Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 8, 2022
Ch. 23Carnivorous flower

Therefore, the game will be very boring. A leader is a man of strength, so he does not need to use any mysterious tricks against opponents who want to challenge him or he wants to fight back.

"Keep calm. Don't let your instincts control you." At this moment Laura Julia was half-quiet and half-asleep, shouting to calm Michael Richard's spirit.

Laura Julia still had a strange shape in her head. It takes Laura Julia into a virtual world in which everything falls into black, making Laura Julia feel like she's falling into a vast, endless universe. It created an emptiness inside Laura Julia. It made Laura Julia feel that there was something empty that Laura Julia wanted to hold on to but she lost. But because of the current situation, Laura Julia felt that her teammates had encountered a dilemma. Need Laura Julia to try to pull this companion back to reality. Michael Richard is still struggling with the mess of his past. Michael Richard could not distinguish what was true and what was created by Tom Jane. Michael Richard suddenly hit himself on the head very hard, repeatedly hitting it several times. Michael Richard felt the pain coming in from the outside. It suppresses the spirit of Michael Richard.

“Get up. This is just an illusion.” Michael Richard struggled to open his eyes after the mucus stuck in his eyes.

“This is just the past. I need to protect what I consider important. All past has been defeated by me. I'm the winner." Michael Richard suddenly opened his eyes.

At this time, Tom Jane also lost a lot of strength. Tom Jane was quite surprised with the mental strength behind Michael Richard's tenacious cover. Tom Jane's mouth produced a red substance on the lips. That is blood. Tom Jane is also an ordinary person like Michael Richard and Laura Julia. But Tom Jane has a different ability. He is a real genius virtualist. He is known as the imaginary doctor. Once he fell into his fantasy there was no way out but Michael Richard was the first. Although this was just the elementary case he set up. When Tom Jane is affected by the opponent's power, he will also take the same damage.

“That's fine. Didn't expect to be able to get out."

The sky has also changed. The color of the sky changed back to normal. The sky began to release familiar scenes. The sun still lay motionless against the blue sky. A few white clouds floating in a corner of the sky. The sunlight crept through the straight trees, fluttering the night dew on the glittering, pure, crystal-like leaves. On the leaves, the night dew still glittered. The whole sky is like a dreamy blue deposition in harmony with the melancholy of the morning wind. A light wind blew. The young birds do not know from any sky also swooped down and perched on a few dew-dropping branches and chirped. When it deliberately drinks the dew on the leaves to get a new life force. Suddenly it sang a few weak songs and lay on the ground, its whole body was purple, then layers of hair fell off, the flesh began to crack and it died in an incomplete state.

Laura Julia is quite surprised by the unusual phenomena that appear regularly here. Laura Julia could not pay attention or analyze too much about this phenomenon. Mainly Laura Julia took a piece of paper and wrote down everything Laura Julia witnessed. Next, Laura Julia will choose a quiet location, few people are weak to deep chain everything. Laura Julia ran to Michael Richard's side. In his current state Michael Richard is not well at all. Michael Richard is almost always breathing very weakly and has signs of rapid, irregular breathing. Michael Richard's whole body had a violent convulsion. Here is a battlefield that is completely devoid of a team of doctors or a person who has not been able to treat wounds well. Laura Julia rushes to find medicine, but in the search Laura Julia considers this to be hopeless. The dewy leaves were full of poison and there were no other plants around that could grow except the spiky cactus and the large carnivorous plant - this plant has huge flowers and a strong fishy smell. and rather large ferocious shape. Its flowers can be up to 3m long and have a very unpleasant smell like rotten meat.

“This imperial production position is too suspicious. Between the exchanges, transporting food inside was a process. Why is there still a great source of food and a leader inside? They formed this prison as a separate country and society. Completely like the outside world. In addition, medicinal plants are not favored here. So how can they heal when injured or poisoned?” Laura Julia looked around.

A large tree mouth bit into Laura Julia's leg.

“The legend of the man-eating plant is derived from the plant Amorphophallus titanum (corpse flower). Is that what it is?” Laura Julia was startled. Laura Julia's body was dragged, sliding across the ground.

Laura Julia's leg was bleeding profusely. The sharp thorns on the mouth of the carnivorous flower stuck into Laura Julia's leg. Laura Julia used her strength to tear the mouth of the carnivorous flower, but because of its durability, Laura Julia kept struggling and couldn't tear it apart. Laura Julia changed tactics, attacking from the top of its head but before it could act Laura Julia was completely inside its mouth. Laura Julia put her hands over the mouth of the carnivorous flower. The two feet again pawed at something pinkish red like its tongue. Its saliva flowed over Laura Julia's body. Laura Julia can think of a young girl taking a mud bath to nourish her skin.

"Oh shit. In this area are all things that can kill people. Fortunately, I'm the one chosen to survive here."

The carnivorous flower tries to close her mouth but encounters many obstacles, including Laura Julia. Some sort of liquid came out of its throat, and when Laura Julia slipped, she tried to take a deep breath, a strong gust of wind tried to suck Laura Julia inside her belly.

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