The light of my life
By Vivian
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2: The Hateful Man.

“Yo, what's up? -Hey, hey, what are you doing?”
The waiter was running too fast to breathe. Listening to this question, he felt very ridiculous, his gaze was also somewhat derisive:
“You haven't paid yet, sir.”
Hearing that, Cao Chung Chau was struck by a stick in the head, his body stiffened on the spot. He is a new graduate student, has no stable job, and monthly spending money is given by Diep Nhien, every time she goes to eat, she is also the payer. Then why did you leave today? Do you want to trap me in a hole?
Seeing the face of the guest in front of him, the red color turned white, the waiter thought that he had not heard well, then meant well to repeat the price.
The anger was choking in his chest, and there was no place to pour it out, and now the person standing in front of him was straining. He couldn't help but shout in his face:
"You son of a bitch!"
Servant: “…” You're asking for money. Why are you an asshole?
The whole bar was silent, suddenly being struck by a loud noise that lost its balance, the people here turned to look at the two of them with not very happy eyes. Seeing all the customers react like that, the waiter clasped his hands in front of his chest for an apology, then he turned toward his guest.
Cao Chung Chau also realized that he had lost his temper, affected his surroundings, and was struck by people's eyes, so he did not wait for the waitress to continue, he withdrew his wallet, and put a banknote in his lap, and then left.

Leaving the café, every cold wind like cutting skin, cutting flesh straight through the thin clothes into the body made Diep Nhien contract because of the cold. She did not take a taxi but walked slowly through the streets, rearranging her memories this time.
Mr.Diep Nhien is a gentle and kind girl who, before marrying Ha Nam Phong, lived with her alcoholic father in a small house on the outskirts of the city. She and Cao Chung Chau were from the same village, he was two years younger than her, she studied and worked in the city first, then Cao Chung Chau passed the college exam, and the two new people officially fell in love.
Life goes on and on, thinking that after graduating you're going to work for a few years and then get married. But he did not count as heaven, and one beautiful day an old woman came to the house who was her grandparents' best friend, saying she had been betrothed to her and her grandson since they were two in the womb.
It was Diep Nhien who felt so ridiculous. It's a time now when there's no more betrothal! She vehemently protested against it, but her father was eager for money, knowing that he did not give up everything to help her set foot in the rich house, he even stealthily quit smoking for her and Ha Nam Phong slept together.
The old lady of Ha's family after learning of the story made Ha Nam Phong marry her to Ha's family. He was an honest man who knew his actions had hurt her so he almost immediately agreed. Although Diep Nhien was not happy, the fact that she had come to this country added that her father always forced threats on her ear so she decided to follow him, away from this earthly hell.
Diep Nhien always felt he owed Cao Chung Chau so every time he asked for anything, she agreed without thinking. And that was the premise for him to use you blatantly later.
Her mind was wandering around in old memories, suddenly the clumsy phone ringing in her pocket made her jump. She quickly retracted her emotions, calmly taking out the phone in her pocket. Just looking at the name of the person shown on the screen, she could not hold her eyebrows, the emotion of the sausage was very vicious but she was curious to know what the opponent wanted to do so she tried to suppress nausea, cobbled up in her chest, pressed the button to listen.

Cao Chung Chau, after leaving the bar, immediately felt his nose today and threw it all to the dog to eat. Thinking about the woman back then, he felt that if the world didn't have the law, he would have pulled you out in a hundred pieces to get angry.
Unable to use violence to get a little angry, Cao Chung Chau decided to replace him with words, he couldn't let himself suffer such damage. So he pulled out his phone and called her. The phone had just been connected, not waiting for the other end of the line to react, he had launched a series of reprimands.
Diep Nhien's feelings at the moment have to be very rich, she thought that this male lead called to tell her about the plan who suspected him of blaming her in such a bad way.
Men, boys, eating, women don't pay, do you still have a nose? Diep Nhien felt herself to be crazy to take this phone, so without waiting for him to stop, she immediately turned off the phone.
He was talking loudly, the phone suddenly transmitted a series of protracted sneaks that made Cao Chung Chau angry to the point of choking. He gritted his teeth, and put his hand to throw the phone to the ground to get angry but noticed the situation now that he had to shut his hand.

Her house and Ha Nam Phong's are located in Bong Lai condominium - the most expensive and luxurious building in An Thanh. Bluntly said home but actually, this is a gathering place of big villas, also a magnificent stopping place for those who have money.
Just at the time of entering the sub-district gate, Diep Nhien felt the comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in contrast to the rush and uproar that was out there. She did not rush away but stood at the entrance looking around where she would live for a while. At this moment, the phone rang again.
Diep Nhien found it quite difficult to understand, the previous owner was a gloomy person, and the relationship with the people around him was not very good. So why are so many people calling today? Didn't know you were coming to say hello? She was laughed at by her paranoid thoughts.
Without the receiver, the phone was still a time bomb, insisting not stop. Pulling all the crap out of his mind, Diep Nhien put his hand in his pocket and took out his phone. Looking at the caller's name displayed on the screen, her little face immediately turned, and the tone of the conversation also became colder.
“What's the matter with calling me?”
The other end of the line heard her unfriendly voice and was not angry, he maintained his fake smile, caring to ask:
“How have you been?”

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