The light of my life
By Vivian
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5: Divorce.

Ha Nam Phong feels that today is a problem. A relative who is a big boss like him must follow the staff's schedule, not only that his wife has always been hostile to him and is enthusiastic to talk. What's the problem with this?
He did not hurry to answer, but his eyes as deep as a pool of water still swirled into the face ahead. He didn't seem to want to ignore any of the twists in her face. Regrettably, he was disappointed, the person in front after attracting a smile very calmly responded to his look, not wanting to avoid him.
The four eyes looked at each other, Ha Nam Phong was a little unnatural to move in sight. He put his hand over his mouth, coughing dryly:
“I am free now.”
Looking at the reaction of the opposite person, Diep Nhien's lips could not resist curving into a very light smile. Also as soon as his sentence was over, she did not need to think, but immediately replied:
“Do not have.”
“So what did you call me for?”
Ha Nam Phong is a little fuzzy, he doesn't understand what his opponent wants. During his many years at work, he met many cases, and partners whenever they wanted to ask him for help with something expressed their interest. Looking at this attitude again, he seemed to understand something, his eyes were a bit colder.
"Let's get divorced."
No matter how his attitude changed, from the beginning to the end of Diep Nhien was very calm. She circled her arms in front of her chest, her back against the door frame behind her, words not fast but slow.
Diep Nhien's personality is tough, likes stimuli but on one condition it doesn't threaten his life. Once you've touched whatever it is, you won't hesitate, you'll kick them away.
This Ha Nam Phong, it's not too dangerous to say, because if you don't commit a crime, he won't do it. But in your eyes, he's got a criminal record once, so you're not taking your life out to gamble.
Divorce is the best solution.
Hearing this, Ha Nam Phong's sword eyebrows immediately wrinkled. He was a little unimaginative, the first time she took the initiative to talk to him was this problem.
Ha Nam Phong can use his honor to affirm, that he certainly has no feelings for her. Whether you two get divorced or continue to live together, there's no point in your eyes. It was just her actions today that made him feel suspicious, suspecting she was using soft lashes to achieve something on her side.
He was now so wrinkled that he could pin a fly to death. He doubted or looked at the opposite person, the voice was unclear and sad joy again sounded:
“Are you sure?”
“We're not having any fun living like that either. How about freeing each other?”
Still the same look, Diep was interested to lean back against the door and watch his face. Only for this man, the control was so strong that apart from his tight eyebrows, she could not see anything else. A man is so deep and unpredictable, certainly not much.
No matter what purpose you have, if you have come to this country, you will not take it seriously, you will lose your opponent and tell him to love yourself. As for your grandmother, you've lost the sweet one that cheated her a little, it's not a problem.
Thinking that Ha Nam Phong's thin lips gently curved up, he raised his hand to look at the watch, and then his eyes returned to the position of her face:
“The next day back I asked the lawyer to compile a form for you to sign. - No, no. Sure. Here.
Your wish is to stay as far away from this man as possible, but if your opponent is busy, you won't be in any hurry. No wonder if the reaction is so strong and hasty, the enemy's injustice is questionable.
So in front of the deep eye that didn't see the other bottom, Diep Nhien shrugged in place of the answer.
The person who agreed, Ha Nam Phong also did not linger, he quickly sat up to start the car, and drove to the airport. Earlier, because he was so passionate about studying her movements, he didn't notice the time, which led to time shrinking. Hopefully, there's no traffic so you can get there on time.
After a while, Ha Nam Phong could not stop looking at the rearview mirror. He saw that after he left, Diep Nhien had no feelings whatsoever called grief or joy, and she was still very comfortable entering the house. This makes him unable to understand her purpose this time. Do you want a divorce?

After Ha Nam Phong left, Diep Nhien quickly entered the house. It's just like that outside, it's certainly not trivial inside. As she walked in, she discovered the house as a miniature hotel, the main color tone in the living room was white combined with a grey chocolate blend to create a comfortable and relaxing feeling.
Behind it is a stone brick wall painted in a light brown color, on which hang paintings of old painters' doors. The ceiling is made of plaster, on the wall is hung a large lamp, and on the opposite side of the stairs is a mini bar that optimizes the space.
Seeing this space, Diep Nhien did not want to get rid of the pirate's tongue, but the rich man did know how to enjoy it. It's only a pity that the stuff doesn't belong to us, or we'll leave sooner or later. But before that happens, you have to enjoy it first.
Thinking that, Diep Nhien immediately threw the book bag aside, she jumped all over the longest sofa. In the past at home, she also often took this crazy action, each time the arm would collide with the chair to create different pains.
This time too, she silently waited for the pain from the upper limbs to come but waited forever, waiting for it to still not appear. Diep Nhien doubted or turned around, at this time she was surprised to discover that the reason she had been hurt before was that the chair was too hard, and the material of this chair was very soft, so she did not feel anything.
This finding kept the Natural Ip from blackening his face. She sighed sadly, herself still a poor monkey, incomparable to the one who had the money.
Every time the house is quiet, the maid's working noise helps it somewhat lessen its solitude. But today, the maid is not busy, alone in this strange house, Diep Nhien feels unfamiliar.
Because the house became busier, she turned to take the remote control that was on the table, turn on the television, and switch channels indefinitely. Finally, she stopped at a love film with old motives. The crying female protagonist ran to hold on to the male protagonist and did not leave her.

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