The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 17, 2022
Ch. 89Trip

Phedra Elizabeth, day by day, locked herself in watching the flowers fall, sometimes falling into contemplation, then shedding tears, crying, and wiping herself. Duncan Hiddleston did not come to the company to watch Phedra Elizabeth, but wanted to go to comfort but was dodged by Phedra Elizabeth. Only the standing care from afar. Phedra Elizabeth also rarely eats, often loses sleep, sleeps for a while, has nightmares, then stays up all night. Exhausted body. Duncan Hiddleston saw Phedra Elizabeth just like that, wanted to speak, but hesitated. Until a few days later. Phedra Elizabeth's mood began to improve.
“Can we go out next week? I want you to be comfortable. In one night your personality changed so much that I didn't notice. Is that you?"
"It's you, but what you see in front of your eyes is your true nature. Don't you like it? I think you must like it. I go back to the days when you killed me with love. Aren't you happy?"
"You don't have to say it so harshly. I won't make you suffer anymore. Believe me. It's all over. Had you. I will protect you, love you forever."
“You aren't really happy."
“Since when did you become so hypocritical. Calculating two-handed fishing. My mouth says I love you, and I hold you with my hand.” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“I want to take you out to play. I want to find a peaceful place where we can rest for a while. Leave the old things behind. Can you rest for a while?"  Duncan Hiddleston hugged Phedra Elizabeth.
"You don't want to investigate your mother's whereabouts anymore?"
"Do not want. I want to be by your side. You need me right?"
"You let this go because of me. No more investigation.”
"I'm not investigating anymore. She's probably really dead. I believe my mother doesn't want me to wallow in hatred either."
"My honey is so sweet." Phedra Elizabeth looked Duncan Hiddleston in the eye and touched her cheek lightly with her hand.
"Always the same. Acting is also acting until deceiving cheesy love quotes.” Phedra Elizabeth commented.
“Don't you feel tired? Take care of me all the time. So take care of yourself. I sleep with you. I am tired."
"Okay. I'm already cleaned up. I just changed the bed sheets.”
“I sprayed it with some perfume. Let's take the scent a little lighter."
"I know. Wait a second.”
     Duncan Hiddleston held Phedra Elizabeth in his arms, he slept very well tonight, with a happy heart. Phedra Elizabeth opened her eyes and stared at him, her hand touching Duncan Hiddleston's cheek.
“Looks like I still have value to use with him. Put in too much effort. He's also the only general I have to obey." Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh.
“Let's take advantage of each other. When you think about it, it's funny." Phedra Elizabeth's hand touched Duncan Hiddleston's neck.
“What if he dies? How is it possible? If he's dead, won't I be here waiting for him to come back to life and then follow him again?"
“This character has too much out of sight if in my opinion the story of the male lead's family will not be so simple but have such a satisfying ending. Besides, since the appearance of Theodore Mark, the female lead has no place to act anymore. Looks like I broke the original too much.”
“Maybe it's Duncan Hiddleston that's the main thing. Also interested in the female lead, creating a bond with his brother would be great.”
“Are you saying that I should be friends with your brother? I should also introduce my husband's family, right? Did you say I should debut?”
     The space becomes quiet, still.
"Don't you agree? Looking at his expression, he knew he didn't agree. It took the heroine a long time to be teased and teased by him before she was eligible to enter his house. How can you be so straightforward to meet them?"
“But even if you refuse, I will debut, the tour has just ended, let's learn each other's acting skills. I look forward to it.”
     Phedra Elizabeth didn't say a word, put Duncan Hiddleston's hand away from herself, took a distance from the male lead, closed her eyes, and rested. The next morning, Phedra Elizabeth opened her eyes, Duncan Hiddleston was not in the room. Phedra Elizabeth walked around the house and did not see him.
"Veronica Sarah, where's the master, why can't  see?"
"You left the house early in the morning."
“So what? Did you say where he was going?"
“I also asked, but the master did not answer. Just say it's top-secret, don't let anyone know."
“As expected, he has already taken action. What is he preparing? Very curious indeed. I should also prepare myself mentally.” Phedra Elizabeth smiled brightly.
"This table is empty, come in and eat with me."
"How is it possible? You and the young lady are not the same. How can we sit together?"
“I originally wanted to make some new friends. Looks like she doesn't like it. In a world that only belongs to the main character, all the conditions and rights of the supporting characters are taken away.” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"Okay. I do my job.”
"Yes, the lady."
Phedra Elizabeth sat eating breakfast alone, Phedra Elizabeth's eyes on the position towards the empty seat.
“I didn't expect it to be so empty. Nice to get used to it. Used to being loved by your parents. I have never suffered any loss, so now that I am bullied, no one wants to defend me." Phedra Elizabeth fidgeted.
     The way the door opened, the words reverently ran in unison.
“Welcome back master. The lady is waiting for you inside." Butler.
"I know."
     Duncan Hiddleston grabbed the bag, ran to where Phedra Elizabeth was sitting and took Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
"Let's go. I was delayed from work for a few days. We travel.”
"I'm not ready yet. There's no need to rush either. You let go of my hand first. Have breakfast before you go. Can't go hungry."

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