Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 5, 2022
Ch. 18Be

Body armor is made from many materials: rattan material like the previous article we examined, wood, leather, and iron. Wood can be used for hardwood, and shielding, but not convenient for making body armor, because it is hard, not soft to move with the body, so it is not common and also uncomfortable with stabbing force. Hard iron material, one can mound, cast a body armor block, when wearing a cage like a defensive vest, however, it is quite rigid and difficult to move. In addition, they were all given a piece of jade, each with a different color. This represents a different meaning. This is proof that they have been selected as comrades, in the birth and death of the chosen ones, to remember the achievements, if that person has a chance to escape from here. The country will change color according to the coat of arms that the person chooses.

“The leader has paid too much attention to the small pity. Even if someone can beat you. They will also drop this ugly badge.” Laura Julia still wasn't afraid to poke fun at the leader.

His face flushed red, he took off his armor. Walk towards Laura Julia.

“I haven't said the opposite yet. Why are you so angry?"

The leader still didn't say anything more. He chose a long spear. The spearhead was pointed towards Laura Julia.


"Welcome. This is the first time hearing your voice.”

Michael Richard threw a stone at his head. Directly his head was bleeding profusely. He rolled his eyes, bringing the spear to Laura Julia's neck. She used moderate force to pull the tip of the spear out but couldn't. His strength must be equal to two buffaloes combined. Standing close, Laura Julia felt his majesty. His body is toned than Michael Richard many times. Although he is not very tall, he looks very healthy with toned muscles. His wrists and knees were wrapped in bandages. Especially the face with bushy eyebrows exudes a resolute look. The two eyebrows pulled closer together. His lips were tight, veins on his forehead when he was angry. With one hand he can crush a wine glass of iron or glass. His arms looked firmer than ever. The muscle that floats up billows like it's made of heated steel. The most important is the athlete's feet. The two legs stood firmly as if they were attached to the ground. His arms are straight, spread out in a V shape. On the land where the leader stands, flowers will not grow. The ground sank a few feet deep because of his power. Indeed, over the years he has held such a position is inevitable. Just seeing him present in front of them, they also automatically surrendered to his power.

Laura Julia has a little respect, but in her heart is also a bit afraid of his strength. But Laura Julia remained calm when he caught his eye on her. Michael Richard wants to challenge him just because he threatens Laura Julia. He realized that the situation was not good for him. Faced with his great force, Michael Richard also conceded a few parts. Michael Richard looked toward Laura Julia. Seeing that she showed no sign of wanting him to stop, on the contrary, she was interested in this duel. Michael Richard had no way back, and there was no reason to stop. Michael Richard raised his head to face him.

“If you can withstand my three hits. I will let you continue to compete.”

Michael Richard's forehead has a few blue veins, this is a phenomenon of tension. Laura Julia had never seen this picture of him before.

"I'm in too." Laura Julia proposed to the leader.

He just laughed loudly, looking at Laura Julia with scornful eyes. He dropped his weapon. His fingertips pointed in Laura Julia's direction.

“You get to choose the tools. I will play with you.”

“I love fairness again.” Laura Julia shook her head, disagreeing with him.

“Do you look down on me?” Laura Julia put her hands on her hips, facing forward, her eyes wide with a smile full of meaning.

“Very heroic. Very brave. Well, then I'll fight you with weapons."

The first match was the surrender of Michael Richard. The leader only uses his bare hands. He took a stance, raising his fist in front of his chest. Michael Richard ran towards him quickly. Michael Richard's speed was so fast that only Michael Richard's footsteps and the wind could be heard. The leader closed his eyes. Feel every breeze against his skin. Michael Richard suddenly jumped up, throwing his fist in the air towards the leader. He opened his eyes to catch Michael Richard's attack quickly, Michael Richard continued his assault with a kick from below. He gently used his free hand to support Michael Richard's leg. Squeeze hard, making Michael Richard's face pale because of the force pressed into his calves. He lifted Michael Richard into the air. He turned around a few times, making Michael Richard extremely dizzy. Michael Richard having an empty hand, quickly grabbed his pants, and tried to use the object to regain the situation, but he grabbed the black heart, and hurriedly threw Michael Richard to the ground, his hands on Michael Richard's stomach. For a moment, Michael Richard's airway was extremely difficult. Michael Richard also knew how to prepare for him. But he relaxedly let Michael Richard wrestle and as a result, Michael Richard was sucked into his stomach by his head, and his feet remained firmly on the ground. The trumpet sounded. Finished the first hit. All viewers can admire the entire battle of the leader. Screaming non-stop. They stood up and spread flowers continuously.

“Looks like you are weaker than our supreme leader. Do you need help?” Laura Julia reached out to help pull Michael Richard up.

Michael Richard's eyes were brooding, stabbing as if he wanted to crush him.

"Excellencies everybody. The battle just now showed the strength of the leader too clearly. But don't rush. Two more rounds to go. Let's watch it together. How our great leader crushes them." The trumpeter becomes the match commentator.

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