was now squeezing her throat and even the ventilation, giving oxygen to her body. He got worse and worse. The leader, feeling unsettled, mercilessly let go of Laura Julia's feet and proceeded to remove Laura Julia's hand from his neck. Conveniently removed, Laura Julia's feet also landed safely.

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