The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 17, 2022
Ch. 88Main

“App tells me what Theodore Mark and Lac Hong Hao plan to do now?”
[App will list the list.]
“Did they make a list for each other? How long has it been?"
[According to the app, this list was personally recorded by Theodore Mark 15 years ago and is now completely supplemented by Lac Hong Hao.]
“Has it been that long? Why hasn't it faded yet? Let me see."
[1. Travel together.
 2. Theodore Mark will find a position for Lac Hong Hao next to him.
 3. Introduce the two families.
 4. Organize the wedding.
 5. Find a new home, away from the city - Theodore Mark doesn't like noisy places.
 6. Open a small restaurant - This is the promise Theodore Mark made to Lac Hong Hao.]
“Open a restaurant for what? Young Master Lac has worked next to President Mark, hasn't he?"
[This is open for Lac Hong Hao's sister because she cooks very well, so Lac Hong Hao wants to open Lac My Linh restaurant, and also convenient to observe.]
“Convenient to enjoy new dishes.”
[7. Bringing Lac Hong Hao's parents back to his hometown.
 8. Going abroad to treat Theodore Mark's illness.]
"Is President Mark sick?"
[Right. Theodore Mark has a stomachache. Lac Hong Hao almost 24 hours out of 24 hours taking care of Theodore Mark.]
"Therefore, it is. I know… Keep going.”
[9. Save money.]
“Why do they have to do that?”
[According to the plan set out before, Lac Hong Hao only let Theodore Mark work for about 3 years and the longest was 5 years, forcing Theodore Mark to quit his job for treatment. Live for yourself. Theodore Mark didn't accept it at first.]
"Are you afraid that President Mark won't have enough money to feed young Master Lac?"
[No. Previously Theodore Mark pursued Lac Hong Hao but was not accepted by Lac Hong Hao, afraid that he would miss Lac Hong Hao when he rested, so he started working, but according to the latest updated app, according to the original time 10 years ago Lac Hong Hao had feelings for Theodore Mark the next, but 4 years later, when he confessed his feelings, Theodore Mark didn't believe it, so they became a couple.]
"President Mark should have accepted it right away, but it's just teenage love."
[According to the updated app, Theodore Mark's love has gone through 20 years of challenges, from the time he liked Lac Hong Hao, he didn't change his mind later, then he got his wish.]
"Then why did young Master Lac say that President Mark disagreed?"
[According to the app updated because at that time, Theodore Mark saw Lac Hong Hao hand in hand with another girl and was suspicious of tracking the misunderstanding of the two lovers, so Theodore Mark tormented his stomach.]
“Young Master Lac is too good to know that he has feelings for Theodore Mark, but…”
[It is Lac Hong Hao's biological sister, Lac Uyen Vy.]
"So President Mark is irrationally jealous?"
[From an emotional perspective, the app is unknown.]
“It's also true that loving someone for 20 years is almost giving up all of your youth, being afraid of losing it, so you're jealous. President Mark must love young Master Lac very much."
"So now President Mark accepts?"
[As long as Lac Hong Hao is with Theodore Mark. All requests of Lac Hong Hao are accepted.]
"They're also seen as young and old. It's a good match."
[The last thing on the list
 10. Raising cats.
 The special terms in the list are: LOVE ONLY YOU.]
“Why raise a cat?”
[According to the app, it is known that Lac Hong Hao loves cats but still has not had the opportunity to raise them. Theodore Mark promised that after returning to the same house, he would let Lac Hong Hao raise a cat. Raised together.]
“They are very affectionate. Very very good. After many years, it still doesn't fade. Special terms but also capitalized. Outstanding.”
"That is enough. I don't want to be a talkative person to find out about other people's love stories. This story ends here. That kind of love is enough. So work seriously. No more mistakes can be made.”
"It's not good to have too many things. Knowing too much will only add to the trouble."
[The host is clear. Last time the host spent a lot of time on meaningless things. The app doesn't know if affection is necessary for the host, but according to the app, it doesn't make any sense.]
“A few minutes ago. Just a little hesitant to find the motivation to give up. For me, love is no longer necessary. Still need to focus on work. But it still takes time to settle down.” Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the upstairs window.
Duncan Hiddleston was worried about Phedra Elizabeth but was afraid of disturbing Phedra Elizabeth himself, so he just stood and watched from afar.
“Is it him? The prey must bite the right hook. Until now, it's bad to just stalk from behind and watch the prey." Phedra Elizabeth smiled brightly in front of the male lead.
“I will go up to talk to him. If not, he will doubt the loss on his part."
[Good luck to the host. Great success.]
“Don't rush. Must be successful. This is truly a hunt where the prey is me.”
[The host is too talkative. It's not like you can do anything you want. The App advises the host of a sentence to do what needs to be done and ignore the redundant things.]
"I understand."
     Phedra Elizabeth held her hand, step by step, up the stairs. Approaching Duncan Hiddleston's position, Duncan Hiddleston looked at Phedra Elizabeth with sorrowful eyes.
“Why are you looking at me with those eyes. Not sympathetic at all. Change your eyes."
“No need to say more. For now, I still don't want to hear it. I need to re-examine myself.”
"I know this makes you unhappy, but can I please don't hurt yourself?"
"I know. I take care of myself. Do not worry."

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