The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 11, 2022
Ch. 84sucessful

Phedra Elizabeth quickly grabbed Lac My Linh's head towards the pillar at the restaurant, but Lac My Linh was still very awake. Lac My Linh turned her back and dodged the attack.
Phedra Elizabeth was still happily laughing and joking with Lac My Linh. Phedra Elizabeth realized that the victory was hers. Phedra Elizabeth added a few extra kicks to Lac My Linh. Still, with the same old posture, Lac My Linh seems to want to counterattack. Lac My Linh tried to grab Phedra Elizabeth's feet again but couldn't. Phedra Elizabeth hastily changed her legs, constantly changing so that Lac My Linh did not know the attack in advance, Phedra Elizabeth changed her hand again, but at this time Lac My Linh hid below, causing Phedra Elizabeth's hand to step on the column of the restaurant. . Next, Lac My Linh hit Phedra Elizabeth's thigh, causing Phedra Elizabeth so much pain that she couldn't speak. Lac My Linh noticed that Phedra Elizabeth had a bit of excess in her thigh, and was not satisfied, so she cut it to the point of bruising. But too excited. Lac My Linh ate a knee and face. Phedra Elizabeth repeatedly pressed her knee to Lac My Linh's head. Can't take any more. Lac My Linh collapsed on the ground.
Everyone around saw panic, sitting motionless. Eyes fixed on the two of them. Theodore Mark sat in the car, and Lac Hong Hao sat on Theodore Mark's body, hugging Theodore Mark's neck. Theodore Mark looked at him affectionately, kissing his forehead.
"Finally, you're mine. Tonight, I won't let you run. I absolutely won't let you escape."
"I won't run." Lac Hong Hao kissed Theodore Mark.
“Six years ago I locked myself up. I won't run. You are mine. Only for you.”
"I wasn't mad at you then. I just thought you were toying with my feelings. You saw me as bad, so you felt sorry for me and wanted to say those words to comfort you. I do not want. I want your true love. It's two people who love each other, not brothers. The fact that she shows up at the party is just to cover your eyes." Theodore Mark hugged Lac Hong Hao.
“I also know that you will not arbitrarily say you love anyone. Nor will he arbitrarily fall in love with anyone. You are so stupid."
“I am stupid. Otherwise, I would have married you by now. We had a good time together. I was just wondering. Story 6 years ago. After all, who is the person who is intimate with you?"
“Who… Who is it? What do I do to be intimate with anyone?"
"Probably because I got the wrong person, that's why God punished me to wait for you for another 6 years in torment and despair."
“Aren't you with me now? Do not be sad anymore. Time is long. It's not like I've never kissed you before."
Theodore Mark blushed.
“When I sleep. He kissed me all good night. Every morning you kiss me good morning. When I'm drunk... You almost want to take advantage of my comfort, I remember being very cooperative at that time. Something you stopped yourself in the middle. Touch and stop.”
“Do you know everything?”
"You kissed me while you were still dreaming, waking up, and waiting for me to kiss you."
 Theodore Mark's face turned redder and redder.
“Look at you blushing. So cute."
“You too. Drink wine until your face turns red."
“Come back. I feel tired.”
"What about the..."
"I'm not running anyway. You can do it any day you want. I'll marry you sooner or later anyway."
"Okay. I don't force you. If you're so tired, you can kiss me good night." Theodore Mark happily drove home.
"I kissed you so much today, do you want more?"
"Of course. I have to give you a kiss to make up for the 20 years I've waited for you."
"Like to kiss?" Lac Hong Hao raised his body, kissed Theodore Mark's lips, and then shrunk back into Theodore Mark's arms.
Phedra Elizabeth was completely bruised and took the car to return home by herself. In anger. Phedra Elizabeth was a little sad because Phedra Elizabeth noticed in Theodore Mark's eyes that there didn't seem to be any affection for her. Phedra Elizabeth was lost in thought for a long time. Started from the words of Lac My Linh. Even as soon as Theodore Mark saw Lac Hong Hao leave, Theodore Mark no longer wanted to stay by her side. Phedra Elizabeth still ignores all doubts, Phedra Elizabeth thinks that two men can never love each other. That is absurd. Inconclusive. Nature has never produced such an unreasonable emotion.
“If she doesn't come in. I can go back with him. Why do my numbers keep going through? Love is broken, money is exhausted, and I am still trapped in a fantasy world that doesn't know when to escape."
     At that time, Lac My Linh sent a message to Lac Hong Hao.
"I don't know if he's okay with him? Did she catch up? Did she stop him? If you're doing something bad and letting her know, you'll be in a bad mood." Lac My Linh was in a state of uneasiness.
     Towards Lac Hong Hao.
     Tinh... Tinh... Tinh... (The phone rings continuously.)
"Who texted that?"
     Theodore Mark stopped Lac Hong Hao from letting his reply.
“She texted. Be a younger sister. Do not be jealous."
Theodore Mark released his hand. Lac Hong Hao looked at the screen.
“Are you bothered?”
“Is the conflict resolved yet?”
"This brother has done more than you can, You can't even hold on to people anymore?"
    Lac Hong Hao put the phone in front of Theodore Mark.
“I forgot. She asked if we were a couple? How do I answer this?"
"Just say yes."
"Then I'll text her, no."
"Why? Do you want to give up on me?"
“Where are you thinking about going? She said that to prove that she want to trade something to help me, but in exchange, she will ask for a dowry 5 times more. I am not trapped by her. What's going on at her wedding? Always public. Do you agree?"

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