The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 8, 2022
Ch. 816

Holding Phedra Elizabeth's plate accidentally touched Phedra Elizabeth's finger. Theodore Mark dodged.
“You am taking care of your skin. Eating tomatoes will be very good.”
“His words seem to care about me, but your actions are so cold? What is he trying to do?” Phedra Elizabeth wondered.
Lac Hong Hao was a little angry, his eyebrows were lowered, and his hands were tight.
"He's jealous again. Deserved. The price to pay for those who have but do not know how to keep. Now want to hold. It's a bit late." Lac My Linh chuckled.
     Tinh... Tinh... Tinh... (Phone message ringing.)
“It's dead. Someone is jealous. Why stop here? Do you need a sister to protect you?"
"Don't be hot. They are not your people. Keeping a husband like you is not worth it."
"Do not be sad. Go home. I'm looking for a new husband. Anyway, the body is still white. No one has insulted you for the past 20 years. People don't want to touch you."
     Lac Hong Hao looked at the phone and smiled for a long time. Hands constantly typing on the keyboard.
     Tinh... Tinh... Tinh... (Phone rings.)
 Lac My Linh looked at the screen.
"Then it's dead. In the past, Someone made fun of her fiancé's feelings, then had to coax him for 3 years. Only to be forgiven? Crying and begging me to find a solution. At that time, you had a lot of karma."
"You getting married now. Should we forget about the past?"
"Or is..."
     Lac Hong Hao and Lac My Linh were holding hands, looking at each other with four eyes. Theodore Mark was unhappy in his heart, taking food continuously through Phedra Elizabeth's plate.
"Honey. It's a bit too much... I can eat it all. I will get fat. Didn't you listen?"
"Honey." Phedra Elizabeth called loudly.
Theodore Mark still ignored her. Deliberately avoid eye contact in many directions around the restaurant. Next, respond with a holy face.
"I'm sorry. I feel a little dizzy inside.”
"No problem?"
“These days, I see you taking care of the company, but your cheeks are also sunken, you can be cute if you eat a lot and get fat." Theodore Mark looked at Phedra Elizabeth and smiled.
“Are I thin these days? Is it worse? See if you can help me."
"You're still as beautiful as the first time I met you, but seeing you get sick makes me sad."
“Then I should eat a little more to please me.”
“Give me a bottle of wine. High alcohol content.” Lac Hong Hao.
“What kind of play is this?" Lac My Linh.
"I'm ready to serve you. I'll drink too." Phedra Elizabeth was elated.
"The point is you're accepting the deal with the weight. What measures to use to lose weight."
“I indeed said to lose weight, but losing it was for beauty in his eyes if he saw me getting sick, worried about me. Then I have to gain a little bit of weight so he won't worry."
     Between Phedra Elizabeth and Lac My Linh appeared a strong killing intent, radiating everywhere, dark clouds surrounded, covering the way, the whole view.
“Why is he drinking today? He rarely drinks but if he does, he will drink heavily but it is rare to see him drunk. Although he rarely drinks, his alcohol intake is very good. It's probably okay." Theodore Mark felt restless.
"Why can't my brother see the awkwardness in this couple? Acting worse than me. But why is my brother drinking today? So very bad for health. Besides, my brother said he wouldn't drink anymore." Lac My Linh pondered.
"Don't drink alcohol. You promised me, you wouldn't drink anymore."
“So this is the reason why he quit drinking?” Theodore Mark looked away.
“Because I feel a little craving. Let me break the rules for once, okay?"
“Then you must be punished. Can you do it?"
“Seven times in a week right?”
"If you know, don't ask the opposite."
“I understand what you mean. Go home, promise to do it right away.”
“Did the two of them give themselves to each other? How is it possible? I haven't had a chance to touch it yet." Theodore Mark sounded like a thunderclap.
"It's as stupid as he needs him to take care of... I'll do my best to help him." Lac My Linh chuckled.
“Get me a bottle of wine. I want to drink with you. I don't want to leave you. Something we both do. So it will be more convenient.” Lac My Linh looked at Lac Hong Hao.
“So what do you drink? Usually, You don't like to drink."
"I don't like it. But because of you... It's okay to make a little sacrifice."
“Then drink a little lighter. My health is not good, I should not drink much.”
   Lac Hong Hao drank all three bottles in one go and was also drunk by Lac My Linh a few more drinks. Lac Hong Hao stood up, staggered, his legs unsteady.
“I want to go to the bathroom. Please allow me to be rude.”
     Lac Hong Hao walked slantingly, his eyes were hazy, blinking a few times. Theodore Mark was not reassured.
“I want to go out and buy some things. Ask for permission."
“It seems that the heart goes against the reason. Nor is it true, that the heart and the mind are both united towards him. Now that's right. What does repression do? Look in and know. How much my brother cares about his brother-in-law. Even if my parents' wishes were fulfilled, he saw him hanging around all day, eating and drinking. It is worrisome.” Lac My Linh chuckled.
“Theodore Mark. That is the wrong way. The door is that way.” Phedra Elizabeth shouted.
   Theodore Mark didn't care and followed behind Lac Hong Hao, Theodore Mark couldn't stand and fell backward, They were all out of sight in the crowd. Lac Hong Hao walked into a dark corner, with few people.
“Are you okay?” Theodore Mark.
“Why aren't you next to Lady Alice? Careful, she changed her mind and didn't want to be with him anymore. When you're sad, don't blame me."

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