Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: November 17, 2022
Ch. 12Meet

“The battle became more and more intense. I'm more interested in the self-destruct game." Laura Julia stroked her hair. This time she is not completely haunted by the image of a loved one dying in the fire.
Laura Julia's strategy is simple. Initially, Laura Julia used smoke bombs to distract them all. In the misty mist. Laura Julia performed a magic trick and disappeared quickly. Laura Julia launched colored smoke bombs, colors filled the sky. The powdered smoke adhered to the eyes and the whole group of people. Laura Julia glided gently through the crowds like a ghost. Those people still didn't let her go, trying to find her in vain, they waved their arms and legs wildly. A part of the force was accidentally acting on Laura Julia's body. She was thrown some distance away.
“Still having luck?” Laura Julia was a little surprised.
Laura Julia is still moving forward. Laura Julia tore the last piece of her shirt, leaving almost all of her flesh exposed. Laura Julia suddenly jumped on top of one of the guys, squeezing his neck. The red dot appears very clearly. He tried to forcefully tear the cloth, causing her to lose control and fall to the ground. Laura Julia quickly used her elbows to punch him in the leg, losing momentum and he fell to the ground. The head hit the floor hard, and the eye was stabbed into the trap that Laura Julia had prepared. At this point, he was exhausted. He accepted the victory in Laura Julia's favor. He gave way to his brothers behind.
"Exactly. This is the taste of victory.”
The smoke bomb in a few short seconds had its effect, everything returned to its original state. They saw that one of the party members had been defeated this time, and quickly began the process of eliminating her. One of them jumped on top of Laura Julia's head. Using the blow, very quickly shook Laura Julia's hand and endured a very fast force. She could hear the bones screaming in pain. On the other hand, one of the men took out a long knife, took the posture of a martial artist, and charged straight at Laura Julia. Laura Julia quickly turned over to the back of another man, using his body to help herself. The blade is quite long, it is extremely cumbersome to control it. Therefore, that guy decided to kill his comrades to carry out the mission. Laura Julia leaned back, dodging the blade, but the man behind tried to hit Laura Julia in the back, forcing Laura Julia's stomach to work with the sword. Laura Julia used her trick, grabbed his shoulder, used his shoulder to lift her body into the air, and finally sat on his shoulder.
“You make me work too hard.” Laura Julia grabbed his hair, tugging.
"I am forced to punish you. I am also heartbroken. But please understand me." She forcefully signed his head. She signed repeatedly. Then he continued to tug at his hair.
"Even though I'm a mummy, I still have hair. Stop joking around. You're so ugly. Not charismatic enough to hold me back."
Laura Julia simply used a simple motion, stomping his foot hard on his shoulder, causing him to fall to his knees, pressing his shoulder to the ground. Laura Julia took the opportunity to land safely and knock him down with a basic attack. Han still refused to give in and grabbed Laura Julia's leg, but she threw a few punches in the head. The pain was so bad that I closed my eyes. In pain, his soul escaped from his body.
“Damaged. Will you die if you obediently pretend to sleep? Now only two names remain. The complete treatment is to be able to live. But is not possible.”
Laura Julia still had a rope hanging from the wall. Just a few minutes ago, Laura Julia used colored smoke bombs to weave objects like iron and zinc into a strong rope. Laura Julia ran forward as fast as she could. They don't fit either. Respond to her enthusiastically. Laura Julia jumps into the air but gets stuck by one leg. Laura Julia smacked him in the face with her forefinger, Laura Julia knew that her jump wouldn't be high enough to reach the rope, because supplies were scarce. Laura Julia worked very hard to knit such a rope. The whole process of fighting and creating a life for yourself is not easy. Laura Julia's goal was no longer to waste energy with these people, but to take advantage of the hole at the top, to escape.
“You guys have been my pride. You guys have been of great help to me. Know it. Now it's time to say goodbye." Laura Julia stomped on his shoulder, bouncing.
Laura Julia's hand caught the rope. Her body adapted very quickly, and now she was completely able to climb to the roof. Laura Julia took a deep breath.
“This is the scent of freedom and victory.” Laura Julia glanced at the current scene.
Surrounded by only trees and trees. Underneath is full of grass and flowers are blooming. Laura Julia risked her life to jump under, but fortunately, the vast grass-covered a part, so her arms and legs were only slightly scratched. Laura Julia stood up, dusting herself off. Suddenly, a piece of cloth was draped over Laura Julia's body. Laura Julia startled, looking up warily.
“Is it you? Still alive. It seems that even if you are drugged or poisoned, you can still with a thousand challenges. No one can go head-to-head with you without losing effort.” Laura Julia, a little interested, leaned over to Michael Richard, her face close to his, Laura Julia looked at him with enchanting eyes.
“Honestly. The fact that the master teases others proves that he is completely free from the obsession of the past." Michael Richard looked up at the distant horizon, his mouth answered, but his words were slightly interrupted. His face also turned red.
The fact that before Laura Julia and Michael Richard both went to prison to endure these haunting and scary things, Laura Julia also suffered a lot of emotional impacts.

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