The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 8Peaceful

Duncan Hiddleston closed his eyes, thought wandering a few times, and after all he fell asleep, sound asleep, very sound. In the east, the sky was red, and from behind the trees, the sun's rays penetrated through the leaves falling on the ground. The morning dew no longer had the courage to cover the streets, the dew-drenched trees swayed in the light breeze. The rays of the morning sun had just appeared, shining rays of sunlight on the street, is also the time when the doors are opened, this is a daily action to welcome a new day, this is considered an indispensable ritual in every morning. This has created a brand for the people here, the people here are famous for their friendliness, ethical standards, and the familiar sounds of a new day. The light shines through the door frame, part of the house is lit.
"It's too bright. How can I sleep?" Cover your eyes with a blanket.
"What's going on where? There must be something. Sleepwalking? Legs are in control." Using your body, use all your strength to turn around.
"Why are you in bed?" Phedra Elizabeth was surprised, her eyes blinking continuously.
"Isn't this a shared room between the male lead and the third person? Was my judgment wrong from the start? It was me who lost her sanity and crawled into other people's beds." Suddenly sat up.
"No. I've officially lost my virginity? A life of pearly virginity suddenly disappeared." The alarm of reason sent Phedra Elizabeth into a panic.
Phedra Elizabeth groped everywhere. Feeling like she was being weighed down by something, she felt short of breath, but there was no way to erase the traces to leave them intact as they were. Entirely under pressure, Phedra Elizabeth's unhealthy thinking habits made her feel bad or feel like she was physically disadvantaged.
"Clothes are still intact. It's impossible that you unbutton each button, touch-sensitive areas, enjoy all the good things of a young woman in her twenties, after many times feeling excited, guilty conscience, put my clothes back on, fall into a deep sleep as nothing happened." Consider carefully, ponder over and over, and try to use your brain to reason.
"Safety remains intact." Phedra Elizabeth let out a sigh of relief, seemingly taking off all the weight she was carrying on her shoulders. That made her feel heavy, almost exhausted despite having just woken up from a long sleep.
"Sometimes I sleepwalk and my sleeping position is not good. So my body is asking itself to find a place to take better care of itself. Nothing is too much. The app is not too bad. It's not illegal to say that it's wrong. It's not illegal to prioritize your health, the perfect position to get a good night's sleep, it's not a sin, and I'm not even a criminal. I'm inherently not a rogue I am completely in control of my own nature, my own instincts. The punishment system makes no sense. It is the system that does not interfere, with and physically affects my body. I am safe."
Phedra Elizabeth looked at the male lead, indeed the male lead had endured a strong impact from the outside, the male lead's entire body had long suffered the consequences, bruises, injuries, and even scratches. In her mind, she still wondered about yesterday when the male lead was completely unresponsive when subjected to external influences, even though he was a human, he could completely cause a murder, in addition, to nature's favor with him. more battles of beans, but luckily escaped. The bad thing is that the male lead is still sliding on the ground and showing signs of injury. Phedra Elizabeth saw in the heroine's eyes that she was very worried about her prince, but could not resist the power of the force that was controlling her, that was a direct control, she absolutely could not refuse. Phedra Elizabeth is also not a bad person, since yesterday she has prepared bandages to put on her body, Phedra Elizabeth helps the male lead to bandage the wound meticulously - she is often active, so she is also very injured. , for her, dressing the wound was not a big deal. The male lead is quite relaxed, his facial expression without the impact of emotions has denounced it all. Everything was done according to Phedra Elizabeth's wishes, she leaned forward, and the bandage in her hand was used up, this showed that the male protagonist had more injuries than she thought but it was just enough for Phedra Elizabeth's preparation.
"Ready to eat." With a cheerful mood, Phedra Elizabeth got out of bed.
"As a lady, the food must be high-class." Personal hygiene.
Phedra Elizabeth walked down to the dining room.
"What? Why are there only a few dishes on the table? Besides, the male lead personally went to the kitchen. Heaven on earth is the dream meal. Why did he wake up so quickly? I just treated him. Everything The movement in front of me was so fast I couldn't keep up." Phedra Elizabeth was a little disappointed, a lot bewildered.
"When you wake up, come in and eat."
"Okay... Well... I'm playing the role of a rich lady who has to be treated like a queen. Why am I eating such ordinary food?" Quietly thinking, pondering his unwise choice.
"It's rare to see you in the mood for the kitchen." Laugh except.
"Come to the table with me. I want to surprise you."
"Free accommodation, no need to see the price, what is it but still pretending to be a great man, a lot of money, with pompous beauty, thousands of people love it, thousands of girls follow, think of acting in a movie about a tycoon, the rich only have one Angry clapping money immediately flew back?" Think quietly with a sarcastic attitude.
The waiter serves the food. The maid right next to her silently looked at her expression and judged her behavior. The housekeeper was not present at this time, he was busy managing the books in the house.
"Try it. See how it tastes?" The male lead's expectant face made her heartbroken.
"Sacrifice for me to taste the bitter taste of the world. He is too good. Goodbye life. Perhaps after this hunting trip, the entire inheritance will belong to a stranger. This life has to be sacrificed, actively for him."

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