The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 18, 2022
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"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't keep my feelings for you... But you keep targeting me. Don't harm them. You can do whatever you want." Sarah Frank stripped off each accessory on her body, clothes scattered below.
“I beg you not to harm them. One of the two children he raised is my son. It's also been introduced to you, you've also met it, respecting it as your flesh and blood, can you forgive it?" Sarah Frank knelt on the ground.
“App, please attach the board so that only children over 18 years old can see it. If it doesn't hurt the brain. Oh, I want to throw my eyes away, put it in a basin of boiling water, and wash it again." Phedra Elizabeth.
[App has received a response. Thank you for taking the time to comment. The app will fix it right away.]
[App asks for permission to continue and blur the offensive image.]
“That's right. But did not expect that youth is always involved in love. Is a sincere heart, wholeheartedly. No fear of pain, no regrets. No matter how bad a person is, no matter how thorny, there is still a heart of flesh that knows pain. Why is it so hard to get involved in love?"
“Go ahead… Talk to the app… App doesn't understand either.”
[The screen continues to slide.]
“You think I'll forgive you for doing that? Do you think you're too naive? See if I should show this image to the world to admire?"
"I beg you to forgive them... Please... I beg you..."
David Jane raised Sarah Frank's hand and kissed it lightly on the palm, then lightly kissed the neck. David Jane suddenly got angry and pushed Sarah Frank away, using force to push her to the ground.
“Don't you dream… Don't be so mean… It looks disgusting. This clip should let everyone know... Lady Hiddleston is disgusting. Because of his passion for sex, she begged others to 'do' her. That's disgusting."
Sarah Frank looked up, David Jane was holding the camera in her hand, and Sarah Frank stood up, snatched the camera from David Jane, and broke it. David Jane laughed.
“I gave in, but you still did it. You came here not to negotiate, but to insult me. No matter how you insult me, I accept it, but you touch my family. I don't let go."
“You surprised me. Do you even know how to protest? It's late. It didn't film you. How could I take so much work? Because the whole room was filming you. Do you think I'm that stupid? Give her a chance to protest. Let's go. I don't want to talk to you, it will only make me more disgusted with you."
"Where are you going? Who let you go?" Sarah Frank grabbed David Jane's leg. Tears welled up in Sarah Frank's eyes suddenly falling continuously.
“Get out.” David Jane steered the wheel, and turned about 60 degrees, biting her hand.
     David Jane rolled the wheelchair to the door and turned the door handle.
"If you don't accept the end of things, I won't let you go."
David Jane laughed. David Jane used his disdain to impose on her feelings. David Jane took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a deep breath. His eyes seemed more distant as his eyes were hidden in the smoke.
“It was at times like that that you were so charming. You think so simply, I feel very happy. Let's countdown together. Three… Two… One.”
“What are you thinking of doing?” Sarah Frank shouted.
     The sound of the door being smashed, the light competing against each other.
"President Paul, I come to pick you up." A strange man entered, grabbed the handle of the wheelchair, and pushed David Jane away.
"Come back and talk to... Hurry up... Come back... Don't you dare face me? I will kill you, tear you to pieces, throw you down to feed the fish. I will let you suffer the most painful feeling." Sarah Frank screamed in agony.
“Come back.” Her hands quickly put on her clothes and ran out into the hall. She looked around.
“Why did it turn out like this? Why did they all die? Why did they bleed so much? Why did they all lie down? Get up.” Sarah Frank yelled in panic.
"It's not... Don't scare me... Open your eyes... Let's find a way to save the old man." Sarah Frank fell to the ground, slowly crawling around the house.
“Here are my children… Where are my children? Where are my children?”
 Sarah Frank raised her neck to the sky, laughing loudly, tears flowing non-stop.
"It's so dire. It's a bit scary to see." Phedra Elizabeth's eyes showed a look of avoidance. Phedra Elizabeth can't stand scenes that are sensitive or have adult elements. Phedra Elizabeth's eyebrows furrowed, one eye closed and the other open.
 A few hours later the clip was released to the public. The man in the picture is no longer David Jane, but someone else. Sarah Frank's true body is completely exposed to the public, and the sound, voice, and even the sentence in the dialogue are changed.
[+6000]: Drama is here again... Breathe... Breathe...
[+4500]: She's a super-rich lady in our country.
[+4000]: Who is this slutty woman? There is no sage.
[+3000]: Whoever shared the link to the sex clip. Please be discreet.
[+2700]: Is this the lady of the Hiddleston family? Looking at his face, he looks gentle, but he did not expect it to be so dark inside.
[+2000]: If the woman in the clip has a real face, then ethics needs to be reconsidered.
[+500]: Physiological... It's only physiological...
[+200]: Probably the victim... But it's rare for women to take the initiative in these things... Maybe the victim... But it's hard to say with solid evidence like this.
Henry Hiddleston also quickly caught up with the news, his face darkened, and his mind went crazy. Run a circuit to find President Jane. He was shot dead on the spot.

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