Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 4, 2022
Ch. 17Provocating brave

“All are slaves.” Michael Richard stood up like a mountain as he watched them fight for money.

One of them, including Michael Richard's mother, was trying to find the staff. But in the facial expression is hopelessness. Michael Richard has long understood its value, it represents supreme power. Can control the people and the slaves in the city. Michael Richard rose to a top position. Where he used to command everyone who worked for him.

“All look up here.”

When they saw the scepter in Michael Richard's hand. They immediately turned pale and knelt to Michael Richard. As for Michael Richard's mother, she happily moved to Michael Richard's place. But all she needed was a command from Michael Richard. The person standing next to Michael Richard killed her. Michael Richard looked at the object in his hand and let out a sad smile. Michael Richard threw it down to the people who wanted to kill Michael Richard to get that scepter. What he liked the most was the key Michael Richard kept in his body. It represents freedom. In the end, the one who is liberated is the one who keeps the freedom.

Michael Richard glanced at Laura Julia. He shrugged in surrender. Michael Richard heard strange noises, and glanced around, eyes searching for something. The full moon slowly rose with the wind. Wherever the moon shines, there is singing and joyful laughter. The moon illuminates the hazy smoke. Also, a gentle, cool breeze from this moon radiates out, causing golden light to flow. The sun gradually dyed the space red, and the torchlight burned. Lanterns, bringing lanterns of all colors and shapes running around the yard. A desolate place without any living creatures. The space is eerily quiet. The chosen ones are always ready to die. That's why the beating of the heart and the groans are always intermingled. Now and then, every second changes. No duplicates, no colors.

“This is like a self-inquiry.” Laura Julia half-heartedly replied.

"I'm normal. Both body and sex.”

"I don't question that."

“I just made this clear in front of you. There should not be any misunderstanding.”

“That's enough. Let's go to sleep." Laura Julia stood, stretched, and turned her back to Michael Richard. She waved her hand, this is a lazy goodbye to end the day.

It's just dawn. Everyone was woken up by a loud trumpet sound. In addition, some people can't sleep holding stones on me until they die. Michael Richard and Laura Julia are awakened by the sound of a trumpet. Laura Julia covered her ears, grimaced, and hid her face in the dark corner, Laura Julia intended to prolong her rest for a few seconds but was picked up by Michael Richard, awakened by sending her flying in the air.

"Enough. Stop. I'm so dizzy." Laura Julia lowered her feet to the ground.

Everyone quickly gathered into the circular frame already drawn on the ground. All four sides are iron cages. One of the powerful arms of the chieftain stood in front of the city, in his hand was a written rule made of leather.

“I am the one who disseminates the rules of the game. The game rules are very simple. Whoever loses his life loses. The last one to win all will be tested against the leader.”

The trumpeters began to speak, and their ferocity was on par with the old arena. Next, the iron cages form a wall of fire. All around fell rose petals, mixed with the burning fire, making the scene both attractive and creepy. Laura Julia suddenly clapped her hands loudly.

"So great." Laura Julia happily complimented her surroundings.

The leader continued to pay attention to Laura Julia's location. Michael Richard shook her hand gently. He brought his mouth close to her ear.

"If you like. After this travel. I can recreate it.”

Laura Julia nodded happily. Laura Julia purposely glanced at the leader sitting above. His face was as red as fire.

The squire standing beside the leader took out a small trumpet the size of his palm. He blew three loud sounds. Some animals have appeared. The general count of five animals was kept in a closed cage by the boss. Including wild wolves, wild boars, venomous snakes, wild leopards, and wild gibbon. They were taking turns tearing apart the cage where they were kept. The leg holding the shackles could not be released.

The surroundings are like a festival. The atmosphere of the ceremony was exciting because everyone had been looking forward to it for a long time. They have died in their hearts since the night. My heart beat fast from the day before. The frightened, pale face remained unchanged. From the light of the lights until the sky changes color. Hundreds of flowers race to bloom under the warm sun. Not only depicting, and highlighting the nuances of the scene, but also expressing the hu's mood. It is a regret when gradually parting with the festival. The image of green grass reaching the horizon shows the intense vitality of the grass and trees, and at the same time creates a spring picture with sharp shapes and colors.

“Beautifuland scenery. The leader put in a lot of work.” Laura Julia winked at the leader who was sitting calmly with a grape in his mouth.

The leader glanced at Laura Julia. He didn't care about her. Throw the grapes on the ground. He was holding a golden wine glass. Raise your lips to take a sip. He waved his hand and signaled.

"Distributing tool." The name at the top makes sense.

In front of Laura Julia appeared majestic white and gold armor. Armor is quite simple and crude, mainly has two types of armor and leather armor, made of small pieces sewn together, covering the main body, arms and legs can be bare, or have short armor at the shoulder blades, and has a helmet that fits snugly on his head, shaped like a watermelon with a tip. This type of melon is popular all over the world, until today the helmet still has the same shape, proving that that shape it has good head protection.

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