Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: December 2, 2022
Ch. 15The past

He is also Laura Julia's close arm. But unfortunately died in the fire accident that time. Laura Julia died at that time. Both you and the person Laura Julia was aiming for suffered catastrophic results, perhaps in Laura Julia's heart wanting revenge. This could also be one of the items of the plan that Laura Julia arranged. Or this is just a random situation that Laura Julia didn't expect.

Their leader opened his eyes and looked at Laura Julia. Michael Richard felt a little nervous. She quickly grabbed Laura Julia's hand but she coldly pushed it away. Laura Julia has always been very flexible in improvising situations, she has never failed in a strategy that must include her close advisor.

"I don't know if the leader has any demand for us."

He was not so placid. Hastily hit Laura Julia's leg with her body, forcing her to kneel. But she was quite stubborn even though her knee was pounded so hard that it was bleeding, pounding many times, but Laura Julia still tried to stand up to resist. Michael Richard used his hand to support her, but she signaled that she did not want to be helped.

“Is the leader only able to do that? It's not because you don't have the ability that you want to get rid of me soon, right?" Laura Julia raised an eyebrow at him.

His face flushed red. Hands hit the arm of the chair. He got up.

“Bring the two of them inside. Give them a good rest. A few more days until the battle. I see how brave they are.”

Laura Julia was thrown into a corner in a wooden cart. Next is the drawing screen. Find out who is lucky enough to join this struggle. The servant always helps the leader to circulate blood, minimizing anger.
The person who is targeted is like a sad face, suffering to the end as if he is about to die. Those who missed the number were overjoyed, but when their name was called, they fell to the ground as if this was a reflex and a habit. Their behavior made the leader very happy. At the same time, Laura Julia encouraged the general to make him happy and sad.

"Leader. Is this too funny?" Laura Julia let out a loud laugh.

Those people all stared in Laura Julia's direction.

“Shut that crazy bitch.”
"No need. I will keep my mouth shut.” Laura Julia covered her mouth with her hand but still couldn't hide her joy.

Michael Richard didn't understand what she meant, but he was still ready to fight at any moment if she gave the order. Their performance was extremely quiet. The leader wasn't as happy as he always was. When he noticed the contempt in Laura Julia's eyes, he wanted to crush her into a hundred pieces.

Finally, the election is over.

“This is a large prison as well as a miniature death city.” Laura Julia looked in Michael Richard's direction, and she spontaneously responded with a smile.

“Perhaps there will be more challenges.”

“Rarely open your mouth. I didn't expect that one day I would also talk to you." Laura Julia was surprised, her eyes widening as she looked at Michael Richard.

“It's not a rare thing. Just not interested in communicating.”

Laura Julia's hair blew in the wind, she lightly pushed it back to reveal her melancholy eyes. Surrounded by only death. Pets are also not seen. Simply seeing dead bodies and the groans of people around. Laura Julia glanced at everything, the mess that caught her eye first. There is a small stream flowing through the rock, it is a stream of blood, the people who die everywhere are part of the resources that provide for this river. That is separated by the deserted place and the palace where the leader resides. The lights are always on there. But the surrounding still cannot be as splendid as the lavish scene outside.

“Maybe tomorrow will fight.” Laura Julia turned her eyes to the starry sky.

"Will die?" Michael Richard amusedly followed the direction Laura Julia was looking at.

"No. I think we can get through. I still have work to do. You still have a wish that you cannot fulfill. We have to exist in this vast universe to do what we want.” Laura Julia looked towards Michael Richard.

“I am doing it. I do not regret it." Michael Richard sighed in relief. His shoulders were now relaxed.

“Do you want to talk?”
"I don't like to put the past into words."

“So are you going to perform it?” Laura Julia smiled softly.

“I like to put it deep in memory, contemplate and see.”

“You will get sick. Somewhere will explode.” Laura Julia put her hand on Michael Richard's left breast, she looked at him with holy eyes.
“I live a life filled with death. Human flesh is the only source of food and the only way to sustain life.” Michael Richard took Laura Julia's hand. He knitted each of his fingers and those of Laura Julia.

Ten years ago. City S is in a period of decline, the country has reached the point of collapse and is being colonized by other countries. The light of justice is shining on the land here, but mostly they just stand with their arms crossed and watch the people being exploited or the structure of participation.

“What are you doing standing there? Want to work.” The man used a large whip to whip the woman's back.
The boy who was making him a mount used all his strength to suck him to the ground. Run to the woman and hug her.

"You dare to defy orders."

The fat man repeatedly whipped the boy's body with a whip. He moved closer to the boy's position and used it to wrap it around the boy's neck and squeeze until the boy was about to stop breathing before letting go. His breathing was still very weak, his whole body was scratched from being trampled by his foot on the rock.
“If you don't do your job well. Then you'll entertain my hungry wolves, understand?" As he spoke, spitting on the boy's face, in addition, he tortured him with his feet, kicked his crotch, and even his face.

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