The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 10, 2022
Ch. 82Right

“What did you say? I only need you. I… Worry about you. Why are you drinking today? Say it like this. You're usually good at drinking, aren't you?"
“I had a bad day today, so I wanted to drink some relief. Don't mind me, come back soon. Also, get to know each other. Don't mind me."
"I don't want to. That much time. You always push me away. I don't want to. I just want me to take care of you.”
“If I don't force myself to notice others. So you won't rest assured to marry the person you love. I don't need you to love me back but please don't push me away."
“What did you say? She is my sister. How can I get her? The one I want to marry is you."
"What did you say I couldn't hear? Can you tell me again?" Theodore Mark froze.
“She is my sister. She returned to the country 5 years ago to find a husband, and now the two of them will get married. What's wrong?"
“Is that right? You didn't trick me, did you?"
"I tricked you into doing nothing. My surname is Lac, she's also surnamed, Lac. Just listening to them, you know they're family. Besides, everyone says she and I are almost the same. Only the eyes are different. If you don't pay attention, you will get it wrong. You think me and her…”
“I didn't even notice it at the time. But now that I've left it, I can see that she is a bit like you. It's just that you're prettier."
“What's the point of being more beautiful? You already like someone else.”
"Do you like me too?"
“I like you very much. From the moment you made the mistake of confessing, I finally liked you. I've always liked you."
"Really? So what was it that I was thinking in the end, but I didn't hear your reply until now? How could I have thought you were going to get married. I thought I would never see you again. I've been thinking about you for a long time. In the end, it was just a misunderstanding." Theodore Mark laughed.
"What are you laughing at?" Lac Hong Hao was skeptical.
"No. That's my fault. 5 years ago I misunderstood the same. But... You said earlier... You said you wanted to marry me? Did you say you wanted to marry me?"
“Did I say that 6 years ago? I thought you were mad at me so you didn't reply. I tried to convince you, but maybe the way I applied it didn't suit you."
“If it doesn't suit me, why am I so behind you. Drunk forget the way, forget the sky and earth, day by day immersed in your silhouette."
“But six years ago?”
     Rewind time to 6 years ago. Lac Hong Hao now realizes that his feelings for Theodore Mark are too obvious, and can't wait any longer. Lac Hong Hao walked around the room, then went down to the yard, wearing sandals to find Theodore Mark.
“How are you? Do you drink alcohol?" Lac Hong Hao shouted.
      Theodore Mark turned to look at Lac Hong Hao, his face wet with tears. Lac Hong Hao ran over and grabbed Theodore Mark's hand.
“Did someone bully you? Why are you crying?"
"You don't care about me. Just ignore me. I'm in pain."
“How are you? Don't drink anymore. Let's go home. Drinking alcohol is not good for your health.”
“You don't care about me. The more you care... the more I hurt... You won't be mine forever."
Lac Hong Hao lifted Theodore Mark's face, and kissed him lightly on the lips, Theodore Mark blinked a few times and pushed Lac Hong Hao away.
"Don't feel sorry for me. You don't see me like that, but you pity me. I don't want to be trapped in this meaningless sentiment. You ignore me.”
"But I like you." Lac Hong Hao came to support Theodore Mark.
    Theodore Mark was still sprawled on his back and fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. The sweat from Theodore Mark's body continuously escaped. Next, Theodore Mark's face also deteriorated, darkened, and showed signs of loss of strength. Theodore Mark's lips were dry, his eyes were closed throughout the process, and his hands clenched on the floor. Theodore Mark's whole body curled up like a worm when he encountered an enemy or a disruptor.
“How are you? Does drinking alcohol affect the stomach already?”
“It hurts… It hurts… Why does my heart hurt more than this damn disease?” Theodore Mark's tears didn't stop flowing.
“Are you okay? Don't worry? I'll take you to the hospital. Don't scare me. I don't want to be a widow and die."
“Oh, my mouth is so stinky. Talk about it, no or no."
     Lac Hong Hao carried Theodore Mark to the hospital. After a long time, Theodore Mark was told by the doctor that he was safe. Since then, Lac Hong Hao has not mentioned the old story.
“Was it that time?”
 Lac Hong Hao was embarrassed and nodded. He looked the other way so as not to be noticed by the other party. His head is always down.
“You finally responded to me… My fault… I lost my chance because of a momentary suspect.”
“I've liked you for a long time. I thought you didn't like me anymore."
"How can I be? Love only you?"
      Theodore Mark lifted his chin and kissed Lac Hong Hao's lips.
“He put his tongue in.” Lac Hong Hao put his arm around Theodore Mark's neck and closed his eyes.
Theodore Mark picked up Lac Hong Hao, holding his waist. The other hand acts as a fulcrum, avoiding the contact of Lac Hong Hao's head with a hard object. Then show your face.
"Does that mean you're mine now?"
 Lac Hong Hao nodded slightly.
“So what happened 7 times on week?”
"You want to know about that?" Theodore Mark calmly looked at Lac Hong Hao.
“In the past, I drank a lot, so My Linh made a condition that if I still drink alcohol, I will be punished to clean the house 7 times, corresponding to 7 days a week. I'm tired just thinking about it."

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