Where is the peace?
By Sennanguyen
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Do you two hate me that much?"

The child knelt in the great hall looking up to see where his figure was looking, but only received a large door that was always closed. It was like an old palace separate from the commoners out there.

It left silently, its knees numb from the pain. It was here kneeling for three hours even though its clothes were soaked with rainwater. But his parents didn't trust him, his words were like a passing wind.

There was no response from the surroundings now only an eerie silence remained. It sat there buried in the thin blanket that covered it were four inanimate walls.

Parents have always been like that, always hated it, never once trusted it, is there anyone in this world who believes in it? Does anyone love it?

"Do bastards have to live too?"

"How can a bastard use such luxuries?"

Looking at the rice tray in front of him, his tears stubbornly flowed down, always like that every day! They consider it redundant in this place, why would they take it back? Bring it back and torture it so much?

The clause was not resentful because he soon got used to this cold, lonely feeling. They give him a house separate from where they live, they send him to school, give him money, and give him food, but only receive the word "amnesty" but why give him that grace?

Clause never knew whose birth he was because people out there always said to him that "there was a mother born but no mother taught him." Even the name was randomly given by the father, but for Clause, it was too much. pale. He couldn't remember his mother's face clearly, and he couldn't recognize his father's face, just a door apart.

"Clause, you didn't show your face to me."

The door was flung open and a man walked in magnificent clothes, his delicate face was five or six parts similar, but the difference in that face was mocking contempt.

"Yes." It lowered its head trying to maintain its posture from the fear in its heart. That branch of the whip has always been the object of day-to-day suffering, the pain tearing itself apart from both body and soul.

"The trash like you is dead, I don't know if Dad will have mercy? Or will he gloat?"

"But brother! I know you won't be buried even if you rot here."

The clause was in pain as his hair was pulled up by his half-brother, staring blankly at the clumps of his hair that were mixed into the air. He doesn't dare to protest, even though he may not dare because the other stepmother will beat him, will speak ill of him to his father, and then that hatred will multiply.

For him, this place is a hell on earth, the deeper he sinks, the more there is no way out.

"Are you dumb?"

"Clause are you looking down on me or are you testing your patience?"

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? You can only say those two clichés? Tell me why my brother got hurt?"

Clause knelt on the floor in silent tears, could it be justified, but could his brother trust him?

The older brother did not receive an answer, and swung the whip repeatedly at the child's body, sending waves of vulgar scolding in his ears. It's hurt! There wasn't a single day that this whole body didn't taste the whip. It seemed to realize that as long as it was here they would find ways to destroy it like an old toy that needed to be discarded.

"Are you jealous of it?

"Or do you want to take its place? Is it dirty? It's your brother."

He heard the laughter of his brother in his heart suddenly born bitter. He honestly never thought he would take anyone's place.

"There isn't."

"If you admit I'll stop fighting, I'll give you money to pay for school. Think you have no money to support your disgusting body?"

"Yes, I'm jealous." Clause bowed again, and although that was not true, he had to agree because the other child was much more flattering than he was in this place.

The day he returned was also the day the child was born. Compared to it being abandoned in the corner of the house, that day in the house was filled with the joy of welcoming a new member, but it wasn't...

"Do you have any qualifications, you bastard!"

"You're just a child created by false sexual pleasures that need to be destroyed, but you were born too lucky and still jealous? Ridiculous Clause, it's Clause even though you're beautiful and noble but your identity determines everything."

The older brother left and after bringing all those contemptuous and mocking words on him. His pile of money was thrown in his face like he was giving away some dirty garbage.

Looking at the bills on my body, I couldn't help but cry. It is very sad, very angry, but there is nothing it can do. By itself, this place has a lower status than even a domestic dog.

It's been so long that he doesn't remember how long he endured this painful feeling... a year... two years or ten years but the time in this place is long until now it doesn't want to continue.

Because its memory is forever just an indistinct mess filled with someone's screams, cries, and lamentations. All... that's all.

Hearing the sound of the door being locked, Clause knew that his whole life would be like a baby bird whose wings had been destroyed forever, locked in an iron cage, unable to fly in the vast world out there.

The clock on the wall kept pinging for a while, becoming his confidant, each cry was a comforting word to encourage him in this rotten poor place. Each item in this place is associated with a different punishment as well as scary scars on its body

One mark... Two marks... ten marks covered on its back are overlapping traces of abuse left behind. It is possible that the whip could have been cut by a knife, but some bullets broke two of its ribs or cracked its leg bones.

Clause lay quietly on the rotten bed full of holes that he arbitrarily patched himself, his hands subconsciously hugging his thin, weak body that was constantly aching. Is it possible that one day it will leave this place called "home"? Carefree as before, even though life is a bit miserable.

Honestly, he always volunteered to have an idyllic life, with poverty and leisure, not a life of luxury, richness, and bondage like this.

The place where outsiders look in is a magnificent mansion filled with light, but has anyone seen that behind that halo is a dark sky full of sin and filth?

Imprisoning a child at an early age does not bring any sin, instilling in the child's body is hatred inherently not it. Destroying the innocence of a child's heart hurts the purest of souls to satisfy their bestiality.

"Is that the most peaceful place up there?"

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