The light of my life
By Vivian
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1: The Book of Transcendence.

The weather in the southern city is increasingly severe, although it is noon the outdoor temperature is still very low. Beyond the big streets of downtown, hard workers are building themselves small fires to warm their bodies, resisting the ferocity of mother nature.
Inside a fancy café, every table was packed. The people here are all focusing on their work, so the atmosphere is especially peaceful. But at some point, someone's in a state of panic.
"Diep Nhien, what's wrong with you?"
A man with a white face, his whole body seemed to be shaking. No one knew what was going on with the woman, they just saw him constantly patting the girl on the face, his voice worried.
The girl who was lying motionless in the chair seemed to feel the pain coming from her cheeks, she slowly opened her eyes. A glare of visual stimulation forced her to cover her face with dirty hands, waiting for her to adapt to the strange light, she slowly lowered her hand.
Seeing that the person was awake, the man's strained body was instantly released, he breathed a breath. Unable to stop rejoicing, he took the girl's hand forward, agitated, and said:
"Jesus, Diep Nhien is finally awake!"
When a strange man was holding her hand, the girl called Diep Nhien was stunned, but soon after she put her hand on her body, coldly warning:
“Dude, we're not that close, are we?”
The man was defenseless, her arm slammed against the edge of the table beside him, his eyebrows aching, his mouth muttering something. But when he turned his face to her, his face appeared pitiful:
“You are Cao Chung Chau. Diep Nhien, don't you miss me?”
And you are
Looking at a person who used such a blatant way to get used to, Diep Nhien's anger went straight to the brain, she immediately wanted to scold this man in front of a battle but the words had just been spoken half she was immediately silent.
You're an office worker at a large corporation. Last night the company had a drinking party, and when she was taken home by her colleagues, she was very clear that she had turned off the lights when she went to bed. What are you doing here now'?
Besides, this man just called you Diep Nhien, and you know this isn't your name. Wrong brother? He also said he was Cao Chung Chau? You don't know anyone called Cao! Suddenly a line of thought came to mind, and the whole Diep Nhien body immediately stood up.
Cao Chung Chau was frightened by her actions. From the moment she regained consciousness until now, her expression made him feel very confused, but he knew now was not the right time to ask. So he put all his doubts aside or, with a caring voice:
What is happening with you lately?
Diep Nhien did not hurry to answer him, she carefully observed around where she was standing. This is where Diep Nhien and Cao Chung Chau meet. Two people, one a male lead, the other a female in a storybook she read around recently. And he's calling you lp Nhien, which proves that you read through books?
She could not believe that what had happened to her before watching the film she always thought was absurd happened to her. And the number of girls in black, transcending the city, and no one chooses the right woman with a vase to penetrate.
Diep Nhien is a beautiful but extremely stupid girl. Dumb enough to marry a handsome husband who doesn't know how to enjoy but snuggles into this scumbag, then falls into a situation of irreverence.
Speaking of male protagonists, the first person she met when she came into this world was– Cao Chung Chau. Come to think of it, Diep Nhien can't help but laugh.
The girl's skin was white, now smiling, causing two dimples of money on her cheek to bloom, creating a beautiful sight. But this smile in Cao Chung Chau's eyes made his whole body fluffy, he couldn't help but shudder.
“You… what's wrong with you?” Although he tried to hold back, his voice still carried a little fear.
"You're welcome. Where were we?” Looking at him like that, Diep Nhien laughed even louder. But she knew to what extent, afraid he suspected she had retracted her smile, restoring her original emotionless appearance.
If you remember correctly, Cao Chung Chau promised you today to ask you to help him change the project of the product that is about to be launched in the coming time of Lower Town, or other words, of your husband. This is also the source of Diep Nhien's vengeance on death.
Not out of anticipation, just opened his mouth and he gave you the fake plan he had prepared beforehand. Both sides of her ear kept echoing the secret words of this man. However, her mind was not shaken, all the attention was poured into the booklet in her hand. Unfortunately, he is a student of fine arts, his painting skills are really good, so why does Diep Nhien turn around when he's gone?
"Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Cao Chung Chau has been a great sports speaker all this time, but when he looked at her face, he felt that she had not focused on her words at all. So he had to pause for a moment.
"Okay, I'll help you."
After saying that, Diep Nhien felt that there was nothing left for her and him to say, so she put the plan in her pocket and stood up and left in front of the man's eyes to say again.
Cao Chung Chau's goal was achieved so when she got out of the door, he immediately left. But not so far away, he was held back by the call. Suspect or turn his head and immediately saw a young waiter, holding something in his hand, panicked and ran to his side.
Seeing this, if anyone doesn't know, he'll think he's booming for water here. This made Cao Chung Chau couldn't help but grimace, and the tone of talking to the waiter also became irritable:
“Yo, what's up? -Hey, hey, what are you doing?”

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