The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 23, 2022
Ch. 73Vote

“Men and men… How can they fall in love? Talk without thinking.” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Shut up now." Duncan Hiddleston closed his mouth.
“Should we make an appointment for another meal? The last time I ate wasn't enough.” Lac Hong Hao opened his mouth.
“Are you going to invite us for a drink?” Duncan Hiddleston.
"You just closed your mouth. Just keep your mouth shut so you won't make any noise.”
“I choose the right dishes. Surely the dishes will be better than the last time I bought them for everyone to eat. At that time it was just a temporary policy for people to make a rough assessment of my talent, but now it is real.” Lac Hong Hao was very excited.
“Is eating and drinking a specialty?” Phedra Elizabeth.
“Of course. That is also considered a tongue technique.”
“Let's just say that.”
“Send us a new card.” Duncan Hiddleston.
"You're too colorful... People invite you to eat but you still demand."
“I always chill. The card is used perfumery scent to the liking of the lady and the General Manager Hiddleston here."
“See how professional people are. I like the smell of roses and her… What scent do you like?”
“I like the scent of lavender, a little light but not too strong.”
“Are you too careless? I don't even know the scent I like." Duncan Hiddleston is submissive to all.
“Now I know I don't care. It's a bit late... Villain still likes me, as usual, no matter how much I cover this can't change. If you swap out the villain for the female lead, you'll be dead, chasing after the rice." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Why are you so quiet? Are you mad at me?" Duncan Hiddleston rubbed his face on Phedra Elizabeth's shoulder.
"No. Because I don't use perfume either. I'm a bit self-deprecating when you say that."
“You smell so good… I like it.”
“Young lovers… Will you stop?” Lac Hong Hao.
Theodore Mark hugged Lac Hong Hao from behind.
"It's so itchy."
"Having a President Mark is open, transparent, and clear." Duncan Hiddleston.
"What did General Manager Hiddleston say that I didn't understand?" Theodore Mark.
"I don't understand either."
"You'll understand slowly... Things don't happen here... President Mark should have understood a long time ago... Don't pretend like that."
Theodore Mark only smiled and did not answer.
"What does that mean? What do I not understand?” Lac Hong Hao leaned his head on Theodore Mark's lap and looked up at him.
Theodore Mark shook his head.
"General Manager Hiddleston talks hard to understand."
Theodore Mark nodded.
“What are we doing here? This place is so empty.” Lac Hong Hao.
“Speaking of which. They all withdrew.”
“We should go home too. Thank you to President Mark  and also Young Master Lac for this matter."
"How do you two know each other?" Lac Hong Hao agreed.
"By accident... It's also true... Or by fate... It's not wrong to say that."
"Specifically, how?"
"Meeting on the road when Miss Alice was not paying attention to prepare for an accident."
"Destiny is like a miracle... Meeting each other... Getting lost... In the end, we still meet."
"If it's not important, leave without regrets, but if it's an important person, you have to hold them until your last breath." Theodore Mark.
"..." Lac Hong Hao looked at Theodore Mark.
"You should be very contemplative today... All of you say things that smell like life."
"I think President Mark is right. Well articulated." Duncan Hiddleston.
“All right. The story ends here. Going home for dinner... Bathing... Rest... But now my back hurts... My legs are tired... My wrists hurt too."
"I forgot you were injured." Theodore Mark is gentle with the wounds on Lac Hong Hao's body.
"I'm hurt too."
"Okay, let's split up... Everyone goes home."
 Everyone falls and leaves. Theodore Mark and Lac Hong Hao went where they needed to go. And Phedra Elizabeth and Duncan Hiddleston went to the place they needed to go. Phedra Elizabeth suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. 
"I'm still going to the police station... I'll drive you over."
"Let's go home first. Take good care of your wound and then leave."
“Then it takes a lot of time.”
“It won't take long… Take care of yourself first.”
“What about my mother, then?”
"Hurry is also not appreciated." Duncan Hiddleston's eyes were sad.
“I'm sorry… I've touched your pain. Let's go home to recuperate first. Take care first body."
"So that's good. Let's go." Duncan Hiddleston continued to drive.
"Hurry up and stabilize the male lead's emotions. I feel guilty about saying that." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
 Not long after, Duncan Hiddleston drove Phedra Elizabeth to the police station, coordinating with the police to find out the truth of everything. During the working process, take statements. The police asked some questions.
“How long has your organization been in business? What areas do you mainly operate in? Why hire so many people to fight each other? The incident of many years ago were you the mastermind behind everything? Why did he harm them? Regarding the case of ruining the reputation of President Hiddleston's wife, do you have any confessions?"
     President Paul confessed all of his actions, in addition, the police are also searching to see if President Paul has hidden or stored banned substances or weapons within the scope of activities. All worked well together except for one thing, President Paul refused to confess how he harmed the male lead's mother. All are brought to light. The press also reported and clarified the return of purity to the Alice group company.
“The news this afternoon. Hot news of the day, Miss Alice - the head of the Alice family corporation officially stood in front of the public to admit her fault in front of everyone for her behavior about carelessly causing murder and running away, is not responsible and the victim with harm by others, but legally, Miss Alice will also bear a part of the responsibility even though Miss Alice did not hit the victim to death. According to Miss Alice, this is because of a promise made to the man's sister - the victim's sister is currently unknown. Miss Alice publicly apologized in front of the people. Hoping for forgiveness. The form of treatment is based on the people. Voting starts today, and after three days will be locked. Judgment will rest on the people. The voting for permission to begin.”

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