Where is the peace?
By Sennanguyen
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5


Clause opened his eyes with difficulty, feeling as if he had just walked through the gate and came back as if his whole body was wasted. Even the slightest movement could not be, the eyelids that wanted to open were stubbornly closed.

By the time it woke up, it had already fallen into a quiet night, even a little sound was not so quiet. But the feeling of loneliness and coldness surrounding it made it so peaceful.


Hearing the door opening, the nerves reacted vehemently despite the pain itself, and even though each movement made its back covered in a layer of cold sweat, it still forced itself into a defensive position even though it was soon entangled. passive position.

"Who?" Clause spat out a voice with difficulty but felt his throat become parched.

"Wake up?"

A masculine voice resounded, and from outside the door came a man in his forties who didn't need to look clearly to know that the person entering was his father.

But because he was a father, he soon brought him a kind of nameless hatred. Accepting memories means accepting the darkness that was removed before, even if it is so bad, it only needs to be destroyed in one shot.

Ha! Only blame being deceived like that, three years of being treated so badly, and being humiliated to the point of shame. The pair of black treasures can't help but remember the blood in the past at home, their love for him is seven parts indifference, three parts indifference, even though difficult teaching does not mean to displease him. Because from the start it was a flawless machine without a scratch. It's just because he grew up in that rotten place, how much innocence children have more or less assimilated.

It admits that it doesn't know what love is, much less an honest person. After realizing that these hands were dyed red, as long as the task they entrusted to them, no matter what means, they would risk their lives to complete it.

"You look at your father like that? It seems that your mind is still not clear?"

"You can see me clearly to see if it's your son."

Clause once took the chain pinned deep into his body and broke it, the metal cut into the skin, and each drop of bright red blood fell. It was silent, neither fast nor slow, standing in front of him with a cold face different from usual.

"You... you." He cried out involuntarily taking a step back in the face of the child's awe-inspiring oppression.

"See clearly who I am."

"I can remember."

"That's right, thanks to a staff that splits my brain in two, fortunately, the memory returned. I should praise you for not being afraid of death or call you stupid, dad!"

Clause took one step forward, he took a step back until his prey soon had no way to hide. Clause happily laughed and took five steps back. It doesn't even look away, forcing its prey to face the fear of no way out.

"I'm curious about your father's spell, can you give it to me? A handshake makes me like your puppet."

"You can't kill me... I'm your father."

"What's up? Unfortunately, they never taught me what parents and siblings are, you know they only taught me to kill."

A clause is now like a bloodthirsty demon, the ragged clothes on his body make it even more terrifying. From the eyes to the smile, they all give the opposite person a feeling of coldness as if they are at the border of life and death, making everyone who looks at them have the self-control to want to have a gentle death.

"It's all because of your greed! Wasn't the original purpose of bringing me here to let you make money? It's only that your charm is too strong to make me change into a different person."

"I do not have."

"Ha! It's a pity that the death sentence has been decided. Your father doesn't know what kind of person a child honed at a young age by assassins is."

"Three years of this humiliation, I will pay you back many times over." Clause's face gradually lost its expression and every movement of his hand showed his powerful power. No one expected that the small, weak arm had only one fist to create a large hole in the wall.

It moves around the room, compared to light it is more favorable to the dark. Flexible, sharp eyes can easily find tools.

"He soon just regretted not being able to kill me. Look at this place, it's no different from the teaching room of the old home, just too gentle."

Hearing his shrill screams, a glint of satisfaction appeared at the bottom of his eyes, and his lips involuntarily lifted. However, the movement on his hand did not stop continuously, he used the staff he used to beat him, removing both of his father's hands.

Could his suffering on behalf of yours for Clause? Three years of life is not equal to death. It was trampled, humiliated, and sometimes even played by the servants in the house like a dog that did not dare to protest. Too gentle indeed too gentle for him!

Because who will restore its purity? Who will pay for this innocence? If he hadn't hit it on the head, the memory wouldn't have returned. It can be safe as a child nor will that rottenness become so terrifying again.

"Tell me, am I your son?"

"That's right, you're my son." He was panicking with a mixture of pain and fear that made him involuntarily kneel. Only now did he know that a child could be so cold-blooded.

"Why did you leave me?"

"You know, I used to wait for you, used to believe that my father or mother would come to find me. But in the end, what did I get? It was all the hurt. If you had come to my hand, I would not have been stained with the blood of someone else. other people, won't live in that rotten end and won't lose the innocence of a child. Yet no one comes...."

"A child born from the wrong night of sex is not allowed to exist, let alone the Chen family, in the past, when entering the clan, when entering the clan, before dying, the limbs were destroyed and the corpses were fed to the dogs."

"Haha! The tiger doesn't even eat the tiger's meat...". It laughed like that, so heartless, would anyone in that darkness see the mournful tears flowing?

The clause was radiating a murderous aura all over his body, so its existence deserved to die like that. He was sure when he knew it was in the world, he used all means to kill it, but unfortunately, his mother was too quick to leave him at home. Unfortunately, there is luck in bad luck, it lives but only like a machine. Maybe!

"Looks like you have a lot of enemies, nothing has been beaten to the door."

"Save me."

"Save him?" He raised his eyebrows and pushed the hand that was holding his hand, bent down to squeeze his face that was white from fear.

"That's right, I'm your father... you have to save me."

"But you have never considered me as a child, and I have never considered you as a father, so why should I waste my energy?"

Seeing the fire spread to Clause, he did not want to continue to stay here. It's all because he did it on his own, no one has said that he has always been arrogant and arrogant, treating people like garbage. If he didn't offend, the smug son would easily offend others.

"You can't standstill. I'm giving you food, clothing, and spending, you can't help but save your father?"

"Don't you feel embarrassed? That fake thing to me is just covering the eyes of outsiders, don't you already admit it?"

"This end of yours is all done by you. I have your blood in my veins, but my identity has never been recognized. Pretend I never existed."

"Damn it, you will surely die without a body."

"Dad! This place has something to protect itself from the fire. Why would you want to push me to death with you? If you can't live, you want to drag me to death?"

"I never hated you before or now. Because to me, you are just a passerby. It's like a nightmare at night."

Ignoring his curse words, suppressing the pain that came from all over his body, he jumped out of the sea of fire with his life. Even one percent of life has to hold on to.

"Perhaps it was just a dream."

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