The light of my life
By Vivian
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3: Dad

This voice had been a nightmare for Diep Nhien, before, every time the night fell, the man with the smell of alcohol would turn into an evil beast, dragging her out to beat and torment. It seemed that only by waiting for her to cry and beg could he satisfy his perverse taste and let her go.
That person is none other than Diep Toan, your father. When she heard this voice, her body trembled from the subconscious. Natural Ip knew it was the obsession that had been ingrained in the original body, so no matter how you did it, it couldn't be eradicated.
This Ip Toan is a man who roots both in character and in person. He used all the dirty tricks he could to marry her home. On one occasion, he'd been raped and had her pregnant, giving her to her later. During the time you were together, he beat your mother regularly, making her unable to stand it anymore and forcing her to flee.
The person who walked away made the hatred and violence of Diep Toan have no place, so she stagnated to become the second stele. During that time, Cao Chung Chau was always there to encourage and comfort her, which made her feel deeply for this person.
Since marrying Ha Nam Phong, it's been a long time since she met this father on behalf of him, unexpectedly today he came to the door himself. Diep Nhien leaned against the door frame behind him, his hands crossed over his chest, pricking his head:
"Mr. Diep, why are you so idle calling me today?"
She could feel after she said this, the breathing of the other end of the rope became heavier. You can even seem to hear the two teeth friction together making strange noises. It must be known that even though he had previously been beaten to the head, the blood flowing from Diep Nhien did not dare to betray half a word, now he used this tone to talk, without thinking how angry the other end of the line was.
Without being out anticipation, after listening to this word, the smile on Diep Toan's face immediately became stiff, his loose hand tightened as well, his eyes pulsating with rays of blood as if to eat the other person alive.
Angry as it was, but hearing the hustle of his gambling companions, he patiently tried to maintain his affectionate tone and said to her:
“What are you talking about, Dad…”
What are you trying to do?
Without waiting for the person at the other end of the line to finish speaking, Diep Nhien immediately interrupted. You don't want to waste your precious time just standing here playing your father and son with this man.
"Give me some money to spend!"
Diep Toan bit his teeth straight to the point. This was not the first time he had called for money from her, but today, when this word came out of his mouth, somehow he felt very angry, he felt like he was bumming.
As if hearing a funny story, Diep Nhien couldn't help but smile on his head. Her smile was not clear enough to make people sound like they had fallen into the ice, even those who could not stop shaking, the children nearby were also afraid to pull each other's hands away. Seeing the actions of the children, Diep Nhien quickly narrowed her smile, she was a little embarrassed and put her hand on her nose. You don't feel like you're that scary.
Not long thought, her hypnotic mind was immediately scowled by the chanting on the other end of the rope. He's relentlessly telling you how bad his life is, how poor his food is. When Diep Nhien heard the headache, she put the phone away, waiting for him to finish speaking coldly:
“On the twenty-third, I just passed on to you ten million. It's only been three days that you've spent it all?”
The history of transactions in the bank is still there, she can easily see, that every month when she has received her salary, Diep Nhien will transfer the money to her father immediately, not a month for him to be deprived. But this man is getting more and more excessive, he doesn't seem to have spent all your money and he won't stop.
"I've got a lot to worry about, you know..."
OK, stop it, stop it. I'll give you the money, but this will be the last time. Don't look for me next time."
Not wanting to hear him continue to rummage around his ears, she immediately blocked her throat. Initially, she planned to ignore him for saying anything and no longer transfer money to him for gambling, but after thinking about it anyway, she could have the day partly thanks to his "merits". Now you give him a little more so that it's not a bad idea to not show up in front of you anymore.
Diep Toan found that she agreed to send money to her without any further thought, and immediately agreed. Moreover, he thought he'd raised you for so many years, how could you shove your ass away without thinking about this labor. So the back of his ear was just a threat of no power at all.
After checking his bank account, Diep Nhien immediately breathed a sigh of relief. At that time, because she did not want to have anything to do with this person anymore, she decided to be a little fast, unfortunately, the account balance was still enough for her to wave for a long time.
Diep Nhien doesn't have too many friends, her life is just about her work and providing for Cao Chung Chau. Not only that, but she also recently plans to buy a piece of land for two people so the savings in the account are particularly high.
But unfortunately, the land can't be bought anymore!
She transferred to Diep Toan another ten million, then did not hesitate to pull his phone number into the black list, avoiding him bothering her again. Everything's over, you've just taken the step back home.

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