The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 10, 2022
Ch. 83Cancel

"No problem. I'll come to help you."
"Love you." Lac Hong Hao hugged Theodore Mark tightly
Theodore Mark lightly bit Lac Hong Hao's neck.
"Do not. There are people here.”
   Theodore Mark paused.
“Mark your sovereignty now that you are mine, no one can touch it. But... Can I do you for once? Just once. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.”
"Physiological. Every time I come into contact with you. It's all the same." Theodore Mark was shy.
“Take me home. I want to."
Theodore Mark was in high spirits, holding Lac Hong Hao in his arms. Theodore Mark hurriedly left. Lac My Linh saw Lac Hong Hao lying in Theodore Mark's arms and smiled, lowering his head.
“He is tired. I took him home to rest.”
"Okay. Take it easy.”
Theodore Mark blushed and went out.
“My job is to keep her from following him. Leave space for the two of them.”
     Phedra Elizabeth saw Theodore Mark out, planning to follow.
“Miss Alice in such a hurry to leave?”
“I have to go and help Theodore Mark.”
“There is no need for him to be able to manage on his own. I also have something to tell you. Please sit."
"What happens? Can you speak a little faster? I am hurried." Phedra Elizabeth, unable to refuse, sat down.
“You like Theodore Mark?”
“Answer not roundabouts. That's decisive. Shameless. He is the flower that has an owner that you dare to follow.”
“Who did you say that? Who is the flower that has an owner? You are incest.”
"What did you say?" Lac My Linh was angry.
“It is not. You and your brother fell in love and got married. Not incest?"
“My brother and I got married? What stupid talk is that? Something that steals someone else's husband."
     The murderous aura on both sides was getting heavier and heavier. Phedra Elizabeth was so angry that she clenched her fists, preparing to hit the opponent in front of her eyes. Phedra Elizabeth was still trying to regain her composure, Phedra Elizabeth took a deep breath, but the other party didn't give in and continued to verbally attack Phedra Elizabeth.
“The shameless woman. Thick face. You don't know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is."
“You are no different from me. Something that steals someone else's husband. Abandoned thing. Something no one wants.”
     Phedra Elizabeth did not bother to argue and walked out. Lac My Linh took her hand to stop Phedra Elizabeth.
"Because my brother, I play with her to the foot of the rainbow." Lac My Linh stirred in her heart.
“Are you scared? Hit the black heart. There's no denying it. Run away?"
“You dare…” Phedra Elizabeth lost control.
"I've been holding onto rage for a long time. Don't do it." Phedra Elizabeth grabbed Lac My Linh by the collar.
“Miss Alice is so rude. If you want to fight, I accept." Lac My Linh punched Phedra Elizabeth in the face.
Phedra Elizabeth at this time was no longer calm, rushed to beat Lac My Linh once, Lac My Linh did not hesitate, did not bother to keep her image, The two used their full strength, two people each had a move to continue fighting. Phedra Elizabeth grabbed Lac My Linh's hair tightly, wrapped it in her hand, and then jerked it to the sky. Responding to Lac My Linh's loss-making actions. In addition, Phedra Elizabeth lifts Lac My Linh's knees, hits and dangerous parts. Phedra Elizabeth repeatedly went out of her way to give Lac My Linh a chance to counterattack. But unexpectedly, Lac My Linh used scissors to cut off Phedra Elizabeth's hair. She used scissors to cut the shrimp, making Phedra Elizabeth's hair all dirty. Lac My Linh also learned martial arts, Lac My Linh punched Phedra Elizabeth in the face with her hand. She repeatedly punched several times in a row. Phedra Elizabeth's face appeared bruised, and Phedra Elizabeth's mouth also secreted blood. Phedra Elizabeth wants to defeat Lac My Linh as soon as possible. Phedra Elizabeth pushed Lac My Linh's feet and hit her head on the floor. But because Lac My Linh grabbed Phedra Elizabeth's collar. Both of them curled up together, which made Lac My Linh fall into a safe state.
Phedra Elizabeth was no longer patient enough. Phedra Elizabeth repeatedly kicked Lac My Linh in the stomach forcing her to stop her meaningless actions. But because of anger, Phedra Elizabeth revealed an opening, Lac My Linh quickly grabbed Phedra Elizabeth's leg, and with just a slight push, Phedra Elizabeth fell to the floor. Phedra Elizabeth noticed a bottle of wine on the table. Phedra Elizabeth took the opportunity to take advantage of Lac My Linh, constantly kicking Phedra Elizabeth in the stomach and trying to reach the bottle of wine. But the distance was too far from Phedra Elizabeth's reach, Phedra Elizabeth couldn't help but stand up to take that bottle of wine. But just showing Lac My Linh will know Phedra Elizabeth's intentions.
"Is that all you can? Just a few kicks in the stomach. A woman's martial art. No potential."
Lac My Linh tried to stay calm, but it was Phedra Elizabeth's face and actions that made Lac My Linh so angry that she kicked Phedra Elizabeth straight on the floor. Phedra Elizabeth's back hit the table leg, and at that moment it was the table with a bottle of wine on it. The bottle immediately fell into the hands of Phedra Elizabeth. Phedra Elizabeth stood up quickly, then quickly went to Lac My Linh's location. Phedra Elizabeth used a strong force, aimed at the head of Lac My Linh, launching a beautiful line, but because of her agile body, Lac My Linh dodged. At this time, Lac My Linh looked up at Phedra Elizabeth, only to see Phedra Elizabeth using a scornful smile in response. Phedra Elizabeth grabbed the back of Lac My Linh's neck, trying to keep her head upright, not having a chance to move. At this time, Lac My Linh's head felt the pain. Shards of glass fell from Lac My Linh's head.

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