Where is the peace?
By Sennanguyen
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3

He stood there looking at the sleeping child on the floor unconsciously smiling but could not help but feel heartache with his body shrinking like that of an injured kitten. After all, what did that child suffer?

"What the hell is Tomson Ruan standing here for?"

"Ha! Just saw a poor cat."

"So it's Chen? It's very pitiful to admit, but I have to bear with someone to bear the surname of the richest family in the world today, but my identity is an illegitimate child whose mother was born without a mother to teach me not to mention that my father is disgusted, stepmother With his brother, he always finds an excuse to beat and torture him."

Tomson heard his colleague say that made him want to destroy the place himself. Seeing it firsthand and then seeing that bright aura was only used to cover the rottenness inside, to show people something noble and magnificent, but the essence was just a demon.

What he didn't expect was that he had visited that place many times, but had never met that child. Perhaps that house in the eastern dark corner was lonely and desolate in the midst of cold woods, separate from a beautiful mansion where the child lived, every step he took, he felt the agony.

"You know him? I heard that you've been studying for five days but you didn't expect it to be transferred so quickly, you should know that it's already the third school!"


"And hey, don't worry too much about it, just let it cause trouble."

Tomson still stood there staring blankly, letting his colleagues leave, despite the students staring back and forth. But he just stood there waiting for the child to wake up before he disappeared.

It's awake! Not realizing where I was, I just felt an extra layer of warmth on my body. How long has it been since anyone cared if it was this cold, was it a good thing?

"Whose is it?"

Tri Mong took the coat and looked at it for a while and saw the word "Ruan" written on the left sleeve and panicked. Even though I am not involved in the family business, this "Ruan" is certainly not much, not to mention the fabric is of extraordinary quality.

"Don't tell me this belongs to young master Ruan! Oh my god, I'm done this time!"

Clause sullenly took the coat and carefully folded it, but it was inevitable that the smell of himself would be mixed in it. Dad is still waiting for him at home, but how dare he come back?

Clause sadly watched the stream of people come and go, it was already dark! All-day he did not study anything, just lay in that room sleeping until he forgot the time. No matter what Clause comes home, they will make it difficult for him.

"Young master what are you looking at? Hurry up, it's too late." The butler looked at his master and stopped immediately, couldn't wait to ask.

"That child."

"Ah! Did you say the kid in that alley? Heard people here told him to sit here every day until late at night. Many times when I passed by, I mistakenly thought I was hallucinating."

"Really?" He looked at it, but here it was that small, thin body. It had turned cold at night, the rain was so light, that he only had a thin uniform shirt on. Will it be cold?

It's not fair for a child like that to be treated like that. That pitiful appearance, just a wind can make the child freeze to death but still sit there. Perhaps afraid of going home to be reprimanded?

"Young master, where are you going? Young master is already late, young master!"

Tomson ignored the butler's words and slowly approached the child sitting hidden in the empty alley.

Look at this body, I don't know how many days without eating and drinking, it became so small and thin?

"Baby, why are you sitting here?"

"Nothing I just want to rest." Clause shrank back to avoid the hand that was about to touch him.

"Don't you remember me? I bumped into you in the morning."

"Is it you! Oh, I'm sorry the way I look right now is disgusting."

The child pursed his lips and hurriedly hid his bad body, but why were his eyes looking at it so tenderly?

"Are you hungry?"

"No, it's too late for me to go, or my family will worry."

"Then why don't you come back?"

"I do not know either!"

He painfully squatted down to easily look at the child in front of him, who was also a high school student but was no different from elementary school children.

"Eat it."

"But... thank you for your kindness, unfortunately, I can't accept it."

"It's okay, I have one left, so I can't eat it all. I think my stomach is beating so big."

"I... you." The child sheepishly clutched his stomach, his twinkling eyes looking down at his feet.

"Just accept it and see if you can make up for it for bumping into the baby? Quick, come home late and it's not good to be alone."

It sarcastically laughs, home? Where can give it a "home" sound? In a place that considers garbage, is it possible to live together peacefully?

God is so unfair! People live in happiness, wear warm clothes, have fun with the parties of the rich or spend money freely without fear of lack, and are pampered by their parents to the point of jealousy, but... All because it has never been. How do they have the right to be jealous? How to have the right to enjoy that warmth because it was born was a mistake.

"Do you have a fever?"

"Don't touch me, I'm dirty like this, you'll make me smell bad."

Tomson looked at his hand and then at the child. He just shyly retracted his hand when he heard hurried footsteps behind him.

"Young master... young master."

"What's the matter?"

"We have to go."

Those eyes were so beautiful they seemed to contain a whole night sky full of sparkling stars, shimmering and shining without being contaminated with anything dirty no matter how difficult life was. He wanted to protect it, wanted to keep it for himself.

"Do you want to come with me? I'll give you a ride."

The child froze for a moment but immediately shook his head, stood up, and brushed the dust off his body.

"No need! I'm back. Oh, I'm Clause Chen see you next time."

Clause nostalgic watched the child leave, he hadn't even had time to introduce his name.

"Young master, you are very concerned about that child."

"Even I don't know why, but seeing it so sad I can't stand it."

"You want to help that child?"

He saw a glint of fear in his butler's eyes, tilting his head in confusion. For the first time, he knew that a man who risked his life was not afraid of only a child. Or maybe Chen is hiding something mysterious? But the person Tomson wanted couldn't escape.

"Young master that child is his man and cannot be touched."

"What if he betrays?" Tomson frowned and tilted his head. Don't think that he doesn't expose it and think he doesn't know anything. He volunteered to let others stab him in the back with a knife, but the end was tragic!

"But our Ruan family and Chen family still have a very good relationship. No matter what, the old man must yield to him three times unless he voluntarily sells his child."

"Oh! It's not a bad idea to sell your baby!"

He missed the dissatisfaction that surrounded him and turned his head to look at that place again, maybe next time he would bring it back...

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