The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 7Life is miserable

"Are you taking care of me? Worrying about me? Look at your appearance, your body is completely broken. Hurry up and go back to the nursing home. Other people look at it, maybe they say I bully you."
"It sounds nauseating. Having said this, it's best to let it go. Don't take it too seriously, for the sake of a great cause in general." Phedra Elizabeth felt nauseous and uncomfortable.
"Because I felt an itch in my eyes, I couldn't help it. Bullying women? It couldn't be happening in front of my eyes. Don't worry, I'm fine."
"Am I worried about you? It doesn't make any difference if you act so thoughtlessly, you're brainless, but it's your own actions that will get me in trouble. I'm direct protecting my interests."
"God, it's better than flipping, he flipped faster than when I was looking for books to deal with mom in math." There are no words to justify Duncan Hiddleston's beautiful statement.
"Okay... Then... Next time pay attention to your actions, okay?"
"Living in the same house with the male lead, how to solve it? Follow nature." Phedra Elizabeth didn't mind the garbage.
Phedra Elizabeth returned home. During this time, she has a lot of free time, goes online to find novels to read, and finds scripts arranged by the system for herself. Phedra Elizabeth did not want to receive harmful consequences, if she could not improvise, the outcome would be dead in a bogus novel. Simply because she didn't want that to happen.
"Why isn't there the book I read before? Will the system have a crush on me? This is like taking my life."
[The owner need not worry that the details of the application are well understood, just follow.]
"If I had trusted the system, I wouldn't have gone mad. The stupidest thing was that I was forced to believe in the system even though my conscience screamed, run away, turn away, don't touch that awkward ground, you will die."
The mood outside was at night, it was 10:59, the wind was blowing quite cold, and the quiet sound made Phedra Elizabeth also become pure. In the garden, a few clusters of jasmine flowers bloomed white. The round flowers look like white raspberries. On the quince tree, flower buds are opening like trumpeters. The melodious trumpet sound, sometimes low and high, seems to bring you into a dream. On a full moon night, the moon rises very early. The waning moonlight cast shadows over the houses and trees on the damp ground. The moon shines on every street. The higher you go, the brighter the moon, the full moon is like a silver disc hanging in the deep night sky, sparkling with thousands of stars.
"The weather is beautiful today. It's worth seeing."
The door suddenly opened. Phedra Elizabeth turned her head to look.
"Why did you come to my room?"
"Don't you usually make the bed for me to sleep in? Isn't that what you always do at bedtime. You seem to forget that I am a soldier returning from a fierce battle, You are seriously injured. should you take care of me or not?" Duncan replied.
"That kind of man? No respect for women. Don't know how to maintain etiquette. Get out now. Besides, what effect does your injury have on me? Your territorial, boundary-dividing love has nothing to do with me."
[-50 points, not treating the male lead well.]
"Just kidding, he wants me to serve him like a king. Why doesn't the app let him sit on my head? I flew back to save my own life, not to torture the virtual character. "
[It is not allowed to mistreat the male lead in the original.]
"He's good... I agree. I can go. Don't worry about the male lead. He still looks very healthy just a trophy, the wound is a bit thicker, compared to when he first appeared, in the image Right now, it looks really attractive, the masculinity fills the space. I can feel it very clearly."
"Okay. I'm a bit depressed. I'll let myself sleep in the living room. That's suitable for survival buffs like me. It's a physically-enhancing workout." Phedra Elizabeth hugged her pillow and blanket, ready to pack up.
[There is no better way to handle it, the male lead gets the best rewards. You can't take anything with you but your mind and heart.]
"Not even pillows and blankets? How cruel? Okay... Okay... No need."
Phedra Elizabeth let go of her hand, and the mess she was holding in her hand fell out. She was angry, the footsteps seemed heavier, and the ground was under pressure from her indignation.
Bang... (The sound of the door closing due to force when using force.)
Not long after that. Duncan walked into the living room and found her fast asleep. He stared at her, rubbing his temples with his hand, he couldn't hold back a sigh, his breath automatically flowed out. The sound is quite heavy, the breath is quite long. He quickly shook his head a few times and looked at her with loving eyes, passionately.
"Still can sleep."
Picking her up and putting her to bed were the next actions he did when he saw her move with difficulty on the narrow sofa, she had to shrink because the weather seemed cold and her body didn't seem to be. withstand such air.
"She and I have never slept so far apart, even though I choose to separate us by sleeping equipment, she still sleeps next to me. It feels a bit empty right now."
Put a blanket over Phedra Elizabeth. Return to the original position, lying back on the bed. Duncan took her hand, brought it close to his lips, and kissed the back of it lightly.
"Perhaps it was this change that made me realize that I really had feelings for her, or maybe it was because she changed that I felt like I had the person I loved by my side. It was an alternative, that compensates for the lack of heart. This needs further verification."

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