The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 20, 2022
Ch. 71Happy

“Are you willing to testify? Where is my mother at the end?”
     A stream of people came running. Carry a gun, a green uniform, and a shirt with a badge. Phedra Elizabeth felt unsettled and pulled the male lead away.
"Cop? I haven't called yet, but they have taken action on their own."
"They can't wait any longer."
     Phedra Elizabeth's body pressed close to Duncan Hiddleston's body. Phedra Elizabeth looked at the people wearing military uniforms. The angry look on his face also eased. She immediately ran to answer.
“Police, we caught him. May justice be served.”
“Miss Alice. Thank you for your cooperation. Please return to the headquarters to clarify the situation."
"Okay. Catch her too. She is an ally of President Paul.”
     The police escorted almost all of Paul's people. Duncan Hiddleston stood dumbfounded.
“Did she just save me? She cares about me. Why would she want a divorce?"
“How are you? Are you scared?" Phedra Elizabeth touched Duncan Hiddleston's forehead.
"Looking at your face, you know it's wrong. We are friends, being friends is to help each other. That's all. Don't think too much."
“Sometimes I see you guessing correctly. Is it because I understand you too well or because I don't want misunderstandings." Duncan Hiddleston whispered.
“What else do you say? I didn't hear anything."
“Nothing. He told us to go home. Prepare to travel for a few days.”
"When? It can't be next week?"
"And the work on the company is still unfinished... The solution is to solve it thoroughly... Can't wait."
"It's about time the company flourished to talk about this... Looks like... It's not too late."
“By then, it must be. Come back. Forgot that  President Mark hasn't woken up yet. Now what?"
Phedra Elizabeth rotates horizontally and vertically.
"Where's Lac Hong Hao's sister? Why can't I see it anymore? Doesn't she take care of his brother too?" Phedra Elizabeth wondered endlessly.
"What's the problem?" Duncan Hiddleston.
     Terminate. Theodore Mark just lifted his eyelids slightly, the vague image that caught his eye was Lac Hong Hao. The corner of Theodore Mark's eyes welled up, and the water reached the top and immediately poured out like rain.
“Have I gone to heaven already? Can I still see you? Will you forget me when we enter heaven… Leave me alone?”
“What are you babbling about? I don't understand. The situation is now completely resolved. Everyone is waiting for him to wake up to go home to rest. If you lie down again, everyone will leave you behind. Will you stand up?"
"Of course. So you're not dead?" Theodore Mark is shy.
“Do you want me to die so badly?”
“If you die, I will die with you.”
"Let's go. Miss Alice and General Director Hiddleston are waiting."
     Lac Hong Hao helped Theodore Mark to get up. He just stabilized his spirit, while standing firmly on his feet, and hugged Lac Hong Hao.
“What I said is true. While you almost died in front of me... I had the intention to converge endlessly. We'll be together forever."
“I don't like hearing these words.”
“Perhaps in the end I still can't conquer you. I lost. Why do I still regret not letting go? I can't understand myself anymore. Am I being too stubborn?"
“I just don't like hearing goodbye. You're being too sentimental. It's all overthinking."
“Are you saying that I still have a chance?”
“This is stubborn, obstinate… But in my heart I…”
Theodore Mark listened attentively to every word. Phedra Elizabeth and Duncan Hiddleston suddenly approached. The two of them waved happily. Lac Hong Hao looked in the direction of the two of them. Lac Hong Hao's gaze shifted.
"What does that mean? You haven't finished your sentence yet, have you?"
"Nothing. I don't even know what I'm talking about." Lac Hong Hao's cheeks are red.
"Why are you blushing?"
“When did I blush! You… What's wrong with your eyes.”
“Perhaps it is...” Theodore Mark smiled softly.
"Don't laugh... Don't laugh..." Lac Hong Hao covered Theodore Mark's face with his hand.
Duncan Hiddleston mused as he watched the figure fade away, hands tightening. In the heart is helpless, the lips are bitten. Phedra Elizabeth could not help but feel pity, patting Duncan Hiddleston on the back.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Just a little regret."
"It's okay. When they get the statement. I'll try to help you investigate. Where did he keep your mother?"
"It's too late. He killed my mother a long time ago. I'm so powerless. There's nothing I can do anymore."
“Don't say that. Do you believe him? Don't beat yourself up. I can help you. Trust me.” Phedra Elizabeth used a steady look in her eyes and looked over to Duncan Hiddleston.
The corners of Duncan Hiddleston's eyes were beginning to wet, and his eyes were red.
“Are you crying? Don't cry. It's not your fault. You put my face on my shoulder. Don't let others see you're weak. They'll chuckle." Phedra Elizabeth cradled Duncan Hiddleston's head on her shoulder.
“I didn't cry. I just...” Duncan Hiddleston put his face on Phedra Elizabeth's shoulder, Phedra Elizabeth felt a little wet.
"You're crying? Just tired eyes. Just want to rest." Phedra Elizabeth patted Duncan Hiddleston's head.
Duncan Hiddleston's tears flowed more and more. Duncan Hiddleston rubbed against Phedra Elizabeth's shoulder.
“How are you? I'm not smiling. You can take it easy. Don't take it to heart. It's so heavy."
Duncan Hiddleston looked at Phedra Elizabeth.
"I said don't laugh. Don't doubt."
“Why is the male lead so suspicious? Said not to laugh is not to smile. Maybe the male lead intuitively said that he was in love with him, so the male lead didn't want to. Is it too much to think?" Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself. Phedra Elizabeth's cheeks puffed out.
"You are so cute." Duncan Hiddleston laughed.
"What's up? Why do you laugh? I'm afraid to die." Phedra Elizabeth covered her face leaving only her eyes.
"Can you still laugh?"
"You didn't laugh at me. Being taken care of by you. I'm really happy. The mood has changed a lot." Duncan Hiddleston took Phedra Elizabeth's hand.

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