The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 19, 2022
Ch. 70End

"Don't you like being with me? Anyway, we are still close friends. I don't want to see you in jail. We are close friends. Do you have the heart to see me visit your prison? Inside the prison, there are many dangers, and you will suffer in it. As a close friend. I can't be of any help to you, I will feel a pang of conscience. I don't force you to spare President Jane, but please be gentle and don't kill President Paul."
“My ability can only do so much. Now that I'm the male lead's best friend, I'm glad the male lead lets him live." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Let the police step in… Justice will serve… You can also see him atone for the crime.”
"Okay. I'll let the police. I won't interfere. I didn't kill him."
"You accept my offer?" Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
“Of course. Now there's nothing more important than you. But I want to know where he kept my mother."
"I have no idea. You just do what you want."
"Thank God. The male lead in the original is honest, but if I meet some authors who give the male lead's blood cruel, I'll probably die. Can't help." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
Duncan Hiddleston stood in front, and pushed Phedra Elizabeth back, he used his hand to shield Phedra Elizabeth.
"I'll stand before you and watch out for him to harm you or he'll hurt you."
"Now I'll give you one last chance. Tell me or not? How is she? Soon to die in an empty room but still stubborn.” Duncan Hiddleston raised his voice, shouting at President Paul.
"I'm sure she threw a party with the king of hell." President Paul took only a few gentle breaths.
"Died? How is it possible? You deceived me. I will beat you to death.”
"Didn't you listen to your wife?"
“It's not about beating to death, it's about half-life and half-death. I will make you tell everything.”
“I told you. She died. Died in pleasure… Died in lust. I treated her the best I could. Give her a happy ending."
“You insulted my mother. She never craved such purely carnal things.”
"While I talked with the app, did I miss any details?"
[What is the host alluding to?]
"It's the girl next to President Paul. Why is she pointing a gun at his head... Isn't she henchman of him?"
[It's Lac Hong Hao's sister. It's Lac My Linh. She just returned from studying abroad 5 years ago. Our ally.]
"The wise man controls the game to the very end."
[App also has to respect him a few times. The head jumps numbers continuously.]
"I'm starting to feel scared of him, too."
     Phedra Elizabeth ran towards Lac Hong Hao. Duncan Hiddleston turned to look at Phedra Elizabeth, speechless, and turned to look at President Paul. Phedra Elizabeth saw Theodore Mark lying in Lac Hong Hao's arms, Phedra Elizabeth felt worried for Theodore Mark.
“How is he? Is it necessary to go to the doctor or provide temporary first aid?”
“No need. He's just tired so he should rest his eyes.”
"Really? Scared me out of my mind. It is safe to hear that. The victory must be ours.”
"When will the police come?"
“They are gathering outside. As far as I've heard, President Paul's people have all been beaten down, they've all been arrested. Just give them a call and they'll come right away."
"Then wait for General Director Hiddleston to handle the internal affairs again."
“What does young Master Lac mean by that?" Phedra Elizabeth asked surprised.
"Does he know? How does he know so much? Maybe I do something shady behind his back... Does he know too? It's scary... Admiration... Much admiration." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Is it the whole conversation is about the family of General Director Hiddleston? If it is not resolved internally?"
"So that's it. Then he's not that scary. The whole world is not ruled by him." Phedra Elizabeth laughed.
"It's also true. It's all over finally. And what about her?" Phedra Elizabeth replied casually.
“The medicine in her body is also about to wear out. Using the rope she tied me tied her up. Look at her carefully and then hand it to the police to handle."
"Okay. I do it now. I have a question to ask young Master Lac. Young Master Lac won't turn your back on us, will you?"
"I don't have a hobby of sitting in this mountain looking at that mountain."
"So young Master Lac doesn't have a hobby of stabbing in the back, but swerving and swerving in the image of a high-speed racing car that encounters obstacles and immediately brakes." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Thinking about it carefully… He's more dangerous than I thought. Just silently acting, touching things is like a slow-exploding bomb that doesn't know where to hide. Careful… Careful.”
Phedra Elizabeth was stunned for a long time. Duncan Hiddleston's voice was getting louder and louder, waking her up.
"Where did you keep her... Speak quickly..." Duncan Hiddleston shouted, strangling President Paul.
“Has he lost his temper? Miss Alice quickly comes over and helps her husband."
"Husband? Divorced... Maybe the male lead is really out of control. What's the use of me interrupting? Waiting to die? The male lead accepted to let the law handle it but luckily you didn't stop the male lead. This is fighting with rocks." Phedra Elizabeth looked at Duncan Hiddleston and couldn't take her eyes off his, she frowned a little.
Duncan Hiddleston let go of his hand, adjusted his clothes, and lowered his voice to look at Phedra Elizabeth.
“He's getting mad and he's changed his mind." Phedra Elizabeth is vague and difficult to distinguish.
Phedra Elizabeth walked over to President Paul and looked at him for a long time. Then look at Duncan Hiddleston.
"Soon we have to go back to rest. Give you ten minutes."
"Just do it, but I know the male lead is about to beat him up." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
Duncan Hiddleston is quiet, using a lot of scary tricks. Specifically, it is not convenient to say that mainly high-damage weapons such as staffs, ropes, fists...

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