The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 18, 2022
Ch. 90Job

“I have prepared everything. If you think you need anything else, bring it with you. And the accessories I have prepared.”
"Of course. We haven't had a chance to hang out together. When was the first time I took you away? I have to prepare well. If you were eager to speed things up, I won't refuse."
"What did you say? Going out is not part of the plan to work in the company. I gave them a few days of leave to do whatever they like and entertain themselves. I will not destroy the remaining time. But your offer is very stimulating. Let me go upstairs to pick up some clothes and sunscreen, and bring an extra perfume bottle. Let's go." Phedra Elizabeth looked in his direction with ghostly eyes.
“You put his things in the car? You prepared in advance, right? Did you also choose the location?”
“Yes, you have everything ready. The place we go is the sea. We will rest for 10 days.”
     Duncan Hiddleston happily put his things in the car and obediently sat in the car waiting for Phedra Elizabeth. Phedra Elizabeth elegant makeup, antique dress. Phedra Elizabeth sat in the car, her legs crossed, her hands fastened with her seat belt.
"Let's go. We set off.”
The road didn't last too long. The surrounding scenery was not enough to attract Phedra Elizabeth's eyes. Phedra Elizabeth rested her head on the arm of the chair.
“You drive a little slow. I want to close my eyes and rest.”
"You lean on my shoulder, leaning your head on the chair will make your neck tired."
"Not much different. They all have to lean, tilt, you should focus on driving.”
     Duncan Hiddleston was refused, did not want to prolong the matter, he focused on driving, a moment later Phedra Elizabeth was deeply asleep. Duncan Hiddleston sat sideways, resting Phedra Elizabeth's head on his shoulder.
“Only when you sleep is the best. Not avoiding me, not resisting. you've been thinking a lot lately, do you know I'm worried about you? Because President Mark is worth it? If President Mark doesn't love you, why don't you try to love me?"
The location of the rendezvous point on the map signaled the arrival. Duncan Hiddleston stopped the wheel, and looked for a parking space, Phedra Elizabeth was still sleeping quietly, Duncan Hiddleston carried Phedra Elizabeth from the parking spot to the hotel.
"Haven't you lost weight lately? Why is it so easy to hold? It's also true that I can't eat or drink much these days. You couldn't eat well, couldn't sleep well, you had to lose weight. From the moment she saw President Mark beside young Master Lac, you were completely broken down. These days, I think more and more and more and more thoughtfully. Although I was very happy when I heard that President Mark was beside young Master Lac. But it was not comforting to see you like this."
     Duncan Hiddleston lowered his hand, turned the doorknob, kicked open the door with his foot, and laid Phedra Elizabeth on the bed. Phedra Elizabeth also just woke up.
“Where is this? Isn't it possible that you've just taken a nap and you've already arrived?" Phedra Elizabeth rubbed her eyes.
“I never expected to see her new self again. I think she has turned into a cold person, unknowingly still showing such a bitter face." Duncan Hiddleston was weak reflections. 
"I'm going to get some more sleep. We just arrived at the hotel. Mai can go out and play. The sea here is very clear, it is useful for you, that you can comfortably rest and play."
"What place did you take me to?"
"It's a very safe place." Duncan Hiddleston stammered, hard to speak.
“This place belonged to my old house management. In the past, my family worked in the field of tourism, this is also considered an ancestral land, even if you sell all your assets, you cannot sell this land." 
“He told me to listen. Where is this?" Phedra Elizabeth turned her face away.
"This is a high-class resort, here in addition to charming water, there are also entertainment areas, seafood stalls, places to make campfires, and souvenir shops."
“Sounds interesting too. With all the amenities, why can't I be satisfied."
"I have to go back to the company in about three days, if you're interested, just stay."
“If the app doesn't report the situation, then this is a situation in the original. The female lead will also appear. I just need to hold off the male lead until the female lead shows up. There's no need to follow the male lead for too long." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“Why did you only stay for three days? You gave the company a break for ten days, but by the time I returned to the company, no one was there. 
"I don't deal directly with the company. I solve some problems related to company money. Before, I noticed there was a gap in it.”
“You can also leave it to the staff to do at home and bring it back to you.”
"Can not. If you give people leave, how can you force them to work?"
“It is better to kick the male lead out than to let the male lead talk endlessly. Headache.” Phedra Elizabeth rubbed her temples.
"If you come back. I'll come with you."
“Since when did my decision affect you so?”
“Since when? It's been a long time. Why didn't I notice?" 
"Okay, I didn't notice. Do you want to stay here?"
“I want to stay here with you. When you stay, I stay, you don't stay, I don't stay, you come back, I will come back, you work, I will work. In short, where you are, I am there."
“So I understood what you meant. I will stay for a while to relax. When we're bored, we go home together."
"Okay." Duncan Hiddleston happily hugged Phedra Elizabeth.
Phedra Elizabeth did not want to continue talking with Duncan Hiddleston, using the excuse to chase Duncan Hiddleston away.
"It's time to meet the female lead and run away." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.

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