Forever Mine
By Anonymous Author
Date: August 31, 2022
Ch. 1End of Summer

“I can't believe how fast this summer went by,” Ann said when she walked into her dorm room with her best friend, Jessica.
“Tell me about it,” Jessica said and dropped her suitcase on one of the beds.
Ann took out her vanity bag to look for an elastic to tie her dark long brown hair up.
“Pass me one too,” Jessica said, asking Ann for an elastic.
In school, the other kids named to them as twinsies because of their similar appearances. Dark long brown hair, slender build. The biggest difference between the two girls was that Ann had hazel green-brown eyes and Jessica had dark brown eyes.
“This summer was so hot, I almost miss Alaska,” Ann said as she packed out her things.
“The only thing I miss about Alaska is the aurora lights,” Jessica said and pulled a dress from her suitcase.
“Are you hooking up with Deacon today?” Ann questioned when she saw Jessica change her clothes.
“Yes. I think I love him. Is it too soon?” Jessica asked Ann for advice.
“It’s been three months, and he is a great guy so no, I don’t think it is too soon, Ann said, thinking about the guy she has been hooking up with almost every evening, sneaking out of her family home that was not too far away from campus.
“You look like shit. You are going to have a hard time staying up in class if you continue dating your night owl,” Jessica chuckled, looking at the dark rings around Ann’s eyes.
“I am considering changing my classes tonight,” Ann said and pulled some eye cream from her vanity.
“Hell no. We are doing our degrees together,” Jessica protested.
“I love him,” Ann said, falling on her bed and shoving her suitcase and bag off, using her body.
“Have you told him?” Jessica asked, interested.
“I am going to tell him tonight. His classes start tonight,” Ann said with a glee smile on her face, thinking about her silver-gold-blue eyed boyfriend, Paris.
“I have to admit he is beautiful but strange looking with that weird eyes of his. I can't decide whether they are gold and silver or gold and blue. And his skin is almost white and his black hair does not really make his already white complexion look any better,” Jessica said, thinking about Ann’s boyfriend’s good looks.
“Have you been checking out my boyfriend?” Ann threw her with a pillow.
“Not in a romantic way. Trust me, my heart beats only for Deacon. When I am with him, my world makes sense,” Jessica said.
“What’s wrong?” Ann asked when she saw the frown on Jessica’s face.
“You know those flashes of memories? Who I am sure is not mine,” Jessica said.
“Getting worse?” Ann asked, snuggling up to the pillow that Jessica threw back at her.
“Yes. Almost as if they are becoming my memories,” Jessica said.
“They can't be yours. Maybe it is from a movie. Werewolves and Vampires only exist in movies and fairytales,” Ann chuckled.
“Well, they make sense. You know your so-called boyfriend has been making appearances as well and him being a vampire explains why he only comes out at night,” Jessica chuckled.
“I told you he has a rare skin condition,” Ann brushed the thought of Paris being a vampire off.
“I don’t want to hear any more of your silly stories. They are causing me nightmares,” Ann said.
“Nightmares?” Jessica questioned and gave herself a look over in the mirror.
“Well, not exactly nightmares. I sometimes have these dreams where Paris is a vampire and I am sure it is influenced by you and your stories,” Ann chuckled.
“I am off. See you later,” Jessica said and grabbed her handbag.
“Enjoy your day. Tell Deacon that you love him already,” Ann shouted after Jessica before the dorm room door shut.
‘Good thing New York never sleeps,’ Ann thought and pulled her duvet over her face to block out the light that was coming in from the curtains that were white with abstracted flowers on them.
“Hello beautiful,” Deacon greeted Jessica with a bunch of blue flowers consisting of Cornflowers, Globe Thistle, Iris, and Empire blue butterfly bush.
“Hello,” Jessica smiled and gave him a kiss before taking the flowers from him.
“I have a great last day of summer planned for us,” Deacon said, and held his arm out to her.
Jessica stood frozen, staring at his styled blond hair, strong jawline, and blue eyes that were lined with eyelashes for days.
“Babe, are you ok?” Deacon asked, studying her face.
Without warning, Jessica started slapping him with the bunch of mixed blue flowers.
“Crap,” Deacon exclaimed, trying to cover his face. Jessica threw what was left of the flowers into his face and stomped back into the dorm building.
“Jessica, wait,” Deacon rushed after her. “Let me explain.”
“Explain what? That you have been making a bloody fool out of me this whole summer?” Jessica spat, pointing her finger into his face.
“It was how the spell was set up,” Deacon whispered loudly.
“You could have told me!” Jessica shouted.
Deacon pulled her out of the hallway of the dorm building into a quiet nook. “If I told you, you would have not fallen in love with me again.”
“I am not in love with you. I hate you!” Jessica said, as all her memories of her final year of high school flooded back. “I am a bloody Lycan,” Jessica said out loud, as if it will make better sense to her. She touched the scar on her collarbone as the memory of Deacon claiming her returned. “Wynn,” she whispered. “Paris! I fucking knew it!” Jessica exclaimed and dashed for her room to tell Ann.
Deacon grabbed her by her wrist. “You cannot tell her. I don’t know how her memories are supposed to return, but I know there is something that will trigger the spell to unravel naturally like it is for you,” Deacon explained, holding on to her.
“Let go of me!” Jessica demanded, filled with anger but at the same time lost in his beautiful pleading eyes.

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