The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 7, 2022
Ch. 78Party

“I want to cook for you. At my house, I use my things, both clothes, and work. I don't want to just take without paying."
"It's not what I thought it was."
“I'm just kidding. Eat. What suits your taste will probably suit yours as well.”
     The bedroom inside the villa. Phedra Elizabeth was about to rest on the bed.
“Finally lying down. I'm so tired. All this time I have to run back and forth with no time to sleep. Now I have to sleep. Eat your stomach full. Feel your belly getting bigger and bigger. It's lost its beauty. 
"You get up and walk around or else you won't be able to sleep." 
"I don't want to. I still have to put on a mask.”
"Then you'll go around. I'll help you get the mask."
“Sounds like the bargain belongs to me. That's fine. I'll wait for you to pick it up."
“Quickly go around. Don't go out wearing thin clothes, you'll catch a cold, it's very windy outside."
"I got it. You go."
“Now that I have the answer to my question. Thank you.”
“Can I be of any use to you? What did you ask me? What nonsense are you talking about?”
Duncan Hiddleston was silent.
"I'll go get you a mask."
“The main male lead is getting more and more mysterious and mysterious anyway. So sad and emotional. I can't even understand the character that I spent 3 months researching. Grow up and change much. Can't handle it anymore." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
Phedra Elizabeth sat up, and walked around the house, Duncan Hiddleston went downstairs to pick up two premium masks.
"You going to lie down on the bed. I put a mask on you."
“Since when have you been so nice to me? What are you going to ask me for?"
"I want to make up for your mistake."
"Mistake? What mistake?"
"Things are things done in the past that hurt you."
“I said it was in the past. You don't have to care."
“I felt very sorry. Just let me do it. Then I will find myself more useful.”
"Then it's up to you. But... Why should I trust you? The last time I asked someone, my face was like a clown's. Now tell me to trust you again. Don't dream. I have held a grudge for a long time. That's what I remember too. Of course. I remember every single thing you did to me.”
Duncan Hiddleston pondered.
“Why are you so quiet? Did I say something wrong?"
"No... You're so right. Even I remember it as vividly as you can."
“I still remember. Help me put on a mask."
“The male lead is moody. I have to be more careful with my words.” Phedra Elizabeth looked at the male lead.
     A peaceful night has passed, and a gentle morning also glides. Time goes by slowly and gently, and the flow of people rushes on a quiet night. It was already evening, the clouds in the sky gently passed by, the moonlight shone in the quiet background, and the lights flickered. Theodore Mark at this time came to pick up Phedra Elizabeth.
“Miss Alice… Please come inside.”
"Did President Mark just change his car?"
“Miss Alice is so delicate. I just changed the car, the front car has some dirt.”
“But this car still looks…”
"Miss Alice doesn't know it's beautiful when it's filled with memories."
"What did President Mark say?"
“What concept? Just an old car. What remembrance?" Phedra Elizabeth was dumbfounded.
"Sounds vaguely vague."
"I'm reminded of something from before... Miss Alice... Never mind."
"I was just asking for the sake of it."
“Invite the lady into the car. We're on our way." Theodore Mark raised his hand.
Phedra Elizabeth sat in the car, her hand on Theodore Mark's arm. Theodore Mark put Phedra Elizabeth's hand on his thigh, then closed the door again. Theodore Mark sat next to him and started the car. Currently, Phedra Elizabeth is in a luxury restaurant. Theodore Mark looked around.
"Have you seen Young Master Lac anywhere?"
Theodore Mark didn't mind.
"Husband." Phedra Elizabeth shook Theodore Mark's hand.
"President Mark is still not used to it."
“What did Miss Alice say just now?”
“Seems like you still not used to it. Does President Mark need to rehearse first? After all, if President Mark wants to act, he has to act until?"
"Right. I know." Theodore Mark's voice was neither fast nor slow.
Phedra Elizabeth took the initiative to grab Theodore Mark's hand but there was no response. Phedra Elizabeth looked around. Somewhere Phedra Elizabeth heard a familiar voice.
“Miss Alice. This side.” Lac Hong Hao waved his hand.
"They seem to be on the other side." Phedra Elizabeth pointed at Lac Hong Hao.
"Let's go." Theodore Mark replied, took Phedra Elizabeth's hand, and stepped forward.
“Wow… Are you two going together today? General Director Hiddleston is nowhere to be seen. Where is he?" Lac Hong Hao observed.
Theodore Mark had a few drops of sweat on his forehead.
“Perhaps he was sick, so he stayed at home. On his behalf, I apologize.” The gentle Phedra Elizabeth.
Lac Hong Hao saw two people holding hands and felt uncomfortable.
“So boring then. Why didn't General Director Hiddleston come? There's a spare chair next to me."
"It's okay for me to take that position." Theodore Mark.
"Can not. I prepared this chair specifically for General Director Hiddleston.”
“How is he today? Back then, it was a lot of fun. Why are you angry?" Theodore Mark was a little insecure.
“The person you want to introduce me to is Miss Alice? Are you two dating?"
    Theodore Mark reluctantly nodded.
"Right. General Director Hiddleston and I are a little uncomfortable in a contractual marriage, so we want to separate for a while, ready to have our own time, instead of binding, let the two parties find out. newbie?" Phedra Elizabeth.
“The two of you are about to get married and are so comfortable. Awesome."
“No wonder General Director Hiddleston didn't come. If you come to see the two of you making love, how can you swallow your anger?"

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