Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: January 6, 2023
Ch. 26Overcome

"Docile. As for her companion. Looks like he still has to fight. This is a rare honor.” Tom Jane distracts Laura Julia by spitting out some attention-grabbing words.

Laura Julia still did not agree, Laura Julia tried to use force, even using both hands to be qualified to stop James Henry's behavior. While Laura Julia used excessive force, James Henry relaxedly let go of his hand, which is proven by science, Laura Julia was thrown back and fell to the ground.

The whole thing before Laura Julia's eyes was fully revealed. It was an arena, a familiar scene. Tom Jane went to the leader and whispered something in his ear. James Henry also moved toward the leader. With that, Tom Jane was dragged away. Didn't get to see two people fighting. The leader took heavy breaths. Bold footsteps approached Laura Julia. At this moment, Laura Julia was busy fiddling around in the pile of dirty boats that were clinging to Laura Julia.

“You have a privilege.”

"Exclusive right?" Laura Julia looked at the leader with clear eyes, the light of the torch shining through Laura Julia's eyes made Laura Julia's eyes as bright as the stars in the sky.

“Your companion is in peril.”

"Leader. People know how to joke. During the journey, I was sent off by two of his messengers. They have revealed some interesting information. Why are you interested in tricking me?”

"If you don't believe it, look at the man lying in the cage, on your left-hand side."

Laura Julia's eyes were opened, it was Michael Richard with a blue body, sweat-like streams, and a pale face, every ten to fifteen minutes Michael Richard's actions would change. From fantasy to the wolf to buffalo to lion, all turned into a different animals from Michael Richard's true nature. Followed by monstrous interests is a pain to the bone. It is impossible to resist through only one's mind. In addition, every time Michael Richard is active, causing the cage to vibrate, it shows the bravery of the cage, it is a provocation and the cage cannot be ignored, it will spit out a substance. Poison stimulates the poison in Michael Richard's body, causing Michael Richard the pain many times more.

“You believed what I said.”

“Why are your two messengers fooling me? What purpose do they have?"

“They have no purpose at all. They are the wild people who like to do their own thing. Depending on the inspiration and audience, they will provide true or false information.”

“I want to hear what your present is for me. Is it Michael Richard's life?"

“I am impressed with your judgment. No wonder Tom Jane always wants to be difficult for you. Tom Jane always hates people who have little knowledge but like to reason to improve.”

“Does Tom Jane look down on me? In his posture, his gestures always show contempt.”

“For someone who is arrogant but has more talent than him. You think you have enough influence to influence him. Don't be so silly. No one will get his attention.”

The leader pulled Laura Julia's arm off the ground. At this moment, Laura Julia faintly heard the whistle. The leader didn't have time to say anything more, he threw a fist at Laura Julia but Laura Julia dodged, Laura Julia quickly dodged, next Laura Julia bent up and threw her knees and feet into the leader's stomach. He now had a little reaction on his mouth, but he was not the easy type to immediately throw a punch at Laura Julia's face, but Laura Julia at this time was still very conscious in contrast to Laura Julia's punched in the face. the leader, his mouth started up again and again, Laura Julia still didn't understand the problem, his lips collided with his teeth and it bled. Next, he raised his body, grabbed Laura Julia's hand, and threw Laura Julia to the ground, he turned around and used his body to break Laura Julia's arm. Laura Julia still couldn't show her weak side. Laura Julia immediately bent over like a shrimp, repeatedly hitting the leader with her feet. Laura Julia's toe hit the leader's head so hard that he had to let go.

The leader lost his temper and rushed to press Laura Julia on the ground, using his legs to hold Laura Julia's hands, he sat on Laura Julia's body, he used his fists, powerfully hit Laura Julia in the face, Laura Julia pointed defensively, using her hands to support continuously, Laura Julia's hands appeared bruises, Laura Julia's hands heard the sound of bone pain. Laura Julia grabbed the leader's hands, knocked the leader's hands, and put all her strength into her arms to push the lead back, plus a kick to the stomach of the leader made him dodge in the distance. pained face. The angry leader rushed in and kicked Laura Julia in the face, Laura Julia's face turned over and over again. The leader's foot stepped on Laura Julia's body, his foot pressed firmly on Laura Julia's neck making Laura Julia difficult to breathe, Laura Julia grabbed his leg with her hand, threw him down, Laura Julia used her strength to stand up, Laura Julia bounced off the light. cowardly, using his foot to hit the leader's crotch. The leader cried out in pain, Laura Julia looked around the courtyard, and Laura Julia found a wooden stick, Laura Julia accepted when the leader was not paying attention and gave him a stick to the head, the leader was still. Laura Julia hooked a knife in her body.

"End this big guy's life." Laura Julia thought in her head, breathing hard.

The leader's head was bleeding a lot of blood now, when Laura Julia turned around, about to kill the leader, he jumped up, grabbed Laura Julia's knife, making his hand also adapt, bleeding, he laughed. like mad.

“You are the unfinished house. There is no door for me.” The leader smiled wryly.

"Don't think you don't have an opponent." Laura Julia smiled back to suppress the leader's spirit.

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