The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 19, 2022
Ch. 69Convince

“Wait, why does President Hiddleston know that President Paul is the one who harmed him? There's a point that's too absurd... It's impossible without President Hiddleston thinking of President Paul right away."
[App is clarifying.]
"So in other words, the male lead or the younger brother... is President Jane's biological son, but he doesn't accept it."
[According to the latest updated app information... Please confirm it's true.]
"So who is the biological son of President Jane?"
[Duncan Hiddleston.]
“So they are like father and son killing each other. But how did the male lead know that President Jane was the killer of his father?"
[According to the app's information, the character Oriana Alice quietly sent someone to investigate to help the male lead. Later, after knowing the truth of the matter, he kept it in his heart, hiding all the evidence of the investigation.]
"Why do you have to do that?"
[Oriana Alice's character is a bit out of sight. If the truth about the incident was brought back to the past, the male lead would leave Oriana Alice. Because of his selfishness, she hid everything.]
“So how could the male lead know? As far as I know, Oriana Alice is very careful, meticulous, often suspicious."
[This is still a mystery. Temporarily the app has no answer.]
"So it proves that according to the reason the male lead didn't know about this because of villain, maybe the author will turn in the direction that the male lead will investigate. So the male lead knew about it so soon due to her loopholes. At some point, I carelessly leaked information. So that's why the male lead never let go of his hand, kept on sticking, and never letting go. But when did she reveal my loopholes?" Phedra Elizabeth thought carefully.
"It doesn't matter. What I care about right now is why the three male leads know that President Paul is the culprit behind everything."
"Perhaps he went to see President Hiddleston and then showed President Hiddleston a clip to threaten President Hiddleston with the desire to profit. But after the plan doesn't turn out to be again. Not to mention is the relationship between the three of them that close?”
[The app will answer the host's questions. Indeed, the three of you have been close friends since childhood. The male lead's mother and President Paul were deeply in love with each other, and the three male leads were just one-sided. Later, his parents forced the male lead's mother to marry the father's male lead. The reason why President Paul was rejected has three reasons: first, being poor, second, being bad, and third, he doesn't have the qualities to make a big deal.]
"Isn't that enough?"
[The father male leads, fearing that the male lead's mother wouldn't be attached to him, also sent someone to arrest President Paul. Then imprisoned in a dungeon. Cut off President Paul's legs.]
“That's terrible. The father's male lead is too cruel. So how did President Paul get out?"
[According to the app. President Hiddleston's character  is materialized as extremely cruel, that prison not only holds President Paul but also other prisoners.]
"That's why they bonded together. A fraternal bond. Co-communication plus suffering. Help each other."
“But how can he do such a big deal by himself? How can the  Hiddleston family collapse? Besides, he was empty-handed at the time."
[The prisoner most of them were from ?he aristocracy. Because the father Hiddleston presidents wanted to monopolize business in the market, they arrested the children of business partners. Forced them to withdraw or go bankrupt.]
"High-handed. Then how can the Hiddleston family collapse?"
[It's the male lead's biological younger brother.]
"If you don't accept your child, you will accept a stranger?"
[He thinks it's his son. Only the male brother lead's sinister, intelligent, and cunning qualities are like him.]
“Is that so. Character recognition is so much like a fairy tale… Has he ever met the male lead?”
[Meeting a lot. When the male lead was just 10 years old, the younger brother was just 8 years old.]
"We met so much but didn't recognize each other. Such absurd circumstances can only be found in love stories."
“Now the situation we need to deal with is to prevent the male lead from killing people, after all, he is the male lead’s father.”
“Would you mind telling me… Where is my mother? Speak quickly..." Duncan Hiddleston strangled President Paul.
“What is this situation like? Why is it that the person pushing him is now a girl and pointing a gun at his head?"
"Kill me here. I won't say. You must die with her."
"If I don't kill you today, I won't have the surname Hiddleston."
“Extreme situation. If the male lead kills him. Will he go to jail?” Phedra Elizabeth goes to Duncan Hiddleston. Hold Duncan Hiddleston's hand.
“Get out of the way. Don't stop me.” Duncan Hiddleston waved his hand and pushed Phedra Elizabeth down.
“Why are you so strong? Usually, stars are not revealed. My butt and my back too… It hurts.” Phedra Elizabeth fell to the ground.
Duncan Hiddleston froze, eyes wide. Duncan Hiddleston turned. Let go of the hand that is squeezing President Paul's throat.
“Are you okay? I got angry for a moment... Hurt you... It's my fault." Duncan Hiddleston helped Phedra Elizabeth get up.
“I want to get up… The ground is so cold…”
“Do you believe me? Do you listen to me?" Phedra Elizabeth looked affectionately at Duncan Hiddleston.
“Did he damage you? Let me kill him.” Duncan Hiddleston was surrounded by murderous intent, his eyes were like bullets that wanted to kill President Jane.
“You heard me communicate. You calm down first." Phedra Elizabeth hugged  Duncan Hiddleston.
"I don't want you to kill him. If you kill him, I'll have to wait for you. If you have any mercy, don't make me wait too long."
"Don't you want to divorce me?"
“Why did I put myself in a difficult situation? Oh my god, how did this happen? The male lead doesn't like me either, saying that my face is where I put it, not to mention him, if I refuse, I'll leave. If that's the case, then play to the end no matter what, my integrity is gone." Phedra Elizabeth thought.

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