The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 7, 2022
Ch. 79Like

“Young Master Lac is too talkative. He soon got bored of me. It was only natural for us to separate from each other.”
"Stop talking. Please sit down."
     Theodore Mark sneaked into the chair next to Lac Hong Hao.
“He went to the other side of the chair and sat down. I can't sit next to you. That's just proportionate."
"But..." Theodore Mark was silent, obediently listening to Lac Hong Hao's words.
"This lady?" Phedra Elizabeth wondered.
“My name is Lac My Linh. Hi."
"Isn't this the younger brother of Young Master Lac? Why send red cards? Are the two of them supposed to get married? It can't be. It's incest, isn't it?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Honor. First meeting." Phedra Elizabeth.
“The last time I met her was not this face. Then she covered her face. Not even realizing it.” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"Please sit. I have already invited you to sit. Because two people like to stand. So I'll sit in front." Lac Hong Hao.
“Do you know the rules? Greeting others is stand, you know.” Lac My Linh pinched Lac Hong Hao's cheek.
"I know. That's hurt. Let go of your cheek.”
"You still know pain." Lac My Linh let go.
"Why did you bully me?"
“Are you in a lot of pain? Let me see." Theodore Mark.
"It hurts me to death." Lac Hong Hao reminded people to come and sit next to Theodore Mark.
"It's all red." Theodore Mark rubbed it with his hand.
Lac Hong Hao returned to his original position.
“I…” Theodore Mark sighed, clenching his fists.
“You are evil. You don't love you at all."
“Will you keep your mouth shut?” Lac My Linh spoke up.
"Shut up."
“I want to sit next to him. Don't want to sit next to Miss Alice. But…” Theodore Mark frowned.
"The restaurant is not pleasing to the eye of President Mark?" Lac My Linh noticed Theodore Mark's face.
"No. So beautiful."
“Beside him is also a beautiful woman. Very well proportioned.”
"Are you satisfied?" Lac My Linh beat over Phedra Elizabeth.
“It used to be free, now it comes with fun. Eating at a fancy restaurant with them is too much for me.” Phedra Elizabeth smiled like a flower.
Tinh... Tinh... Tinh...(Phone rings.)
“I told you but you didn't listen. Can not keep losing not finding. You were good and said that people will forever belong to you. Guaranteed you'll catch him. Now, look at people's love with your eyes. Like visual love. Invisible love."
 “Forever is how far, how long, where to go. Now how to deal with it?"
"Suddenly came out the other lady. It was so troublesome. I didn't expect my brother to have a hard time keeping his husband. Thinking about it is painful. Tears come to my eyes."
     Lac Hong Hao surreptitiously watched. The mouth can't smile, and the eyebrows are drooping.
"Please allow me." Lac Hong Hao hid his face.
    Tinh... Tinh... Tinh... (Phone rings.)
“I wonder if he has feelings for Miss Alice?”
"Just pretend to be my lover first."
“If you do your well. I double the reward.”
     Lac My Linh sighed.
"He's a bit busy. Let me go give him a call.”
    Lac My Linh approached Lac Hong Hao's position, the phone in her hand kept shaking.
"You don't text anymore. I'm coming to you."
“Why did you come here? So who receives the guests?"
“I just asked you back. Your confidence is gone. I'll answer your question first."
“They also take care of guests. I told you if you let go, sooner or later he belongs to someone else. Never listen. Just like to wait. Make fun of people's feelings. Karma descends on the head. Feel free to take it. Please reply. Your confidence was gone ten years ago. 
"When I know I like him, my confidence also fades. Until that day. I completely lost my confidence.”
"Don't tell me anymore. It sounds so lost. I like people for so long, but I can't even express them. What else is the reputation of Young Master Lac, who has thousands of miles of flowers, girls meet girls who like them, people meet people who love them?"
“Then you can bear it. That only applies to girls.”
"It's not like you've broken people's trust. I see people confess to you want to cry up and down. Make prices? Now I want to cry up and down for you.”
“Come on. Don't blame me anymore. Can you triple your dowry?" Holding Lac My Linh's hand, her eyes were filled with weakness.
“I plan to invite him to your wedding after I've announced you to him. He will also speak. Suddenly, he again…”
"I think he doesn't like her." He turned his face to look at Theodore Mark.
"Why do you say that?"
“Based on how long he liked you. Relying on my brother is more beautiful than her. Based on my dating experience.”
"You fine with it. And he brought Miss Alice back to introduce you. Open your eyes, The four eyes including you and I were stung by red chili peppers."
“Didn't you notice? Every step, every action, every gesture he keeps his distance from her, only that handshake is the exception. Did you notice his eyes?"
"What's different from normal days?"
“Of course it's different. Cold and somewhat disdainful.”
"Did you see anything?"
“Are you used to being taken care of by him? Or are you pretending to be stupid or are you really stupid? This is an image of stupid indulgence. The look in his eyes was like this. Why didn't you notice?"
“I see that he still looks at me with those eyes every day, it makes no difference. The same goes for others. Could it be that everyone he all likes?"
“You are silly. I see everything, but you still can't see the truth? Turn to look at him closely. Attentive. It's been a long time.”
 Lac Hong Hao turned to look at Theodore Mark.
“Why is he looking at me? Is there something wrong with my face? Or she knows that she likes him, so I deliberately split up." Theodore Mark looked back with worried eyes.

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