Where is the peace?
By Sennanguyen
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4

Clause quietly walked down the street, watching the streetlights light up, then watching the people hurrying home. There is a feeling of loneliness in my heart.

Those kids are probably no more than a few years old compared to him but look. They have their father and mother by their side to take them home, and at weekends they take them out alone and trudge on an empty street, regardless of morning or evening.

Maybe it has no right to feel sorry for itself, not to be jealous because it is a mistake to exist in this world, why would it be better to receive such good treatment? He knows he understands that no matter how he lives or dies, no one cares, but in his heart, he can't avoid grief and loss. Aren't they all children? They all share the same blood, but compared to their brothers and sisters, they are just waste?

"Is it better to leave early?"

Clause reached the door of the house but did not dare to step in with one foot. It's scared! I'm really afraid of being kicked out, afraid of being sent to an orphanage by my father. Because five times seven times themselves bring trouble to him, ten times meet each other, look at each other not eye-catching. The memory is always vague, but when it comes to the loving homes in the heart, it ripples.

He mustered up the courage to open the door, but the thing he had been afraid of until now had appeared. Dad stood in the great hall with a long staff in his hand pointing directly at it beside his brother, smiling happily.

"Do you still have the face to go home?"

"I-I'm sorry." Clause dropped his briefcase and knelt with his head bowed low, his arms stretched out in front of him, eyes closed, waiting for the whip to strike him.

"Sorry? If you kill someone and apologize, you can pay for that person's life."

Clause gritted his teeth and resigned himself to the scepter of love that flew over him. Even though his father had never hit him before, each time he did, he seemed to want to break any bones on his body. However, he didn't care even a little, after beating it, he also dumped its body in the basement for self-birth and self-destruction.

It was painful and did not dare to cry, the pain did not dare to open its lips to apologize, even less dared to cry. The two eyes were still lifeless and still staring at him, not leaving for a moment.

But his father never even glanced at him. The whip wreaked havoc all over the child's body, even the smallest corner had no healthy flesh. It didn't know how many times it had tasted, but it just realized that it was too much for its body to handle!

Heavy whips fell, but this little pain made his mind even more unclear. So familiar, yet so foreign. It's like experiencing all the sensations, as well as never having tasted it.

"Clause, you should remember where you are. Never forget you were brought into this family just to fill the void in the eyes of the world don't think I gave you a name, gave you this surname, gave you From the poor orphan to the fully qualified, it's too much."

"Yes, please remember."

That's hurt! He felt that every part of his body felt like it was being beaten to pieces with unspeakable pain, his back was soaked with his blood, but his father's worries were not there. He was still like that unwittingly killing its small, weak body.

The staff hit them very hard, but seeing the brother next to him so happy and powerful, a crack appeared in his heart. Although I know that my brother looks at me badly, I get beaten all the time because he tells me that once again, I don't think it's better to let him get beaten to death than say a few words.

"You lost your mind? It seems that these few years can't teach you anything is a rule?"

"No, I'm sorry, please forgive me.. forgive me." Clause hastily slammed his head on the ground, his forehead hitting the rock and the ground, bleeding a trail of fresh blood. He did not dare to raise his head for fear of raising his head, and then his father slammed the wooden staff straight into its head.

"When I lifted my head, I didn't look at you for many years and I wanted to put my feet up in front of me!"

"Dad... I'm so wrong, I'm begging you. daddy."

It trembled even with the slightest movement, not daring to do anything, let alone breathe heavily. It knows the power of this staff, the pain is like breaking bones, but if you force it to look up, will you not break its head in one shot?

"I told you to hold your head up."

"Dad... son."

"Ha! Looks like you won't be paying attention to your father soon, not even my words."

"I don't dare."


A heavy staff flew straight at its head. The child in pain fell backward behind his eyes losing focus and fell into a coma. The fresh blood didn't stop, the staff didn't even stop. One zhang and two zhang slams down again. Until the floor was drenched with blood until the child's body was not human, the devil did not appear to be a demon, and he stopped his hand.

"Bring it to the cellar, don't need to wake up, then knock it unconscious until it only has a drop of blood on it."

The servants in the house did not dare to disobey because even the son was beaten to such an extent that they were afraid that if one foot stepped in, only a corpse would remain.

The clause was brought back to the cellar, his body dyed the color of blood, dying on a gallows, his limbs were chained to his flesh, and blood dripping down.

"Hurry, go, go, kid, you're free."

"Run and don't look back."

"Children, live like normal people, cry when you're in pain, laugh when you're happy. If you have a heart, feel it."

"Take my hand, we'll be a family now."

Clause shouted, but his eyes were still closed with sweat dripping from his shirt, mixing with the beautiful red color. Pain and hurt like tormenting that weak child, tearing the small body into two pieces without mercy.

Memories are not worth having, but when you return, will you still be able to face yourself?

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