The light of my life
By Vivian
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4: The Negligent Husband.

The relationship between Diep Nhien and Ha Nam Phong is not good at all. Both of you are unexpectedly coming together, but your attitudes are different. Contrary to the way she looked like a visitor to his house, Diep Nhien was extremely annoyed when she saw this person's face, she frequently showed her attitude when she was with him.
Despite such ill-treatment, Ha Nam Phong was not angry, each time he would leave in person. After the work became busier, he always left early at night, the chance for two people to meet in a month also counted on his fingertips.
Speaking of which, lp Nhien hasn't seen you at home in a long time. I don't know if I have a chance to meet my fiancé today. In the story of Ha Nam Phong, she was described as extremely sharp, so for a beauty enthusiast like herself, she felt very much looking forward.
The road leading into the house was not very far away, soon Diep Nhien was standing under the gate. From the location of the entrance gate, she could easily see the luxury car parked in the yard. Wondering whose car this was, a tall man came out of the house to help answer her suspicion.
The man in front of him was about eighteen feet tall in a flat black tuxedo. The back is straight, the hair is well-groomed, on either side of the earring the hair is half covered, and the collar is rolled up to reveal a solid elbow. He was holding a file in his hand, surrounded by elongated fingers with clear bones.
From her place, she could see the man's facial flank, the afternoon sun shining down on his flank, his jaw was square, his lips were thin and tight, hidden a little cold, each dirty hand lifted its legs carried an inherent natural gas.
With this temperament as well as the act of entering his house earlier, Diep Nhien boldly guessed that this man was Ha Nam Phong, her husband.
In the story, if the temperament of Cao Chung Chau's male protagonist is the freshness of youth, Ha Nam Phong is the exact opposite. He gives the reader a sense of mysticism because of his strong, masculine breath.
When she read the novel, she also felt that the author described this character as a bit ostentatious but now could see the real person in front of her, she saw that the author was modest. There's nothing to blame about this man.
However, the handsome man could only stand watching from a distance, and absolutely could not let himself get involved, otherwise, it would have fatal consequences. Just look at the overall results of the previous Ip Nhien. Therefore, she quickly retracted her eyes as well as her hypnotic thoughts, and quickly raised her step to his side, not even forgetting to call:
"Mr. Ha!"
Ha Thi Group is a business group and jewelry creator with a long-standing reputation, having the largest scale in the South of the city. Because of the size of the business, the workload of the employees here is particularly large. The employee is the head, and the work of Ha Nam Phong is even busier. It can be said that a two-four-hour day is not enough for you to finish the job.
Since the expansion of the market abroad, Ha Nam Phong's work has been busier and busier, he often comes home early and late, and even if he is too busy, he sleeps in the break room. I'm suddenly going home at this hour, and I don't feel very good about it.
The clothes were not much, soon Ha Nam Phong finished packing, and pulled the suitcase out. As he was spinning to put things in the trunk, suddenly a voice carrying a little power echoed from behind, which caught his attention.
People living in this area are mostly business people like you, every minute of their life is precious, everyone just regrets not being able to marry their work. And you have someone like that in your spare time today?
Charming little dandruff, smooth white skin, long, shiny black hair swirled behind the back, luscious elite, big round eyes glittering like drops of morning dew, natural pink hearted lips. The three large balancing rings are in the right place, the whole body has no excess fat.
Because she was walking in the sun, her whole body was glowing, making it impossible for the opposite person to take their eyes off. Her relaxed stance and confident look stepped forward very few people could get.
I don't know why, but when I saw this scene, Ha Nam Phong felt something very strange that he could not detect. Although he hadn't seen her in a long time, a man's stance couldn't change so quickly in a day or two.
In the past, Diep Nhien was a quiet person, because of which her walking style or attitude was also somewhat timid, and closed. And now that you're walking next to me, what half of you is afraid of tears?
Not only that, your relationship is not normal at all. She always expressed her hostile attitude, seeming to regret not being able to pull him out but to tear him deep. So why are you saying hello so enthusiastically today?
Ha Nam Phong is the head of a corporation, he has been through every big and small job. So even though there are thousands of questions in his heart, his face still maintains a salty, uncluttered attitude, politely nodding to her:
"Lady Diep."
Listen to me, Diep Nhien can't help but laugh. This couple is a hundred years difficult to meet, treat each other even more hospitable than outsiders.
"Do you want to go out?"
A second ago, she laughed loudly, but just a second later, Diep Nhien quickly brought her facial muscles back to their original normal state. It's not that you can't laugh anymore, but to avoid your opponent thinking you have a problem, you have to stop. Even so, the words that came out of his lips carried a little laughter.
Ha Nam Phong: "..." Is your face that funny?

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