The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 2, 2022
Ch. 77Wait

"Then let's go home." Theodore Mark spoke up.
"Right. I thought Miss Alice would be annoyed, didn't accept it, I never expected it to be so fast."
“I should have told the time. But if I hold on to him, it will be too expensive. It's good that he asked him to be his lover. It's already half done, so let's withdraw." Phedra Elizabeth blamed herself enough.
"Let's go back."
“Tomorrow I will come and pick up Miss Alice… Around 19 o'clock? The party will take place at 20 o'clock."
“I can't. At that time I was forced to attend Young Master Lac's party. I will leave soon. President Mark doesn't need to worry."
“No, I was invited to join us.”
“So convenient.”
"General manager Hiddleston?"
"Uninvited. I won't let him go. By anyway. Is it a bit…”
"No problem. It doesn't matter if he comes... He's not interested in partying or playing. He's not going anywhere."
“If General Manager Hiddleston blames you, just tell me. I will speak to General Manager Hiddleston. I will take responsibility. Since this is not feasible. Disadvantage.”
"Thank you."
“Miss Alice should still switch from you to President Mark. I'm not used to it either."
"Really? President Mark still has many surprises."
"Let Miss Alice laugh."
“There is none.”
"But can I ask President Mark a question?"
"Miss Alice keeps asking.”
“In front of who is President Mark asking me to act as a girlfriend? Acting for what?"
“I want to act in front of him.”
"It's Lac Hong Hao. And the reason is that he is getting married, but he is very worried about me, afraid that I will be lonely and have no one to take care of me. So I don't want to affect his mood because I'm single. It just occurred to me that I would like to ask the lady for help.”
"Then why didn't President Mark ask someone else? Such a talented President Mark must have many admirers."
"I'm very shy and mostly just go with him. The girls next to me say that I'm cold so I don't want to be in contact and I also never want to interact with them."
"Why? Isn't it a good thing to find your other half?"
"I've had it for a long time... I've noticed that person... Only that person can make me fall in love."
“Can you tell me who it is?”
“He… It was me.”
“President Mark also knows how to push. It sounds so suspenseful and curious.”
“You even make me think you already have a crush on someone. I didn't have a chance anymore." Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh.
"It's okay to love yourself. If no one loves you, love yourself."
“Miss Alice is indeed correct. Finding the right person is not easy.”
"President Mark said yes... Slowly... Slowly walk towards the other side... Let the other party feel his feelings."
“It also sounds very complicated. I just know that when I like someone, I just go crazy towards this person. Just give your heart to the end, no matter what the outcome, you won't regret it because you've done your best if the other person doesn't feel that we weren't born for each other."
“After all, love can also be considered predestination. Am I right President Mark?" Phedra Elizabeth looked at Theodore Mark with smiling eyes.
"Probably so. Maybe I see it too. Meeting each other is a real fate, but wanting to be together is up to each person.”
"Don't talk anymore, it's already windy, it will get cold in a moment, we leave early, we have to love ourselves. Right?"
"President Mark was right. Let's go home."
     The color of the sky continued to change, from pink and yellow with a little white of the clouds turning black. Theodore Mark drove Phedra Elizabeth back to the mansion. Phedra Elizabeth stepped out, and waved goodbye to Theodore Mark, Duncan Hiddleston just heard the car come down to pick it up.
"Are you tired? Why did it take so long?"
“Is it late? I'm not tired. It can't be tiring to talk a few sentences." Phedra Elizabeth cheered.
"Have dinner. Wait for you, the rice soup is about to get cold."
"Didn't I tell you not to wait? Come in... Oh yeah, I've got to go out tomorrow. You just eat first. Don't wait for me. I won't have dinner at home."
"As for today, it's my fault... If I forget to tell you not to wait or you think I'm too late, don't wait to eat first."
"I know." Duncan Hiddleston held the card hidden behind his back, which he clenched and crushed.
"What are you doing standing there. Let's go home."
“I was thinking about something. Can you answer it for me?”
"You say go."
"If a friend invites you to a party in which the person you love but the person you love loves someone else, you don't want him to come to bother you. So should you go or not?"
"I don't think it should. Because if she didn't belong to me, even if she held on, she wouldn't belong to me either. But the decision is up to you, if you want to go, my opinion is useless.”
“But where are you going? Ex-boyfriend party."
"Not. Because my friend called me to ask for advice. I accidentally answered but still didn't have a satisfactory answer, so please consult me ​​to see how."
"So that is. So the answer is done. Just go eat. I'm starving to death."
     The dining room inside the villa.
"What are you eating today?" Phedra Elizabeth pulled a chair and sat down.
“A lot of dishes. I see there is chicken, beef, soup... It's up to you to choose."
"This is the master's cooking." Butler.
“Are you cooking again? Do I have to enjoy it?”
Duncan Hiddleston nodded. Phedra Elizabeth accepted to be a guinea pig and continued to enjoy it.
“You cook better than this. There is great progress. Very easy to eat.”
“Master took a lot of time.” Butler.
"Why don't you let them do it, just make trouble for yourself."

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