The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 9Help

Phedra Elizabeth tasted the first bite. It seems that she has closed both eyes, her mind is blank, can't think of anything else, her mind is like a person in the clouds, just floating, her feet do not touch the ground and her eyes can see the gate of heaven.
"What is this? This dish can only be eaten by dogs." Phedra Elizabeth frowned, she spat it out mixed with saliva.
"I know you will kill me right away. In a cold heart. If possible I will crush your head like glue." Phedra Elizabeth was angry.
"My throat hurts when I eat anything on this table." Phedra Elizabeth was irritated and raised her voice.
Suddenly the color of Phedra Elizabeth changed, weaker and a bit hesitant in it. She realized the end of her life. Phedra Elizabeth closed her mouth, not letting herself fall to a dead end. Duncan Hiddleston's eyes were a bit sad, didn't answer, and then quietly left, not wanting to justify his actions, much less wanting to explain his sincerity to Phedra Elizabeth.
Phedra Elizabeth closed her eyes, waiting for the punishment system.
Moments later, nothing happened, Phedra Elizabeth's body was completely immune to the physical damage brought about by the external conditions. Phedra Elizabeth sighed, not many different sounds, she relaxed her whole body, leaned back against the chair, rubbed her temples a few times, then relaxed again in the air.
"Thank God. Everything is fine." Phedra Elizabeth unburdened.
Phedra Elizabeth simply punched the wall with a strong force to send them away, but unexpectedly they were very interested in her. Graciously invite her out. Unable to keep calm, Phedra Elizabeth hurriedly punched one of the 5 men around. His mouth bled, and suddenly, a tooth popped out from his mouth. They do not give up. Rushing in, the group of thugs was holding their weapons in hand. They are very confident in their melee ability. They rushed in like a storm, swinging from the side, one attacking from the left, some attacking from the right, but Phedra Elizabeth fell to the ground with her strength and the other enjoyed her kick. Due to carelessness, Phedra Elizabeth did not notice from behind, so she was injured, and her back was bleeding a lot. The shirt was also torn. At this point, her stamina had exploded, and Phedra Elizabeth's rage was at its peak.
Duncan Hiddleston stopped her. He officially took action. Duncan Hiddleston just got out. They were both injured. Some were hit by Duncan Hiddleston, others accepted being trampled underfoot by Duncan Hiddleston. Duncan Hiddleston grabbed the hair of the man who had been injured. The man's head kept hitting the wall. His head was bleeding, blood was flowing up his eyes, his cheeks. Duncan Hiddleston's eyes were frightening now, there seemed to be a blast of murderous intent. Duncan Hiddleston still didn't let go of him, Duncan Hiddleston used his hand to hit the wound that had just appeared on his head. Duncan Hiddleston let him slide into the dirt. Duncan Hiddleston used a long iron bar. Duncan Hiddleston prepared to fight the remaining men, but they were so frightened that they ignored him and ran away by Duncan Hiddleston.
Duncan Hiddleston watched Phedra Elizabeth injured, he began to comfort himself. Phedra Elizabeth was carried by him to heal. Phedra Elizabeth felt everything was normal. Just the back is a bit hurt. After a period of time being held at home by him, he did not let him go to the street because he had to be injured. Phedra Elizabeth was bored.
First, she chose a hearty meal. The meal was presented generously. All premium products are imported from abroad at the hands of the most famous chefs. Presented perfectly, it captured Phedra Elizabeth's gaze from the very beginning, from the heart producing a sense of unexpected satisfaction. Phedra Elizabeth had no intention of leaving this house to find joy. Phedra Elizabeth nonetheless is in the position of the little mistress of this house. Phedra Elizabeth decided to find out about the material life that belonged to her. Phedra Elizabeth was overwhelmed by what she saw, completely satisfied.
"Wow, this is heaven. This is exactly what I've been thinking, this is the kind of lady's life movie I want." Phedra Elizabeth awoke, delighted.
Phedra Elizabeth ate most of the dishes on the table, her stomach filled with the dishes had already swelled, and her stomach was completely full. She decided to walk a few streets, and visit the most luxurious and expensive places in the city, that is, the mansion where Phedra Elizabeth herself resides.
"The name is immortal. There are also flower gardens, yards, meeting places, places to play gold, places to hold parties, fish tanks... All luxurious and beautiful. Look, surprising. This statue This flower garden is undisputed, all imported from Europe. The fountain is operated by machinery imported from Europe. The decoration style is classical, simple but delicate. Fascinating. It's great." Phedra Elizabeth was relatively excited.
"Should I take some pictures as a souvenir? I also rarely travel. All around is beautiful. Had the opportunity to steal money here, and go on vacation for a month... No 1 year... No 10 years. In short, a lifetime. That's great. Staying away from the male lead won't be a problem."
[Suggested owner to add sugar for the male lead.]
"Disappointing. I'm having fun! What happened again?"
[Add sugar for the male lead.]... Repeat one more time.
"I don't know what to do, the male lead is not dissatisfied, needs to be fostered. The male lead has no reaction to my thoughtless actions."
[Preparing for punishment.]
"Wait. Wait a minute... I did it right away. Definitely do it now. Necessary. Great idea." The joy was suddenly extinguished, flying in the wind.
"Prepare the kitchen for me." Phedra Elizabeth sent a request to the surrounding servants.
Phedra Elizabeth ordered everything to be prepared, but she had no intention of preparing anything for Duncan Hiddleston. About 6 pm. As the sun gradually fell, the sunlight in Phedra Elizabeth's eyes signaled that time was running out. She hurriedly found a way to escape or find a way to cope.

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