The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 11, 2022
Ch. 85Then

"It's up to you. You like it okay.”
      Lac Hong Hao texted back.
“I and him? I guess.” Lac Hong Hao just sent a message.
“With your level, faltering like this is not successful. I'm disappointed in you. I fought Miss Alice because of you." Lac My Linh replied.
"I despise you. But you did that and it still didn't work. The title of the first handsome man with thousands of miles of flowers, you can leave." Lac My Linh to add an angry icon.
"Stop kidding you. He becomes my husband." Lac Hong Hao just sent a message.
"So, should you reward me with something?”
Lac Hong Hao kissed Theodore Mark on the lips and took a photo with his phone. Send feedback to Lac My Linh.
“You are content. Who will bring me here?"
“My car is still there. You'll drive me home."
“Don't bother the soon-to-be-married couple anymore. Off. Bye."
"What did you do when I took a picture of you?" Theodore Mark casually asked Lac Hong Hao a few questions.
“Open. She asked for a present, so I gave it to her. I do not want. I made fun of you again. Do you want to see what I give you? I'll show you."
"Let me see." Theodore Mark's eyes flickered briefly, and his face flushed red.
“Save as wallpaper.”
Theodore Mark smiled and nodded.
     Phedra Elizabeth had just returned to the villa, changed her clothes without even rubbing the medicine, and fell asleep on the bed. Duncan Hiddleston saw this and helped her rub the medicine, heartbroken.
"Why is she hurt like that? Isn't she being bullied? In two days until the wedding of Young Master Lac, will you go? Is it okay if she's injured like that?" Duncan Hiddleston turned his sad eyes in her direction.
     The next morning, Phedra Elizabeth awoke to find Duncan Hiddleston lying next to her, getting out of bed without a sound.
“Am you awake? Does it still hurt? Wound?"
"No problem. Yesterday, when I was not careful, I fell."
“Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”
"No need. Just light. After a while, the wound will naturally heal.”
“That's right. Yesterday, Young Master Lac sent an invitation card. Invite the two of us to the wedding. Do you go? Can I go in this situation?"
"I know. I go with you. Let's go eat."
Duncan Hiddleston nodded slightly.
“I was a little harsh with you earlier. Leave it to me."
"No problem. Bad moods should not be kept in mind.”
"How do you know I wasn't in a good mood yesterday?"
"Look at your actions, your gestures are immediately known."
“You are really smart. Awesome. The person you like will be very happy. Trust me."
“You said so. At the same time, it was also my wish.”
A quiet day, not a bit busy, just relax and work for yourself. Duncan Hiddleston still goes to work every day, while Phedra Elizabeth is like a habit of reading novels at home. The end of the day is a peaceful sleep. Sometimes being so gentle is happiness, not too busy, but enough to make yourself comfortable and pure. Next to the person, we feel important to have fun together, not too busy but peaceful, not too exciting but idyllic, holding hands through the moments together.
“Wake up. Attending Young Master Lac's wedding. No, it will be late.”
"According to the card, it says 18 o'clock, which means we don't need to get up so early in the afternoon."
"Early? Do you know what time it is? It's already 15 o'clock. Today, he also practiced sleeping in. Imitate me."
"A long time ago don't sleep so well."
"Haven't you slept well lately?"
"Right. I felt like I was missing something, and then I pondered. A lot of thoughts come to mind.”
"Stop babbling. Take a quick shower, change clothes, and go to Young Master Lac's wedding." Phedra Elizabeth interrupted.
Moments later, Phedra Elizabeth changed into an elegant white dress, and Duncan Hiddleston wore an elegant suit. The two got into the car, and Duncan Hiddleston drove to the party.
“Wow, what a splendid party. Other rich men."
“Do you want your wedding to be like that?”
“Want to. Gorgeous. You should also have a grand wedding party like that.”
“I will organize it more beautiful than this, more luxurious than this. As long as you like it."
"Let's go. It's late now. If you stand there babbling, people will close the door and not let you in."
    Phedra Elizabeth walked quickly, Duncan Hiddleston following. Phedra Elizabeth came to the door, the father and mother of a man and a woman stood at the door to welcome guests.
"Hello Miss Alice, it's a pleasure."
“President Lac and his wife. Nice to meet you two. Wishing the bride and groom for a hundred years of age, forever in harmony."
“Thank you… Please come in…” Both sides are warmly welcomed.
“Having heard the name for a long time, I have had the opportunity to meet. It's a pleasure for me. Wishing the bride and groom always together, every day together is spring, always cheerful, always happy." Duncan Hiddleston.
“Also heard the name of General Director Hiddleston for a long time. Only now have the opportunity to meet. It's also a pleasure for me. The greetings sound great. Thank you... Please come in..."
    Phedra Elizabeth was just about to enter the room when she saw the scene of Lac Hong Hao walking hand in hand with the bride happily walking up the aisle.
“This is late. You said it was early. They go to the ceremony together.”
“Still early. I go slowly.”
"Speak well to say back. Although I'm really mad at her but... I hope she's happy, don't distract each other because of her childish temperament. Meeting each other was not easy, keeping each other even more difficult.”
"What are you saying?"
“Nothing is inside.”
Phedra Elizabeth sat at a table near the ceremony, his friend Lac Hong Hao was also considered a distinguished guest. Lac Hong Hao handed the bride's hand to another person.

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