The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 14, 2022
Ch. 87Insight

"Have. You will come back with me. You drink with me. Let's relax together." Duncan Hiddleston gently carried her in his arms.
    The common room of Duncan Hiddleston and Phedra Elizabeth.
“You don't drink anymore... You drunk... Drinking alcohol is not good for health either. Ever since I saw President Mark with young Master Lac... You've been drinking non-stop."
     Phedra Elizabeth held the bottle of wine in her hand, the more she drank, the more tears fell like rain, she wiped it with her hand but could not hide it all.
"Why?" Phedra Elizabeth chided herself.
“Whom I love, that person does not love me and no one will love me. Why?"
“Am I that bad? I am not good at any point. Although I know love will hurt. Why do I still fall in love? So funny. I am pathetic.” Phedra Elizabeth pushed the entire bottle of wine to the ground with her hand.
Glass shards and purple-red water mixed.
"I'm not like that. I still have you by my side.”
“You are trash. Not even a little bit interested. The reason I approached you…”
[The host reveals information.]
“What did the App say? Do I disclose information? What if I disclose information? What is the app that forces me to listen to the app like a puppet, doing things that I don't like can even die, what am I doing these things for? It sounds ridiculous. It's so funny."
[Prepare to receive punishment.]
     An electric current ran from the back of Phedra Elizabeth's neck and spread to her whole body, Phedra Elizabeth tightened her arms, crouched in the back corner, and straightened her body, her jaws clenched together, and sweat was pouring out more and more. Phedra Elizabeth frowned, tears still streaming down her cheeks.
[Punishment ends. The host repeats the offense and the penalty is doubled.]
     The electric current made Phedra Elizabeth seem both drunk and awake into a state of complete consciousness. Even so, tears continued to flow. Phedra Elizabeth weakly clenched her fists.
[The host knows his mistake.]
[The host knows his mistake.]
[The host knows his mistake.]
“I… Apologize. Next time won't do it again." Phedra Elizabeth gritted her teeth.
[The owner is very happy. The host rests early tomorrow and has a task to do. The App has foretold that in the world of fantasy stories, it should not be for love, and should not put too much love on anyone. I hope the host understands where he is after this.]
"I understand." Phedra Elizabeth had no feelings left.
"Are you alright?" Duncan Hiddleston repeatedly used his hands to mentally suppress her. Duncan Hiddleston also tried to protect and care for her at the same time she felt the most uncomfortable.
“Why is the male lead here? Why don't you get out? What bothers me? I must have been talking to myself then. The male lead also heard it, so I was punished. It's all because of him. It's because of him that I got punished." Phedra Elizabeth was cynical, with hatred in her heart.
     Reality shows. While Phedra Elizabeth was punished Duncan Hiddleston always hugged her. Phedra Elizabeth's heart was as cold as ice, her eyes were cold.
"I've been bugging you all night. Go rest."
“You are very worried about me. Are you alright?"
“How can something happen to me? I still have a lot of work to do, I'm sure it will be okay." Phedra Elizabeth laughed.
“Does the male lead plan for me to die? This cannot be satisfied. Unless I don't make the male lead suffer when he separates from his lover. Otherwise, I won't die." Phedra Elizabeth is cynical.
“You changed my opinion a little bit. You don't feel used to it."
"Really? How do you want me? You want me to be the stupid girl you always bullied me like before?" Phedra Elizabeth's words are ironic.
“I want to stay and take care of you. You may need my devoted service." Duncan Hiddleston persuaded her with a steady gaze, along with a serious expression.
“I told you. I'm Okay. I just want quiet. Go to sleep first. I go out for a bit. I won't bother you anymore."
Phedra Elizabeth went out, and stood in front of the flower tree that was blooming at night, tears falling non-stop, petals fluttering, landing on Phedra Elizabeth's eyelids. Phedra Elizabeth lightly plucked a flower, crushed it, and dropped it on the ground.
“No matter how beautiful flowers are, they will fade. Love also blooms like flowers jostling each other to bloom, when they die, it's also a colorless flower that no one needs. If the flower wither is due to not being able to resist, being weak and then sowing the fate of others, then no matter how beautiful, no matter how beautiful, even if there is no comparable flower, it will die."
"The saddest thing is that the most beautiful flower loses to a flower that is not even a real flower, does not show off its color, does not give off a fragrance but is eye-catching, sparkling in the eyes of those who cherish that flower."
“What do I see now? I should have paid more attention to his actions from the beginning. I should have known that when he looked at me, it was not the fragrant flowers and strange things, but the person who had been by his side for many years, triennial.”
“I should have seen it early. He wasn't originally meant for me. Let go. That is the best way.”
“Love is always like that. I've read so many long story books, but I didn't expect there to be such a different kind of love. Love is beyond my imagination. Even in contrast to zigzag, to nature. Being gay together. It's funny to think about, but even more funny is that he chose him over me."
"What's the difference between me and young Master Lac? My skin is softer and thinner than young Master Lac's... Forget it... If it's not mine, it's not mine to hold on to."

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