The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 8, 2022
Ch. 80High

Lac Hong Hao turned his head.
“This proves that he has never changed his mind about you until now. What did you eat that made you so lucky? Is there a volunteer by my side who doesn't covet but doesn't realize it?"
“Didn't you see anything? Only seeing me looking at him, he felt tired, so he turned away to rub his eyes to relieve fatigue. Now I say these words. Be honest with me. The more you tell me, the more stupid I am. The more you listen, the more confused I become.”
“You are really out of medicine. Stupid groundbreaking."
"Younger sister. I'm 9 years younger than you. Don't talk nonsense with your brother like that. Minus one point. Then tell your husband to teach again.”
“You told him the same thing. He can't take care of you. Then say you don't accept me. Find a way to kick me out of the house. I am a maiden. I will have to go to my husband's house. How do you chase?”
“I don't know. I bullied you.” Lac Hong Hao hugged Lac My Linh.
“He hugged her. Don't get angry. Must be repressed. Repressed." Theodore Mark was in a bad mood, his eyes turned to Lac My Linh full of murderous intent.
“What do you know? Is your number a peach blossom number? After all, women are infatuated, and so are men now. I don't respect. He should like me."
"You going to be a flower that has an owner but is still dreaming. Any help?"
“Must help. I like this brother-in-law. I will use all my strength to help you. Just trust me." Lac My Linh held Lac Hong Hao's hand and stepped forward with a bright spirit.
“What did he say to her just now? Acting too intimate.” Theodore Mark is surrounded by the fire inside.
     Lac Hong Hao and Lac My Linh, hand in hand, leisurely returned to their own sitting positions. Lac Hong Hao stood in front of everyone.
"Introduce. She is the fiancé of…” Lac Hong Hao shouted.
Lac Hong Hao feels uneasy.
“Don't look at me like that. I am very shy.” Lac Hong Hao covered Theodore Mark's eyes.
"Right. You always don't like people staring at you." Theodore Mark was gentle.
“No introduction needed, everyone here knows it all. The card is marked. You are shy. Don't make it difficult for yourself."
“He always cares about his brother. Where did this little guy come from? The thorns can die.” Lac My Linh is in a bad mood.
"Card? Write someone else's name? Is that Lac Hong Hao? What show is this?" Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"Stop wandering around. Enter the party." Lac My Linh.
“Honey, what do you want to eat? Should I choose all?”
“You know his taste?”
“Not only know but also know as clear as day, understand every hair's foot. After all, we lived together for a long time. Can also be seen as a family. There's something that doesn't understand him."
"Really?" Theodore Mark was not happy.
"Love you most. You always understood me." Lac Hong Hao kissed Lac My Linh lightly on the cheek.
“You make me shy. Don't show too much affection in front of so many people." Lac My Linh angrily stepped on Lac Hong Hao's leg.
"I didn't expect you and him to be so close."
"Better than you think... Brother..." Lac My Linh joked.
Theodore Mark's face darkened.
Lac My Linh couldn't help but be curious, always observing both sides and paying special attention to Theodore Mark's nuances, gestures, and voice.
“Are you jealous? It's only just getting started. You love my brother. Only a fool like my brother would not notice. Who doesn't know that my brother eats well? Almost every restaurant chooses a restaurant that suits my brother's taste. Not only he knows. My whole family knows. Grandpa, grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, sister... Jealousy?" Lac My Linh looked at Theodore Mark and then looked at Lac Hong Hao affectionately.
“She knows him so well. Such eyes seem to be very fond of. He's also very natural. Probably liked her too. He rarely shows his emotions, but when he does, she must be an important person.” Theodore Mark looked at Lac Hong Hao.
“What are you two looking at me for? Is there something I can help you with?" Lac Hong Hao.
"Nothing." The two replied in unison.
“Are you two spiritually compatible? Why are the answers the same?"
“I see it too. What they do is scary in unison.” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"Not." The two replied in unison.
"Never met before." The two replied in unison again.
“Again…” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“The dish is up. Let's eat." Lac Hong Hao felt a little unnatural.
"Right." Phedra Elizabeth continued.
“What kind of awkward atmosphere is this?” Phedra Elizabeth sympathizes with Lac Hong Hao.
“Where does that strong jealousy come from? It feels like he could burn down the whole building. The other side seems intimate. Sweet talk. The soon-to-be-married couple is still passionate and sweet, and when they get married, they love and care for each other. In short, President Mark is afraid of his disadvantage. Enjoying the sweet affection of a young couple alone will be very boring. Kindly invite me to join." Phedra Elizabeth looked at the two opposites.
“Eat slowly. It's always like that... Rushing, hurrying..." Lac My Linh joked carefreely.
“You eat…” Theodore Mark held the peeled shrimp. Theodore Mark takes it to Lac Hong Hao.
“You eat shrimp. Peel it off."
“Having you by my side is the best. Love you."
Theodore Mark retracted his hand, placing it over the Phedra Elizabeth plate.
"Did you peel it for me?"
Theodore Mark nodded, smiling, but still looking at Lac Hong Hao.
“Can you give me some more? You also like to eat shrimp, don't you?"
“When do I like to eat shrimp?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Right. Can you get me some side dishes, please? These days, I also know that I am taking care of my skin.”
"Let me help you get it."

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