The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 24, 2022
Ch. 75Rarely

“Are you part of their specialty?”
"You look down on me again... Of course not... But there's some investigation into their work."
“So it's confirmed and speak very boldly. Makes you think I used to work there.”
“So… Then…”
"So tired." Phedra Elizabeth yawned.
     Phedra Elizabeth's eyes began to close, her body also relaxed, caught off guard, and fell asleep at any time.
“You were too tired today. We talked for a while and fell asleep. You sleep like a cat… A cute cat.” Duncan Hiddleston holds the remote to turn off the screen being shown.
“If time could freeze… I want to freeze this moment with you.” Duncan Hiddleston has sad eyes, raised his hand, and lightly touched Phedra Elizabeth's cheek.
“If all the hidden secrets cannot be exposed by the light, if everything falls into a stalemate, my mother won't find it either. The whereabouts are unknown, when I know she's dead.  Should I give up or not? The hatred seems to have followed me for 5 years. It urges me to end it soon. But when it's almost over, I feel like I ignored the things around me, he's done it himself. Losing the wake that I've always been waiting for... The past should probably rest in peace. Must live for the present. How does it feel when I want to let go of hatred? I want to help you get to the person your love, but the situation is a bit awkward... Myself..."
“When I know you love someone else. My heart hurts. Do you know? I hurt. I know I don't deserve you, but I can't let go. This time I realize how bad I am."
"Don't break... Just a little longer... Mom wants to sleep a little longer." Phedra Elizabeth dozed off, pushing Duncan Hiddleston's hand away.
“But I still haven't met her parents… At that time…”
       The scene is stained with old colors, the time flow is slow according to the emotions.
“You go home with me to meet my parents.” Oriana Alice held Duncan Hiddleston's hand.
"I'm not going. Why should I go?"
“But I'm going to marry you. Do I have to meet your parents? Come with me. Don't be stubborn."
"Stay away. If you have nothing to do, go somewhere else to play." Duncan Hiddleston squeezed Oriana Alice's cheeks.
"If you keep bothering me. I'll cut off your tongue." Duncan Hiddleston's eyes were murderous.
Oriana Alice's eyes were wet. Oriana Alice sadly lowered her head and turned her eyes to the ground to hide her despair. Oriana Alice clutched her pants tightly, taking a deep breath.
“Is this your last move? Dirty my hands. Get out.” Duncan Hiddleston carry a document and threw Oriana Alice's face away.
Because Oriana Alice wanted to dodge his attack. Oriana Alice's head hit the iron pillar, bleeding. Duncan Hiddleston didn't care and walked away.
“Miss Alice… Are you okay? You're bleeding." Veronica Sarah panicked.
Duncan Hiddleston turned his face, then disappeared again.
"Miss Alice... Miss Alice... Where are you? Where are you? You've fainted... Your head is bleeding too much... Call a doctor."
     The slaves ran wild. Faces of panic, layers of layers, footsteps getting louder and louder.
“Is this her sleeping form?” Duncan Hiddleston chuckled.
"Leave no scars." Duncan Hiddleston touched his forehead lightly with his hand.
"Lucky. Thinking back I hurt you too much. Why do I have the right to ask you to be with me? I agreed to step back. Can you give me some time to forget you? I'll forget you soon enough."
     Duncan Hiddleston laid down gently beside Phedra Elizabeth, lifted her head, stretched out his arms, and laid her head down, Phedra Elizabeth turned over, hugging Duncan Hiddleston.
“You hugged me? My heart beat so fast.” Duncan Hiddleston tried to steady himself.
“I have to stay awake. Don't think wild. Should I hug her back? This is called reciprocity.”
“Your skin is so smooth. The skin on the face is spotless. Why are your hands burned like this? Is it by me? You seem to have wounds all over her body?” Duncan Hiddleston took Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
"I can't take care of you. I still hurt you. Why was I like this before? I can't take offense. Next time buys her some ointment. Thinking about it again, she never complained or made excuses. Silently resigned to everything. Until now I mean…”
"Perhaps the words I say... You won't believe it. No wonder you are getting colder and colder towards me. In your eyes,  maybe I'm a ferocious god."
Phedra Elizabeth's eyelids had not moved for a long time, involuntarily raised her eyelids, and stood up, her forehead was wet with sweat, and her face was panicky.
“Am I lying next to him? What a nightmare. In my dream, I was killed by his wife. That alone is enough to scare me. Does it sound funny? Lie next to him. Why am I so insecure? Just separate him first." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“How are you? Dreaming of a nightmare?" Duncan Hiddleston, worried, jumped up.
"No problem." Phedra Elizabeth got out of bed.
“You tired? I can support..."
“I want to clean my body. Do you also want to help?”
     Duncan Hiddleston said nothing, his face flushed red, his throat moved slightly, and he nodded quickly.
"What? I'm a woman. Not being of the same sex should not be desecrated.” Phedra Elizabeth took a few steps back.
“No need to bother me so much…” Phedra Elizabeth faltered.
“That's not what I mean. You don't misunderstand. I just wanted to help you.”
     ...Cock ...Cock ...Coke ...(Knock sound the door.)
“Miss Alice… Veronica Sarah can come in?”
“The benefactor is here… Flashing. The male lead is doing more and more things that don't save face. It feels very strange... It's best to avoid the male lead." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"You just go in.”
“Since when… Did you call her so intimately?” Duncan Hiddleston rebuked.
"That's what I've always called before. How did that happen?"
Veronica Sarah stepped inside, holding a red card in her hand, presented to Phedra Elizabeth.

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