Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 4, 2022
Ch. 16Realistic

"How to say. She's useless." Michael Richard accidentally spoke his heart out in thought.

"Unproductive?" Laura Julia did not understand what he meant, so she repeated it.

“She sold her body to that old man but she got the opposite result. White hand. There were many interesting things, strange things he had experienced. She thought she was qualified to catch his eye. This is funny.”

"Even so, she's nevertheless your mother."

"How do you know?"

"The implication of the eyes."

“Put too much thought into the story.” Michael Richard took a deep breath, regaining his composure.

“You don't need to be too repressive. Just a normal conversation.”

"She sold me to him." Michael Richard ponders the past and the present. There was a hint of despair in the corner of his eyes.

“He has a perverted hobby. He likes gentlemen. That's why I hate her even more."

Laura Julia quickly lifted herself and looked around where Michael Richard was sitting. She even looked closely at every angle on Michael Richard's body. She ran her hand over his body. Michael Richard's throat suddenly trembled. Michael Richard followed her movements with his eyes. Laura Julia is pictured as a snake slithering over him.

“What are you contemplating?”

“See if you have any harm? There doesn't seem to be a kiss mark." Laura Julia quickly replied.

In the darkroom, there were only Michael Richard and him. He used me to gently touch the abdomen to the sensitive part. Michael Richard quickly grabbed his hand and pushed it out.

"What are you doing?" Michael Richard with a steady gaze, exuding a deadly infatuation.

He gently grabbed Michael Richard's chin. Bring lewd eyes close to Michael Richard's. His tongue touched the skin of Michael Richard's face. His tongue made a line with an amused expression on his face. Michael Richard couldn't take it anymore and pushed him to the ground. Because of his large body, it was difficult for him to get up. He put his hand in front of Michael Richard's face, using a sinister grin to reveal sparkling, golden teeth, childish eyes, and a creepy laugh.

“Help me up. It's just that you're in favor tonight. Sleep next to me. There is no shortage of pillows here. Money? Up to you to use. As long as you heat this bed mat. I immediately gave this bed to you.” The old man laughed cheerily. There were a few gold measures on the ground, which he threw at Michael Richard.

Michael Richard harbors the gold coins in his hand, clenched. Michael Richard put it in his pocket. Michael Richard purposely glanced at him. An evil smile that did not change. His hand position remained unchanged, he was still waiting for Michael Richard's reply.

Michael Richard moved closer to where he was sitting. Looking down at the part below has the effect. Michael Richard got goosebumps. Staring his eyes, in the corner of his eye, Michael Richard felt disgusted with his beastly nature. The monstrous sexual orientation along with the flamboyant smile is not to be confused with anyone. That makes another Michael Richard forever record this humiliation.

That night, all he heard were his voiceless screams. Michael Richard behind him was already holding the knife he had placed on the table. When he approached, he let his guard down, Michael Richard ran his arms around his neck just like the image of him obeying, holding him in his arms. Michael Richard then stabbed the knife deep into the fat layer. Michael Richard absorbed that pain by turning the knife like a drill, slowly digging deep inside. He was in so much pain, in tears and begging like a toddler. He repeatedly called for help, but because Michael Richard's mother ordered him not to enter the house, the guards did not dare to disturb his pleasure. Michael Richard took off his pants and cut off his genitals.

Towards the end, Michael Richard exited with an ice-cold face with his whole body covered in blood. He went on a long slide on the path made of quartz that the old man had painstakingly built. The cloth on Michael Richard's body was also torn by him to the point that almost all of his body was exposed. While shoveling the body, the old man took a golden incense burner and used it to hit Michael Richard's head, causing his head to adapt and bleed a lot. But because you are his slave. For a long time, he no longer knew pain, his strength was also more resilient than other young people. To Michael Richard, this physical pain was nothing compared to his insulting him. With only his last few breaths left, he struggled to crawl out. Ordered the entire army to kill Michael Richard but they completely ignored his words. They took turns stomping on him over the money he had hidden in a room full of luxury and splendor.

“Are you okay?” Michael Richard's mother ran to inquire, concerned.

Michael Richard looked at her with lifeless eyes. Michael Richard brought the knife up to the aorta in her neck. The blade was getting closer and closer. Tears welled up in Michael Richard's eyes. He tried not to throw everything but when he saw Michael Richard's mother could not hide his despair.

"Do you know what he did in there?" Michael Richard's voice was still firmly rebuking her.

It seemed he still wanted to give her another chance. Desperate eyes but still showing the immaturity of love. Michael Richard expected a satisfactory answer even though Michael Richard knew it was her arrangement. While in the dungeon with him. When he deliberately kissed Michael Richard's neck. When Michael Richard wasn't sure what to do, he called her name out loud. He just smiled scornfully, as if this was her arrangement. This was visible in his eyes. She just rushed to hug Michael Richard in her arms but when she saw the scene of people bringing gold from inside his room to the outside. She threw away Michael Richard, she hurriedly stepped on Michael Richard's foot without paying attention to what Michael Richard was hiding in him.

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