The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 20, 2022
Ch. 72Unintelligible

“This is not the place for you to show your maturity.”
“Thank you. You are the light of my life.” Duncan Hiddleston kissed Phedra Elizabeth lightly on the lips.
“What are you doing? Why did you do that?”
"No. You think we're close, don't you? You've been used to these expressions for a long time, right?"
Phedra Elizabeth lightly signed Duncan Hiddleston's head.
“It hurts… You hit me… I hurt…” Duncan Hiddleston held his head.
“Do you know pain too? Leave it alone. Stop doing meaningless things at will.”
"I don't know how many times he and I have had intimate contact like this. I was no longer embarrassed. This seems to have become a habit.” Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"You stop." Phedra Elizabeth was helpless.
"I'm sorry. Momentarily… Emotions surged inside me.” Duncan Hiddleston explained awkwardly.
"Already. You always explain it like that. I sound familiar."
“You dare to ask me back. I kiss… How many times have you done that.” Phedra Elizabeth blushed.
“You are so cute these times.”
"I don't want to talk to you anymore. It's a bit of a waste of energy. Shorten the brain too.”
“Where are you going? I'm still sad. Won't you stay and comfort me? I'm about to cry."
“You were there crying a river for me. When the tears are gone, that's it."
"You're so mean to me. I'll get exhausted and die. Never mind me. Let me alone. Oriana Alice… Don't go… Oriana Alice…”
"Unheard." Phedra Elizabeth covered her ears.
Lac Hong Hao walked towards Phedra Elizabeth.
“That's so inadequate. Kissing in a crowded place. So romantic. I like it. Calling each other's names so romantically."
"Romantic? Romance is there." Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
“Please don't make any bluster either. This is a crowded place. It hurts my ears."
"Embarrassing." Phedra Elizabeth scratched the back of her neck.
“Did you hear that… It made me lose face… Now shut up.”
Duncan Hiddleston felt sorry for her.
"What do you want to make a quizzical eye?"
Duncan Hiddleston shook his head.
"You still dare." Phedra Elizabeth angrily turned her face away.
“Does the male lead play me? People have said that to lose face and want to die but still make that face. For everyone to laugh at." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Do you like it too? I can help. Did you find it interesting too? So you like it right?" Theodore Mark lightly touched Lac Hong Hao's cheek.
“No need… It's embarrassing to look at.” Lac Hong Hao's sweat soaked his forehead and pushed away Theodore Mark's hand.
"Really? I think it's very romantic... You should try it too."
“Well… When I was acquainted with girls during the rebellious period, they used to do this kind of thing. It must have been a bit interesting. After those actions. I shared their hands. I suddenly realized I wasn't excited about it. They told me that kiss would take me to cloud nine."
“But I also touched your cheek, kissed you, held your hand. In stealth, while you were sleeping. You didn't protest at all. On the contrary, I see your actions like that. Prove you have feelings for me right?” Theodore Mark.
“What are you thinking that makes you so happy? Is that obvious? Look at your eyes as bright as the noonday sun. Well..." Theodore Mark stammered.
“You sweat too much.” Theodore Mark took a towel from his pocket and helped Lac Hong Hao absorb sweat.
"That's right. You help me wipe it off. It must be slimy right?" Lac Hong Hao closed his eyes.
Theodore Mark was meticulous, slow, and gentle.
"You're still... Still... Beautiful... Very handsome... In my eyes, you'll always be gorgeous."
“You say that… I feel much more at ease.” Lac Hong Hao laughed.
“Miss Alice… Perhaps the police will come to take your statement. Careful." Lac Hong Hao changed the subject.
"I understand."
"And what are President Mark and Young Master Lac doing?"
“He was helping me wipe my sweat.” Lac Hong Hao.
“The distance is a bit close. The lips are almost touching quickly.” Duncan Hiddleston.
“What did General Manager Hiddleston say? We almost slept next to each other, except when he had work to do or overtime, then he came into the office. Living together was used to... Nothing is near and far.”
"Young Master Lac and President Mark live together? Does that count as a husband and wife?"
"When the General Manager Hiddleston said that, I noticed that it seems like the real thing. No wonder I keep wondering why he doesn't have a girlfriend. Maybe I'm too attached to him."
"What's going on? Good brother? Knowing he's been lonely for a long time but still refuses to separate him. I wouldn't even be able to get in between the two of you. If I knew So should I take the place? Am I the one who gets?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Don't talk nonsense anymore. You move your facial muscles a lot. It's hard to wipe. I'm not ready to take care of a girl either."
"It's a bit contradictory to say that. Didn't you say you have a girlfriend? Want to introduce me?"
"You believe?"
"Of course."
"Then it's up to you."
"Who is the girl that Young Master Lac is talking about?"
"I don't know either. Just casually speaking. In short, I don't even know what I'm saying now."
"Absurd nonsense. I believe it's true after all. How heartbreaking that would be." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Don't say it again. The process will take longer, won't it?” Theodore Mark.
"You blame me?" Lac Hong Hao looked up at Theodore Mark.
"Don't dare. Don't... Take it easy... I'm just joking."
“I can still hear that.”
“Even though he's sorry for Young Master Lac. But letting him climb up like this... Too tragic... Like a married couple. Just like putting a wife on top of immortality so." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Look at how well they fit together." Duncan Hiddleston.
“What are you saying? Shut up. Or now you want me to hit you… I'll just shut up.”

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