Married To A Stranger
By Midhuna
Date: September 20, 2022
Ch. 55

No one said a word, we're just standing there facing each other. He nervously scratched his neck and mumbled something under his breath.

"Huh? " I looked at him but avoided his eyes. They are too dangerous to get acquainted with.

"I've to go and get ready" Why is he saying this to me? I nodded, confused.

"For that, you have to let go my shirt," he said, with a slight smirk on his face. I stumbled back a little when I realize where my hand was comfortably settled on. I've been holding his shirt tightly like my life depended on it.

How can you be so stupid, Sreesha? He is your husband and you're holding his shirt? What would your mother say when she finds out about it? She would probably kill you without asking for a reason. It's a sign of utter disrespect towards your husband.

"Stop overthinking and wear this- handing me a saree - mom asked me to tell you to wear this saree and go downstairs as soon as possible," he said smiling. I nodded and stuttered into the washroom.

Making sure I was all alone in the bathroom, I stood in front of the mirror and banged my head to the wall. And scold myself like I always do when I did something wrong.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I see myself in a different light. The Sreesha I was looking at was glowing with a small and genuine smile playing on her lips, it had been a long time.

I got ready as soon as possible and left the room to join my MIL to know the tasks I've to do in the house. When I reached downstairs, my MIL asked me to pray for the god of fire (Agni) and then make a sweet dish.
I prepared Kheer, as she specifically mentioned that it is Karthik's favorite dish. I did as she said and completed all the rituals.

When I served the sweet dish, she praised me a lot. She said that she loved it. If anyone asks me what I was good at, I will say my culinary skills. I love cooking.

When she made sure I was settled, she left leaving me alone in the house.

Now that I'm free, I couldn't help but think about my MIL (Mother-in-law). She is so beautiful, no one would believe she has a 25-year-old son. She smiles all the time and it was genuine, her one smile can light a dark room. The way she talks, the way she walks everything screams elegance. I laughed at myself when a thought crossed my mind.

I thought she was royalty.

After our marriage, I didn't see my FIL (Father-in-law) anywhere. It was like he doesn't live here with us.

My MIL made sure I know Karthik's likes and dislikes. I prepared coffee for him, his mother said he likes his coffee black and sugarless.

His daily dose of caffeine as his mother prefers to call.

When I was on my way to our room to give him coffee, he was descending the stairs. I couldn't help but admire his every move. With every step he takes, my clumsy heart hammered against my ribcage to free herself from the bounds of my ribs. His steps never faltered, his eyes never left mine, his lips never stopped smiling. He walked with utmost confidence and with a bit of satisfaction in his eyes.

Stop drooling over him, your drool might turn into floods anytime soon my rational side chided.

But have you seen him properly? It was like a freaking model is walking towards us. My heart whispered to my brain.

Stop giving her unnecessary thoughts you stupid thing! Your work is to pump blood not to create unnecessary attraction and feelings within her it scolded again.

I sometimes think my mother was staying in my mind, it always talks like my mother.

Don't you dare compare me with her! I'm my own person it snapped at me.

If somehow Karthik finds out the battle between my brain and heart or more like the rational and irrational sides, he would definitely kick me out of his house.

Or he can always book a bed for you in a mental asylum!
I sighed. If I didn't stop now, it would lead to a big argument which I am not ready for, as Karthik is only a few feet away from me looking at me worried.

God, he's so beautiful! How can someone like him marry someone like you? No offence Sreesha, but look at him and look at you, he's hot as hell while you? A plain clumsy material which needed a lot of grooming.

I couldn't help but agree with that annoying voice in my head. why would someone like him will marry a girl someone like me? I'm simple and plain and did not plan to change myself unless I was forced. But I'm sure he could have got a girl more beautiful and prettier than me.

My train of thoughts reached its station when a snap of fingers worked as a red flag.

I almost facepalmed when I saw a frown graced on his lips.

I prefer to melt a glacier dude! Give me a damn smile It said again. Not my fault if that voice had its own brain.

I almost thought I was a werewolf while I was reading werewolf books in Wattpad. Sadly, I'm no werewolf. It would have been so cool if I was one.

"Whatever going on in that pretty head of yours," Karthik asked smiling.

Pretty? He called me pretty!!! My heart did a small hip hop.

"N-nothing" I mumbled, offering the coffee.
"Where is yours? " he asked pointing at the coffee.

"I'll have later" I mumbled.

"Will you please have coffee with me?" He asked cutely, making my heart race again.

Slowdown you stupid thing! You're a heart, not a freaking car to participate in a race!

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