The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 23, 2022
Ch. 74Famous

Lac Hong Hao turned off the TV and held the phone in his hand.
“You see which vote I should give Miss Alice. There are so many options, which are administrative fines, criminal penalties, execution penalties... Which one should I choose?"
“Whatever you choose. I am not interested in these things.”
“Why are you so cruel? Either way, she's our friend. She must be very sad to hear that.”
“If I were you, I would pay more attention.”
“You were never interested in anything but me. Let me generously help the lady, give me your phone."
“If you know that… Why haven't you responded yet?” Theodore Mark was close to his face.
“I should still choose an administrative fine. Give me your phone.” Lac Hong Hao dodged.
"..." Theodore Mark slowly brought it to Lac Hong Hao's hand.
"It's your birthday."
“My birthday? Why take my birthday? Then, I can spy on your phone at any time.”
“There isn't too much information, so there's no need for special security.”
"Voting is done."
"Didn't you notice anything?"
"See what?"
"Your picture I set as wallpaper." Theodore Mark lowered his voice.
“What did you say? I'm blushing again."
“Right. This weekend is the appointment. You should also introduce your girlfriend to me. I have to introduce someone to you too."
“I know you are shy, so I kept it a secret for you. See I understand you? Did you think having a friend like me wasn't in vain?"
"..." Theodore Mark's eyes were sad.
"So fast? Is it time for an appointment?" Theodore Mark is not very happy.
“Aren't you kidding? Did you lie to me?" Lac Hong Hao's expression was cold.
"How is it possible? I'm telling the truth." Theodore Mark was embarrassed.
“Let's go eat. I'm hungry again." Lac Hong Hao cried in his heart and changed the subject.
     Duncan Hiddleston is now leaving the surrounding crowd, the reporter follows Phedra Elizabeth like a stalker, looking for clues, going forever and ever without getting tired, not tired.
“Why are they so clingy? Still not willing to give up. Running and running, running in circles, and still can't cut it. So tired... Rest... Furlough... Endure... Hold on…” Phedra Elizabeth hid behind the bushes.
“Who covered my mouth?" Phedra Elizabeth struggled.
“You want to talk to me?” Duncan Hiddleston relaxes his hand.
“What do you want to say?”
"What are you doing here? I'm standing on top of the house. I see you running around the house so hard. So come down here and help you solve it."
"So what are you planning to do?"
"Let's see. I just need to make a move so I can run into the house."
     Duncan Hiddleston ran out and shouted.
"Miss Alice... Hurry up..." Duncan Hiddleston ran in the lead.
“Where? Where? Where?” A team ran after the male lead.
“Are they running that fast? Ask why she kept running and still couldn't escape." Duncan Hiddleston turned to witness the ability of the paparazzi.
     After a while, when they ran after Duncan Hiddleston and couldn't find him, they returned to the same place, and the male lead leisurely entered the house.
"This is my house... Who let you in... If you dare to enter, I will report to the police to arrest you for trespand assing in other people's houses without the permission of the landlord."
“…” They took a few steps back.
    Duncan Hiddleston stepped inside and quickly closed the door.
“God. They ran like flash floods. I'm dead tired."
     Phedra Elizabeth took the opportunity Duncan Hiddleston created to safely enter the house, stand upstairs, gently tug at the curtain, peek outside, and observe the situation.
“How can we go out to play? They treat me like a celebrity... Sticking around to get information. I'll be a celebrity after today."
"Don't worry, they'll be back in a little while."
“Didn't I answer all of them already? What do they follow me for? Is there anything else to say?"
“That's what they are… They're news hunters…"
"From what I've seen, you'll be implicated... They've surrounded the door... The two people guarding the gong can't stand it, let alone our house... Sometimes it's broken."
"You worry again. Your imagination is far from reality."
“Wanting to have a relaxing day is also difficult. I'm so tired. All day work... Backache, buttock pain... Communication is complicated... Why can actors, artists, singers bear it?"
“It's a necessary and sufficient condition for them to exchange for money, wealth... Once they've immersed themselves in that place, they have to endure it. Can't be at peace. You lie on the bed, I help you squeeze your back."
"Really? So good.” Phedra Elizabeth lay face down on the bed.
"I don't know where is the secretary's fake brother? Take him back to the law, okay?"
"I guess he's at President Mark's place, he's probably on TV by now. Let me turn it on for you to see.”
"Turn on. Do you think he's as famous as me?"
     Duncan Hiddleston gently squeezed and rubbed Phedra Elizabeth's back. The remote control handle turned on and then put it down, massaging Phedra Elizabeth with her hands.
"Tonight's news, now the killer who killed the secretary of the Alice family corporation has appeared. The police are escorting him, now there are a lot of people around here, the main road is stuck in traffic, difficult to circulate."
"Looks like he's more popular than me. Of course. Slandering me must be punished appropriately.”
“The police side will take statements and punish criminals. Also, update some other information…” The message board continued to play.
"What about President Paul's accomplice? Probably will also proceed to take statements like him. He was later convicted by the police and imprisoned. His story will have to be held in public front of the public until then we will also have to be present, in addition, to meeting Young Master Lac and President Mark. It will take several months until then.”
"So long."
“They have to investigate thoroughly before they can convict… They must collect enough witnesses and evidence, in addition, they have to make a file. All in all, a lot of work needs to be done. Being a policeman isn't easy... You have to be patient in whatever you do. It is the nature of the job. Because I'm not in their area of ​​expertise, that's why I see it."

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