Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 10, 2022
Ch. 24Detention

"Annoyed. In this situation. You have to deal with it yourself.” Laura Julia whispered in her mouth.

Laura Julia pulled out the jungle knife that Laura Julia had prepared in advance. Laura Julia grabbed its red, pink tongue with her paws. The curved tongue makes Laura Julia think of Laura Julia traveling on a boat trip, the scene is of a miserable situation, and the context is not very custom fierce waves. Laura Julia used cricket corn to cling firmly to its tongue, partly for balance, partly as a basis for killing the carnivorous flower that destroys the lives of good people. Laura Julia made an incision in the upper mouth of the flower, causing it to shake violently.

“The light is shining inside. Although it was a bit annoying because the opponent shook violently. But seeing the light is seeing the future.”

Up to now, apart from Laura Julia's biceps, she complained of pain and she was a bit startled when she was attacked by surprise, but in the end, Laura Julia was still calm and satisfied with death. Making him powerless forced to release Laura Julia's life back to the motherland. Laura Julia put one leg out, Laura Julia's other leg couldn't stand making Laura Julia in a very vulgar shape. The upper half and the lower half are extremely sophisticated. Laura Julia turned professional circus actress. Laura Julia bent over, ripped the wound open with her hands, and Laura Julia escaped safely. Still in the same position, lying on the ground when the slime stuck to her body made Laura Julia fall many times. The earth also clung to one after another. Laura Julia turned into a full earthling.

"That's it. Escape from danger will meet the ruins left behind. The whole body is no different from a rain shower. The smell of rotten meat. Hideous. I can't find a way to deny it."

Michael Richard stood in front of Laura Julia. Michael Richard accidentally let out a laugh. Laura Julia jumped up quickly. Two hands on hips. Laura Julia rolled her eyes at Michael Richard. With a red face and a high-pitched voice.

"Is that humorous?"

Michael Richard rolled his eyes awkwardly, Michael Richard hid Laura Julia's face from Michael Richard's eyes. Laura Julia noticed something very strange. The above action is completely unlike Michael Richard before. Michael Richard is completely unafraid. And in any situation, he still has a certain arrogance and will not show weakness in front of others.

“Have you come out of the phobia?” Laura Julia gently put her arm around Michael Richard's shoulder, eyeing Michael Richard to increase intimacy.

Michael Richard hastily dodged, if Laura Julia's flesh is attached to a part of Michael Richard's body, Michael Richard will completely distance himself from Laura Julia.

“That was completely easy for me.”

"Before I go, don't you look awful?" Laura Julia smiled modestly at Michael Richard.

This again calmed Michael Richard. Michael Richard remained silent, simply shrugging his shoulders but did not look Laura Julia in the eye.

"You're not Michael Richard, are you?"

A cloud of white smoke rose, and Michael Richard returned to his original form as Tom Jane. Tom Jane sighed dejectedly, Tom Jane crossed her arms to create a contemplative look.

“Find again. Where is the problem?"

“It is action. A true partner often intends to touch the skin or leave intimate acts. It is based on the level of intimacy. But you are avoiding all those actions. Prove that you are capable but strangely have psychological obstacles so you do not want to touch them. Or you are not qualified to be able to perfect these things.”

“Can't blame anyone. I don't like being intimate with other people."

“Isn't it still intimate with one person? Perhaps there are exceptions. Is that person a beast turned into?”

"Not necessarily. Also an obedient dog.” Tom Jane smiled back in a friendly manner.

“I think you two should get out of here. This place is not suitable for a gifted magician.”

“I like deadly environments and lots of traps. I would love to see the despair in their eyes.”

“You will love to see the despair in the eyes of the important people. It's like he's giving you something he can't even control."

“In those eyes, not much is real. The truth is simply when exposed to the light. But I'm always after the mysterious. That's why I chose him as my target."

“But I found it to be the obvious truth. All the results have left you with a strong impression. It's not some mysterious, magical thing. It's what your heart rejects."

“I don't like other people seeing my mind. You are the one that needs to be eradicated.” Tom Jane put the knife to Laura Julia's neck.

“I also don't like people who are too smart. You are not attractive enough for me. Your worth is not enough for me to let you stay.” The blade drew closer and closer to Laura Julia's neck. It cut into Laura Julia's skin and forced the blood out. Laura Julia's body was scratched and dirty.

"I don't think your words will affect me."

“But it is enough to kill you. In quiet times like these, I often hear the pounding, pounding heartbeat.” Tom Jane brought two fingers to Laura Julia's forehead. It forms the shape of a gun. It was the status quo that alerted Laura Julia that it was time to die.

“But unfortunately our conversation has to end here. You're the leader I'm aiming for. I will not let you down.”

“I was just wondering. Do you want to submit to him so badly?”

"Obey?" Tom Jane laughed loudly, with innocent eyes.

“Isn't that so. I see the imprisonment of your hands and feet. Floating despair in your eyes.”

“Just because I say you're smart doesn't mean you're all-knowing. Your words are best gathered before I get angry.”

“Then why should you work for that rude leader? This is the battlefield. You can die at any time. Besides, your body isn't suitable for places of this deadly nature."

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