Where is the peace?
By Sennanguyen
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2

The surroundings began to light up, he knew that today was still like any other day. Alone, he went to school because he didn't want to meet his second brother, and he didn't want to see his father, so every day he used to get up very early to leave the house before dawn and come home at dusk.

At dawn, its heart is warmed! Looking at the birds chirping, and looking at the green trees swaying in the wind, they unconsciously smiled.

Early morning is always the best time. The air is cold and virtual, there is a white mist, on the leaves of the trees, and there are iridescent water droplets in the morning. This scene makes it feel peaceful.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Clause fell, his whole body hit a tree pedestal by the roadside, so painful that he couldn't even stand up.

"Sorry I didn't mean it."

"No problem!"

Looking at the hand stretched out in front of him, he hesitated for a moment, then grabbed it, so warm and so big it completely covered his small hands.

When she looked up, Clause was completely surprised at the young man in front of her, very beautiful with a delicate and sharp face and no less masculine. The body is strong and toned and has the height that everyone wishes to make it so hard to look directly into the other's eyes.

It must also be because he has never eaten enough before, even though his body is better than the other children’s, his body is still like a small, thin ten-year-old child.

"Goodbye, we'll see you again."

A clause is surprised, see you again? Perhaps he forgot that the person and he were wearing the same uniform that was infallible but without the student badge, but his appearance and the pain in his body completely dispersed it.

When he entered school, he realized that all eyes were on him, not only disgusted but also jealous. They hate it because it's a bastard, they envy it because it comes from the richest family in this place, but they don't know that it doesn't want me to have anything to do with them.

Clause Chen went to the classroom and looked at the classroom where a few people were already sitting. He ignored them and went to the back of the classroom near the window sill and collapsed. He just wants to spend a school year peacefully. But it's so hard! This is already the third school this year, if it continues, I'm afraid Dad will give it a break.

"Does the bastard need to go to school too?"

"This trash deserves to be the son of that family and it's a shame to attend this school."

It painfully hugged itself to avoid their violent punches and kicks. It hasn't done anything, hasn't touched them, but trouble always finds its way. The clause had learned from the moment he was brought back that no matter how anyone hit him, he was not allowed to fight back because the consequences could not be resolved.

Besides, no one wants to because it solves the mess...

"Ha! She's so pretty, I'm sorry she's a rag dog, she's so pretty it makes people want to when it's easy."

"Please." Clause weakly clung to the shirt on his body, his whole body seemed to be squeezed from exhaustion. It could only helplessly watch a group of people surrounding him with expensive phones pointed at him at the same time. Needless to say, he knew what they were doing.

"Kneel and bark twice, immediately forgive you. Otherwise..."

They laughed and kicked him straight into the corner of the wall, making the table and chairs at the end completely fall on him. The clause was tired, could only feel the wetness falling, and involuntarily raised his hand to see a pile of bright red mucus that kept pouring out.

"Now, hurry up, or do you want to continue? Ha seems to still like to let people go when it's easy."

"Is not!" Clause desperately watched as his shirt was torn to pieces and thrown aside, his body exposed to tears of humiliation, it shrank back as if it were an act of inertia to protect itself.

But perhaps they understood well that immediately both sides held onto his hand, pinned it down on the floor, grabbed a brush, and wrote on him the words "Bastard." followed by words it should not have received. Each of those words still clinging to Clause until now, never being able to let go, perhaps since understanding the story.

It's hurt! His body was vilified and trampled all over by them, now only the dirty stains left by the soles of his shoes were left in his mouth, and they were stuffed into a tablecloth so he couldn't scream, not to mention they refilled a bottle. A glass of rag water poured down his throat.

Clause collapsed on the floor watching people leave, leaving him here alone with the chaos after satisfying their pleasures. Perhaps it had to continue to endure this tormenting pain alone.

"Sorry." Clause shrank into a group trying to hide, he didn't know who this person was, but to him whoever came in wanted to torture him.

"Disgusting you are an insult to this family."

"Please don't tell dad or else..."

"Open your eyes wide, congratulations, you've angered Dad again!"

Clause desperately grabbed the phone on the ground looking at himself online, livid, disgusting, vile, trampled by people, enjoying it so easily helplessly.

Each transparent teardrop silently fell from the black eyes like the night sky, just those eyes did not have a ray of joy, nor sparkle like many other eyes. It was quiet, without a ripple, an eye that understood even the dust of the world.

"Will dad not kill me?"

Clause hugged his face and cried, he resembled his father from eyes to face, but he did not know if he had any resemblance to his mother, but every time his father looked at him, his eyes seemed to reflect two silhouettes. One is hatred to the marrow of the bones, the other is unspeakable torment.

He knew from the moment he was brought back that he had become a substitute for his mother's vacancy. Feeding it, giving it a place to live, and even giving it something called "home" is compensating for the torment. Absolutely love, punish, and watch it get destroyed is to pay back the enmity engraved in the heart.

Both have families and have their own lives, but unfortunately, after that night of unworthy sex, they left it. When the mother gave birth to it, she left it at the orphanage's door when it was still red and the umbilical cord was not cut and was thrown away. A few years later, he was immediately adopted by his father, but at that moment tragedy did not stop coming.

"When will I ever get something called happiness?"

The clause was there, sprawled on the floor burying his black, swollen face in his palms. But inadvertently I ignored a look since when I have always stood by one side watching it from the beginning to the end, in that gaze there was always only a flash of love...

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