Married To A Stranger
By Midhuna
Date: September 20, 2022
Ch. 44

"I- I'll t-take the couch, y-you please sleep here" why the hell am I stuttering?

"I called dibs on couch remember. Now sleep well. Mom said you have some rituals to follow early in the morning" he said making his way to the couch.

"Don't you think that the veil is too heavy? Please tell me you're not planning to sleep wearing those heavy clothes. Sure, you look beautiful with all those things but I'm sure they will not be comfortable to sleep." He said making his way towards a closed-door "come here" he said waving his hand.

I reached him without stumbling on my heavy Saree. The door he was holding is a walk-in closet.

"This is our closet; mom bought a few things for you days ago and that -pointing to the other closed door - is washroom. Please feel free to use whatever you want" he said leaving me alone to choose.

The closet is very spacious, and his clothes were arranged neatly according to the type. The other side of the closet is filled with dresses, Sarees, Shoes, heels, accessories, handbags, clutches and what not. This is every freaking girl's dream. Cosmetics are neatly arranged on the table with a big sized mirror attached to it.

I am not a big fan of shopping or flashy things, but I really appreciate the effort his mother made. I should thank her for this tomorrow. I find some pajamas and went to the washroom.
The washroom was no less compared to the closet. For a second I thought it was mine. It has everything I prefer. From my favorite soap to same branded toothbrush I use. I suppressed a laugh.

His mother must have liked me so much to waste her time and money on these little things.

After a nice warm bath, I slipped into the nightdress I brought from the closet. Opening the door, I made my way towards the bed and slipped into the warm covers. My eyes landed on the couch, where Karthik was sleeping uncomfortably. I noticed, he changed into some comfortable clothes.

I feel so bad for him, his 6 feet or so figure is hard to adjust on that couch. I want to ask him to take the bed but stopped myself. What if he gets angry about waking him?

I tiptoed to the closet and came back with an extra blanket which I noticed while I was checking out his closet.

My steps faltered with each step I take towards him. I was so nervous that I almost gave up on my task.

I wrapped the blanket around him carefully, not wanting to wake him but stilled in my place when he grasped one of my hand and held it against his heart.

My heartbeat raised making it impossible to breathe normally for me. I can feel his heartbeat. His heartbeat is beating matching the pace of mine. For a second I thought he was awake, but he is not. I sighed in relief seeing his relaxed face.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly loosened his grip using my other hand. I almost jumped in excitement when I completed my task without waking him.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I sighed in content.

Just when I was about to fall into a deep slumber, I felt a feathery touch on my forehead and heard someone say

I missed you.

Sreesha POV:

I heard a small knock on the door but turned around to sleep in peace but when I heard the rustling in the room and the small voices at the door, I sprung up to my feet thinking Tej was searching for my secret chocolate stock in my room. I panicked for a moment looking at the unfamiliar surroundings. I held my head in a hard grip when the previous day's events, crashed my mind making it work fast than it usually does.

Shit! I'm married!

Shit indeed!

I searched for a clock frantically and found it on the bedside table. It's already 5 am and I'm still in bed.

And I am a married woman!

A good daughter-in-law should wake up before everyone in the house and do the household work herself without bothering her in-laws. My mother's voice ringed in my ears making me jump into action.

I was running like a mad monkey around the room to find a decent yet simple saree to wear. His mother and mine only bought sarees with heavy designs and stuff which I'm surely weighing a ton.

When I'm in a hurry, I have this weird habit to forgetting everything. The same thing is happening to me now. While I'm on my third trip from the closet to the washroom I bumped into a 6 feet wall.

In other words, my husband.

Remember the tons of romantic novels we read, and it is really happening in your life, Sreesha. You just bumped into your husband!

Just when I thought my day wouldn't be worse, I'd to bump into him? He held my waist to refrain me from falling flat on my butt.

"Slow down, will you? " he said, chuckling still holding me. His voice was deep with a hint of sleepiness.
Is it weird to think his voice is yummy?

"I- I... you- late... mother" I stuttered; how can I answer when he was holding me too close to him while his hand drawing circles on my waist. Was it a natural thing for his hands to draw circles on my skin? First my hand and now my waist?

I thanked all the gods for choosing a long top to wear last night.

"Why are you looking so pale? Did you have a nightmare?" He asked, frowning a little.

How can someone be this handsome, even his frown is so cute.

Taking a deep breath, I gestured the little awkward position we were in, with my eyes.

When he noticed, he didn't let go of me immediately. He loosened his grip on my waist first and after making sure I was not going to kiss the ground with my butt he let go of me.

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