The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 14, 2022
Ch. 86Crushed

“Not incestuous? So I blamed her that day? What else, god? Why didn't you say it directly from the beginning?" Phedra Elizabeth froze.
"It's a shame I jumped out and hit her. Lost face too. Is President Mark up there too? He is also a close friend of Young Master Lac, of course, he must also participate in the fun. Wait. Even if they're close friends... Are the two of them a bit…”
     Lac Hong Hao held Theodore Mark's hand, the two looked at each other and smiled. There were two empty seats next to Phedra Elizabeth's position. When Phedra Elizabeth saw this, she immediately felt wrong and observed more and more carefully. Lac Hong Hao and Theodore Mark walked closer to Phedra Elizabeth's position.
“From the moment when Young Master Lac appeared, he was always cheerful, almost all eyes were on Young Master Lac, besides his gestures were very cordial. Protecting Young Master Lac to the fullest. Young Master Lac was injured, or the restaurants he had passed or enjoyed with him were all in favor of Young Master Lac's taste.” Phedra Elizabeth considered carefully.
“When I think back to it... It was Young Master Lac and his sister. Exactly. That attitude. That tone. Can't go anywhere. Also how to dress. 100% match.” Phedra Elizabeth was afraid to wake up.
"What are you looking at?"
“Miss Alice.” Lac Hong Hao.
"Nothing." Phedra Elizabeth looked at Theodore Mark's hand.
    Lac Hong Hao tried to take it off, but Theodore Mark tightened his grip. He leaned close to Lac Hong Hao's hand.
“Don't let go or you'll make me bedridden tonight."
    Lac Hong Hao heard a little chill, grabbed Theodore Mark's hand, and leaned close to his ear.
“Yesterday worked 2 hours. I'm so tired now. I just want to go to the park to play.”
“Then obediently hold on.”
     Lac Hong Hao did not move. Theodore Mark happily nodded.
“The two of them are too close. It's not right more and more." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"President Mark, are you happier today than usual?"
“Do people see you happier than usual?” Lac Hong Hao.
"Besides me, it should be."
"But it's usually sad without you by my side?"
"I'm so sad, but you don't love me. It's only now that I accept it."
“I accepted it 6 years ago. You hurt yourself."
“They have changed the way they address themselves. The eyes of young Master Lac looking at President Mark are getting sweeter and sweeter, aren't they? I hope I'm just blindsided." Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh.
"You two sit down." Duncan Hiddleston.
"Yes." Lac Hong Hao.
     Theodore Mark hid a chair under the table.
“Is there only one chair here?” Theodore Mark looked puzzled.
“Not two seats. I have observed.” Phedra Elizabeth.
"Let me go get it." Lac Hong Hao was about to find another chair when Theodore Mark hugged his waist.
"You can sit on my lap."
“Do you two need that? Everyone knows that young Master Lac now belongs to President Mark, the mark on his neck is still accusing. There is no need to distribute sugar to us.” Duncan Hiddleston.
“No matter what General Director Hiddleston says. Now, there are no chairs for you to know.”
What does the male lead's sentence mean? Isn't that implying the two of them belong together? Silly thinking how can two men love each other. Impossible." Phedra Elizabeth's mind was confused.
     Lac Hong Hao sat on Theodore Mark's feet and hugged Theodore Mark's hand. At the end of the wedding ceremony, all the brides threw flowers, it was a custom, and Lac Hong Hao, who was happy, also ran to the party and unexpectedly was the one to catch the middle. Theodore Mark looked at Phedra Elizabeth.
“Miss Alice, I have something to say to you. Can we go somewhere less noisy and talk?"
“President Mark. Invite."
Theodore Mark and Phedra Elizabeth went out to the party, out of sight.
"What does President Mark have to say?"
“I want to thank Miss Alice.”
"Why? What did I help President Mark? What did I do to help?”
“Thanks to Miss Alice's excellent performance, I have finally achieved what I have long wanted. Thank you very much.
"Actually... I'm not acting... In my heart..."
"Don't be shy. This is my gift to Miss Alice. It's not too expensive, but it's still important in the heart."
"This is?"
“This is the perfume bag and the love bracelet. Later, the lady will meet a person who is willing to share it with her as a spiritual object. Wearing it, all love lines will be smooth sailing. Never to fade.”
“Thank you very much, President Mark. He is kind.”
"Is this what President Mark bought?"
"No. I was given it by someone but now I don't need it. I have found the love of my life and I don't need it anymore, I'll take care of it myself. I think the lady will need it more. The story between the lady and the General Manager Hiddleston is still playing... Will need more than me."
“I don't think it's too soon. Let's go back to the party. General Director Hiddleston is waiting.”
"Doesn't he have a crush on me? Why give me this? I like him, not the male lead. Why are you giving this to me?” Phedra Elizabeth was heartbroken.
      Lac Hong Hao ran around looking for Theodore Mark. He happily ran to Theodore Mark's position. Present the bouquet in front of Theodore Mark.
"Do you agree to marry me?"
"I agree."
"So fast? Do hesitate, think."
"No need. I want to marry you."
     Phedra Elizabeth heard these, her heart fell into the abyss of despair. Phedra Elizabeth stepped back. Theodore Mark and Lac Hong Hao kissed each other. Phedra Elizabeth stood in the middle of that scene, witnessed everything, and involuntarily shed tears, Duncan Hiddleston behind understood the situation and covered Phedra Elizabeth's eyes with his hand, avoiding Phedra Elizabeth the more it hurt.
“Come back. I'll take you home."
“I want to take you home. I'm so sad. I don't want to look anymore. Is there alcohol in the house? I heard that if you drink alcohol, it will ease the pain.”

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