The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: November 2, 2022
Ch. 76To act

“Miss Alice, Lac Hong Hao sent an invitation letter.”
“The scent suits me very well.” Phedra Elizabeth brings it up to her nose to smell it and opened it.
"There's nothing else I'd like to go out first."
“Wait. What day is it today?”
"Yes, the 19th. Saturday."
“It's tomorrow." Phedra Elizabeth at first glance.
“You should also prepare some things. Follow Veronica Sarah to see if I can help. I believe Veronica Sarah's eye for selection is very good. I'll go first."
"You're hiding from me."
“How do you know that? Shouldn't it be that obvious?" Phedra Elizabeth laughed.
"Let's go pick some clothes and personal belongings. Don't think too much... Don't think too much... Then I'll go first."
     Tinh... Tinh ... Tinh ...(Telephone rings.)
“Miss Alice… This is your phone.” Another little maid stepped forward.
"Thank. I am very attentive.”
“Miss Alice is too talkative. This is my responsibility.”
“Hello, Miss Alice, please listen.” Phedra Elizabeth picked up the phone.
“I'm Theodore Mark. Are you free at the moment?” The other end of the line.
“Is something wrong?”
“He took the initiative to call me.” Phedra Elizabeth stepped outside, closing the door.
“I want to ask her out. Is it okay now?”
“He rarely takes the initiative to ask me out. Agree." Phedra Elizabeth was happy.
"My pleasure. I changed my clothes and went downstairs.”
Phedra Elizabeth happily planned to change into her most beautiful, most satisfying dress. Step back into the room.
“You go out first. I want to change clothes.”
“Is it Theodore Mark?”
“He said he had something he wanted to discuss with me privately. And how do you know that?"
"Private date?"
“Answer my question first. I have reserved the right to ask first.”
“The person who makes you so happy can only be President Mark.”
"Are I showing up very clearly?"
Duncan Hiddleston nodded.
"Then answer my question."
"Not necessarily. I think it's okay, but it's not that deep. In short, a normal date.”
"Go out and lend me a room." Phedra Elizabeth is skillful with Duncan Hiddleston.
“You let go of your hand.”
“Then hurry up and stop buying time. They're waiting for me."
     Duncan Hiddleston stepped outside, shutting the door tightly. Not long after, Phedra Elizabeth rushed downstairs. Theodore Mark was already waiting. The two of them gradually disappeared, in Duncan Hiddleston's eyes only the cold landscape appeared around, Veronica Sarah was hiding her face in another position, performing her responsibilities. Theodore Mark led Phedra Elizabeth to the side street.
“What did you bring me here for? How about making love? There's no need to be so secretive." Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
“I have a few things I would like your help with. Is Miss Alice willing?"
“Very polite. I promised you to help me. I help you. Things to do. Tell me, what is it?" Phedra Elizabeth was curious.
“This will be very awkward for Miss Alice.” Theodore Mark was a little apprehensive.
“You said to try it. Is the problem serious? If I can help, I will help.”
“Can Miss Alice pretend to be my girlfriend? Just pretend. Absolutely will not let General Director Hiddleston know. Nor will she bring a bad reputation. Don't worry."
“What if he knew? My husband and I are getting divorced. I help him as a friend, completely pure, they can think whatever they like. I do not care. Is that all? Being his girlfriend? I'm so proud of myself. I'm almost done with pursuing him. No one who's been through so much would take the initiative to confess to me first. I was planning to have time to talk to him.” Phedra Elizabeth was in an excited mood.
“Is that okay then? Disturbing Miss Alice this time. It's disrespectful.” Theodore Mark put his hand in his pocket.
“It seems to be a bit far away. Where is it necessary?” Phedra Elizabeth reasoned.
"Do not formal. You also not hesitate to help our company. Also thanks to a lot of help from outside to support us. We are very grateful. I should be done.”
“Miss Alice is so generous.”
“Did he just compliment me? It's so dreamy. Do I have to take another step with him?" Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“Miss Alice… Did you hear what I said?”
Phedra Elizabeth nodded repeatedly.
“But there is one thing you have to change the way you address yourself. I told you we were friends to stop calling me Miss Alice. I hear we're far apart."
"Sorry. I'm not familiar with the mouth. It's still better to call her Miss Alice."
“So you also call me Miss Alice when you act? Hearing that, other people will know weren't intimate."
“Miss Alice is right. I will practice in front of the mirror. It will be more convenient by then.”
“Now that I have you by my side, practice it once for me to see. Sweet a little, others will believe right away.”
Theodore Mark did not answer.
“Am I pushing him too hard? Why is he so quiet? Is this me profiting from him?” Phedra Elizabeth pondered.
“We practice together. Thank you very much, Miss Alice.”
Theodore Mark looked at Phedra Elizabeth. Theodore Mark closed his eyes.
“Why did he close his eyes? Why are you shy?” Phedra Elizabeth wondered in all directions.
“Do you want something to eat? Do you want to go anywhere? I'll get you some food. Do you like this dish?”
"Why don't you just eat and drink?" Phedra Elizabeth.
“Don't you love to eat? I know there's this restaurant that cooks well, do you want to come with me? Lac… Hong… Hao…” Theodore Mark suddenly opened his eyes.
“Who are you calling? Why does it sound so familiar?"
"I'm sorry. I'm not used to it yet. Takes up Miss Alice's time too much. Or we go first. I will practice on my own.”
“I can't make it full of him in my head. Only he can make me open up.” Theodore Mark.
“How are you? You've been quiet all day."
“What's wrong with him? Are you sick already?" Phedra Elizabeth was worried.

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